Discover The Powerful “Little People Magic” That Will Literally Change Your Life Overnight! (Important To Read!)

I am so excited to share this email with you because your presence is being requested by elves, fairies, gnomes, and leprechauns…

…let me explain what I mean!

I recently had a visitor I hadn’t seen in a long time!

It was Sunday morning and my husband was out of town. So, I planned to sleep in that day and was really looking forward to it…

…until I was suddenly woken up by what felt like something pulling on my nose! Then I felt something pulling on my ear. Then I heard a little voice whispering in my ear “Wake up, Tana! It’s me, Robby!”

When I opened my eyes, to my delight, Robey the gnome was bouncing up and down on my chest, with that cute little smile on his face. And even though there went my plans of sleeping in, I was very happy to see him because he hadn’t visited me for a long, long time!

You may remember Robby from my emails in the past. He’s the little gnome who always eats all of my favorite honey whenever he comes to visit me, so I wasn’t surprised when he asked me, “Do you have any of that delicious honey?”

I told him I did, and yes, he ate all of it!

But I didn’t mind because it was very cute seeing the delight on his face as he was eating it!

Robey has a very outgoing personality and a lot of energy, too! It seems that sugar affects gnomes the same way it affects human children! Because the more he ate the more he bounced around!

Then he looked at me with his cute little face and said “Tana, I was asked to come  to give you some very happy news and I think you’re going to be happy when you hear it!” 

And without missing a beat, as he was joyfully bouncing around on my chest, he told me his happy news…

Robey’s Surprising Announcement

Robey said, “Tana, around 1,750 years ago, elves, fairies, gnomes, and leprechauns, interacted with each other all the time! A great example is the fable of Santa Claus , which was invented in 280 AD (1,750 years ago) and have you ever wondered why the story of Santa includes little elves as his helpers? 

Because contact between elves and humans was not uncommon, so much so, they are included in the fable of Santa when it was created! And now, the story of Santa and his little elves is known all around the world! 

Around 1,750 years ago, elves, gnomes, fairies, and leprechauns, interacted on earth with certain humans, teaching them their powerful little people magic to help them grow their crops, keep their farm animals healthy, live long prosperous lives, and many other things important to humans at that time! 

But as time went on, humans began destroying the land, which is the habitat where little magical people lived! Some humans even tried to capture them as pets! Or use them for their own selfish desires. So, the elves, gnomes, fairies, and leprechauns, along with the other magical little people, left the earth and moved to a parallel dimension where humans could not harm them. 

This parallel dimension allowed them to pop in and out of the earth realm, no longer having to worry about humans destroying their earth homes, or trying to enslave them., or capturing them as pets! 

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They Want To Connect Again 

But today, I have been asked by the magical little people to deliver some good news! 

They miss interacting with humans and teaching them their magic to help them! And they have come to realize that over the past 1,750 years or so, human society has advanced, and there are still good people on Earth who will not try to exploit them. 

So, they held a special meeting with their leaders, and said they wanted to begin interacting with humans again and begin helping humans again by teaching them their powerful magic! 

They then announced to their leaders they wanted to allow certain humans to attend The School Of Little People Magic, where they will be able to learn little people magic from the top professors and teachers in the galaxy! 

Tana, the School Of Little People Magic is the same school where all fairies, elves, gnomes, and leprechauns must go to learn how to perform their powerful magic!” 

Robey was so excited as he was telling me this, that he was jumping up and down doing little flips in the air, saying “Can you believe it, Tana? Isn’t this great?!” 

Not knowing about this school, you may not realize what a big deal this is, so let me explain… 

Why Robeys Announcement Is A REALLY BIG Deal!

I quickly realized how significant his announcement was, because first of all, how often do humans get the opportunity to attend the same magical school where all magical little people go, to learn how to perform their powerful magic? Never!

So, I was very excited!

But I had an important question for Robey? “How will the selected human students get to The School Of Little People Magic, which exists in a parallel dimension?”.

So, Robey said, “Very easy, Tana! I’m going to teach you a technique that will allow you to instantly, effortlessly, and easily, transport them there!”…,

…and what he said next made my jaw drop!

Robey said “Tana, I have even better news! Those who are selected to be taught at The School Of Little People Magic, will also be able to SEE and HEAR their teachers as clearly as if they were sitting in a physical classroom!”.

Then he spent the next 4 hours teaching me the Insta Transporto Technique. The technique which will allow me to transport up to 100 people to their realm in 30 seconds or less! But that’s not all!

The Insta Transport Technique infuses you with Insto Visioino which gives you the power to be able to clear SEE and HEAR the magical little people whenever you are in their presence!!! And believe me, it really works!

