Psychic Predictions For June 2023

Here are my newest Psychic Predictions for 2023.




Shocking news out of Hollywood, which has been covered up for years, regarding underage exploitation, will come to the surface and be exposed. Outrage, disappointment, and anger will be the public’s reaction and some jail time will be served!

An unexpected separation between a Hollywood couple that will lead to divorce, will shock many fans of their fans. Only a vague reason for the separation will be given at the time but details will come out later. Many fans will be surprised by what is eventually revealed.

A tragic mishap will threaten the life of a well-known Hollywood figure, and fortunately, they will survive – seemingly against all odds!




Detailed map of South Korea

Governments worldwide will find themselves bewildered and questioning the unusual shifts and changes in North Korea’s leadership as the country takes unexpected actions.

It’s going to be a confusing time on the international front. Mixed signals from China and Russia will be hard to interpret, keeping world governments on alert. Everyone will be watching for their next steps.

World War III will not happen anytime soon. Not even over the next 30 years. Although it may seem like a war could be close, or could possibly happen, the powers that be will not allow this to become a reality under any circumstances.

North Korea is going to make some very strange moves, changes, and shifts, in their leadership, causing many governments around the world to feel confused and wondering what the heck is going on there.

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Scientific breakthroughs will be made in the way of brain science. Inroads will be made that will give scientists and doctors an even deeper understanding of how the brain works.

There will be an invention of a natural bio-chemical, which is not harmful to humans or animals that can be released into the air, and eliminate air pollution. This will be seen by many scientists and environmentalists, as a big step in saving the planet!

Self-driving buses and taxis will begin appearing in more and more cities, other than Phoenix. These self-driving vehicles will become widespread in cities around the country. Leaving owners of electric cars wondering why their cars are not fully self-driving yet.


Health And Medicine


mushroom grown inside a forest

Prepare to be amazed as a newly discovered mushroom species unveils a multitude of healing benefits!

The battle over abortion will not be resolved anytime soon. In the end, compromises will be made by both Democratic and Republican politicians. When the dust settles, it will be bittersweet for people on both sides of the issue, with neither side feeling like they won.

A new species of mushroom will be discovered to have several healing benefits! The more they learn about this mushroom, the more healing benefits it will be found to have. The discovery of this mushroom will be declared a medical breakthrough.

Great news for animal lovers! New drugs, along with new treatments for animal care, will give our pets even longer lives, adding 5 to 10 more years to their lives. With these medical advances in veterinary medicine, cats and dogs will start living to be 25 to 35 years old!

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Love And Relationships


A new type of sex toy is going to become very popular but due to poor design, it will malfunction, and many people will report experiencing internal injuries from using it. Avoid it at all costs.

Due to the energies of Pluto and Mars this month, many people will find themselves being attracted to people who aren’t normally their type. But those attractions will soon fade within 30 days, so avoid getting seriously involved with those who aren’t your type!

Anyone who is looking for love is going to find themselves catching the eye of many admirers. You may notice people looking at you wherever you go! So, take advantage of this love energy in the air, and don’t be shy about introducing yourself!




Safe investing is the theme for this month. Avoid making any risky investments for the next 30 days, in order to make sure you avoid having large losses.

This is a good time to reevaluate your investment portfolio. Look for what is not obvious, and make adjustments accordingly. If you don’t have a portfolio, then this is a good time to begin one!

Foreign currencies are going to experience unpredictable fluctuations. So, avoid any investments in foreign currency for the next 30 days. This is also a good time to keep a close eye on any foreign currency investments you may already have to make sure you avoid large losses.




deadly hurricane on a blurry backdrop of disheveled palm trees by the sea

The United States will face the onslaught of hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe flooding.

Unusual weather patterns will continue to be experienced all over the US, along with other parts of the world. Some will claim it is due to Global Warming, while others will claim it is just the way the earth works.

Hurricanes, tornados, and major flooding will sweep the US. People should get prepared early by being prepared to leave at a moment’s notice, if necessary. There will not be much warning before some of these disasters hit.

Colder parts of the world are going to experience warmer weather than usual. Scientists will have mixed feelings about what this means and how it will affect the environment over the long run.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!


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