Shocking Psychic Predictions For December 2020

Psychic Predictions

Psychic predictions for December 2020.

The psychic predictions I am seeing are very interesting as we begin to approach the end of 2020!

We’ve already seen the beginning of a new presidency, the continuing problems of the Corona Virus, and a division among Americans like never before.

As this healing begins, here is more of what I see that lies ahead for the remaining days of 2020!

I hope you enjoy reading them…


My Psychic Predictions For December 2020




A well-known celebrity will pass away from the Covid-19 virus.

A well-known name in Hollywood will announce she has breast cancer, but in the end, she will overcome it.

A popular country singer will come out of the closet. Many of their fans will be shocked but supportive.




The political climate in many different countries around the world will be shifting. countries.

A country in the Middle East will experience an attempted overthrow of its government.

There is going to be another protest and uprising in Hong Kong, which will garner international support.


World Events


A terrorist bombing is going to take place in the Middle East and several lives will be lost.

A Covid-19 vaccination will be made available soon. China will be one of the first testing grounds.

Uganda will experience political unrest, protests, and violence, which will eventually tear apart the government of the country.




The psychedelic drug used for ayahuasca, where participants have a spiritual experience, will be discovered to stimulate new brain cell growth.

A blood test will be released that can detect breast cancer. Although many people will be skeptical of its accuracy.

There will be progress made in the discovery of preventing peanut allergies.




Talk of a hybrid type car will be in the news. It will be a combination of a car that drives and a car that flies – and it will be totally electric.

A new type of fire-retardant foam, which can be dropped from planes will be found to be very effective in controlling forest fires. It will prove to be a great success.

A new galaxy will be discovered, and scientists will begin to question if it contains intelligent forms of life.




The US economy is going to continue to boom and will not be affected by the change of the current presidency. 

The economy in parts of Europe may be rocky, due to some governmental corruption that will be discovered.

Gold prices will remain stable but this is not a good time for making any new investments in gold.




As we go into the New Year, we will experience some very strange weather patterns in different parts of the US.

Extreme heat will hit parts of the Middle East. Some of the hottest temperatures will occur there in the upcoming months.

Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia will be hit with some of the worst weather this year.


Love And Romance


If you are looking to get pregnant, this month will be the best one for having success.

Expect to see unexpected breakups happening with couples you would have never expected.

This month is going to be the easiest one for finding your twin flame. Those who put a lot of effort into this will be rewarded with finding true love. 

So, there are my newest psychic predictions for the remaining month of 2020. Looking forward to releasing my New Year’s predictions very soon!

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