This school is the real deal and this is why it can only be accessed by the Insta Transporto Technique!

***I later performed the Insta Transporto Technique on my best friend Chuck. and you should have seen the look on his face. After his brief visit to the school, he not only verified he transported there rapidly, but he also verified he was able to see and hear the teachers as clearly as if he was in an actual physical classroom with them!

Learn the secrets of little magical people and how they will change your life forever! Click here and fill out this form now to be considered for acceptance!

This Has NEVER Happened Before! 

In all the history of mankind, this is the first time humans have been invited to attend The School Of Little People Magic! So, this is a very rare and special event!

And again, the reason this is happening is because the magical little people miss human interaction and also want to help us by teaching us their powerful little people magic! I mean, think about it, humans and the magical little people used to interact all the time, but it’s been over 1,750 years since they last interacted with humans like this!

I considered this a huge honor for myself, and for anyone who gets to attend this event! 

What To Expect If You Are One Of The Lucky Ones Selected To Attend

First, we will all meet on Zoom, and after just a few minutes of preparation, I will use the Insta Transporto Technique to transport everyone to the front door of The School of Little People Magic where you will be greeted by many fairies, elves, gnomes and leprechauns who will be waiting on your arrival!

And here’s the really cool part to remember that will really blow your mind! Because I am transporting you to their realm using the Insta Transporto Technique, you will automatically be able to SEE them and HEAR them as clearly without doing anything, as if you were all in a physical room together!

Isn’t that cool?

I’m told they are very excited to meet us!

Then we will be led inside the school, where a special reception will be held to greet and honor this special occasion. During this reception, you will get to meet all of the magical little people professors, and teachers you will be working with!

After some mingling, your teachers will take you to a classroom designed for magical practice, where you will learn 4 different types of powerful little people magic, by 4 different types of little people teachers.

Meaning, you will be taught some fairy magic by one or two fairies, elf magic by one or two elves, gnome magic by one or two gnomes, and leprechaun magic by one or two leprechauns.

So that afterwards, you will have a well-rounded repertoire of magic!

The School For Little Magical People has an intergalactic reputation for its top-notch staff and the level of excellence from which it teaches. On Earth, it would be like the Harvard or Cambridge Schools.

This will be a very rare and life-changing “Harry Potter type of education” you will never be able to find in any university on earth! 

The Powerful Magic You Will Learn

As I mentioned earlier, during this rare learning adventure, you will be learning four different kinds of magic  from 4 different magical little people teachers, and professors!

And here is everything you will learn:

The Elf Magic You Will Learn 

– Wisho Trueo 

You will be taught the secret magic elves use to make any wish come true! Imagine being able to wish for something. Anything. And then see it come true! Your imagination is your only limit with this! 

– Future Vision 

Have you ever wondered if you were making the right decision because you weren’t really sure or not?  Or have you ever wondered how something you were facing was going to turn out? Well, wonder no more because you will be able to look into the future and see the outcome for yourself. This gift is not scary because it only allows you to see things in your life. Not world events or the outcomes for other people. 

– Meditation Alteration 

Have you ever hoped, wished, or desired, a certain outcome regarding anything in your life? Well, this magic can be used along with Future Vision. Because if you see an outcome in your future you don’t like, this magic will give you the ability to change the outcome before it happens, into any outcome you desire!

The Fairy Magic You Will Learn 

– Love Attraction 

Fairies are all about love. They are in love with love! Love Attraction is powerful fairy magic that can be used to attract love into your life. Not just any love, but the right love for you! This magic also heals broken hearts, broken relationships, and can bring your ex back! 

–  Mesmerization 

This amazing piece of magic will cause others to be mesmerized by you wherever you go. Imagine how powerful it will be to have this ability, especially on a first date, job interviews, promotional interviews, getting help from customer service people, at parties, and even social events. You get the picture! And for anyone who deals with the public in any way whatsoever, possessing this magic is a game-changer! 

–  Energy Seed Planting 

Energy Seed Planting is where you imagine something you want, like your dream house, dream car, dream spouse, longevity (you get to choose the age), effortless weight loss, a long-lasting youthful appearance, muscle gain (without working out), the body type you desire, a facelift without surgery, or anything you desire! With Energy Seed Planting allows you to create an Energy Thought Seed, plant it into the cosmic soil of the universe, and watch it appear in the not-to-far-off future! 

–  Truth Medicine 

You will be shown how to create a bio-ectoplasmic truth serum that will prevent others from telling you anything other than the truth! You will never be lied to, again! 

The Gnome Magic You Will Learn 

–  Visio-Clearo-Communico 

Knowing this magic will allow you to see little magical people whenever they are around you. You will see them in your garden, around your plants, during hikes, in fields, and other natural places. This magic will also make it possible for you to talk with them whenever you see them. 

–  Protecto Guardo 

This magical power will allow you to place an army of gnomes around your home. Not only will they keep your dwelling safe from burglars and other shady types, but they will also prevent your dwelling place from ever being invaded by any type of black magic! And believe me, having black magic placed on a home is more common than you think! But you will be protected from it ever happening to you! 

–  Wealth Increase 

Leprechauns are not the only little magical beings that can help grow your wealth. It’s well-known in inner spiritual circles that when gnomes really like you, they will increase your wealth and standard of living. So, possessing this magic will put you instantly in their favor!

–  Youthful Appearance 

Gnomes are the caretakers of the Fountain of Youth. They maintain their appearance and refill their waters. And because of this, gnomes possess the knowledge for keeping a human looking young. This magic will allow you to unlock the powers of the Fountain Of Youth in your own life, keeping you looking young way beyond your actual age. 

The Leprechaun Magic You Will Learn 

–  Endless Gold 

Leprechauns are known for their pots of gold! And in the world of leprechauns, gold is more than just a shiny rock you find in caves and streams, it represents endless abundance, wealth, and prosperity! This magic will give you the power to find “gold” anywhere you go, and begin prospering in all areas of your life prosper, like never before! 

–  Lucky Star Rainbows 

Rainbows are signs of good luck, and knowing how to use Lucky Star Rainbows will give you good luck anywhere you go! So, no matter what you encounter in life, it will always turn out in your favor! This. Magic will give you the power to create endless lucky star rainbows! 

– Personal Leprechaun 

Your teacher will assign you a personal leprechaun that will be with you wherever you go. Not only will this make you be lucky with lottery tickets, at the casino, cards, or any other type of betting game, your personal Leprechaun make your winning streaks happen more often! 

– Health Of Gold 

You will learn a special mantra that will keep you healthy until your last day on earth. Not only will this mantra keep you healthy, but it will also make you look up to 20 years younger! 

Possessing all of these powerful magic abilities and knowing how to use them is going to change your life in ways most people could never even imagine! 

This Will Be The Event Of A Lifetime 

Imagine having the opportunity to be personally trained in The School Of Little People Magic – the most prestigious school of magic in the entire universe! 

And not only that, you will be the first human to ever be given permission to enter there! 

And as if that isn’t enough, you are going to be personally taught by the most knowledgeable and accomplished professors from the races of Elves, Fairies, Gnomes, and Leprechauns! 

Some of the magic you will be taught: 

– Wisho Trueo

Meditation Alteration

– Mesmerization

– Energy Seed Planting

– Visio-Clearo-Communico

– Protecto Guardo

– Endless Gold

– Lucky Star Rainbows

– PLUS A whole lot more 

And this IS a ONE-TIME opportunity because it will NEVER be offered to the human race again! 

No matter if you want more out of life or are happier than you have ever been, what you are going to learn at The School Of Little People Magic will accelerate your life in such a positive way, so far ahead from where it is now, you won’t even recognize it! 

So make sure to fill out the form now to get accepted! 

How To Apply To Attend This Very Special Evening? 

As you can see, being chosen to become a student at The School Of Little People Magic is a huge honor, to say the least. Because honestly, how many people do you know who will able to say they were trained at the prestigious School Of Little People Magic?

After this evening is over, you will be well-trained in the powerful magic of fairies, elves, gnomes, and leprechauns, and know how to use it to benefit your life!

This is as close to real-life Harry Potter movies as you can get!!

But the magical little people want to make sure that they are allowing safe people into their realm and into their school.

So, you can apply to be part of this by clicking here NOW and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page!

And once you fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, and I am given the okay, we will contact you right away and sign you up for this very special session!

If you’ve been reading my emails for any period of time, then you already know I have never talked about anything like this before! This is a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Rarer than rainbow dust as the magical little people like to say!

So, make sure not to miss this because it will never be offered again!

This will NEVER happen again! I can assure you of that. So, if you procrastinate, you will literally miss this opportunity of a lifetime. An event that is rarer than rainbow dust!

So, click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, and you will receive an answer within two hours of submitting it!

I hope you are as excited about this as I was sharing it with you! And I can guarantee you, you are going to be blown away by this entire experience!

Thank you for letting me share this with you and I can’t wait to share this mind-blowing experience with you! 

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S. Click here now to fill out the form NOW on my Psychic Reading Page so you can attend and be trained at the prestigious School Of Little People Magic

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