Psychic Predictions For November 2022

As the year begins to close to an end, the planetary energies moving forward, are going to cause major shifts in the consciousness of people all over the world! These shifts will be reflected in the events and happenings we will begin to see worldwide!




The spouse of a well-known couple will have their lives tragically cut short. It will happen so unexpectedly, their family and fans will be left in shock, and left not knowing how to really make sense of it all. This person will be deeply missed.

After several attempts, the announcement of twins will put a smile on the faces of a lucky celebrity couple! After having trouble getting pregnant in the past, they will gladly welcome the addition of the second one! And surprisingly, a third one may even follow!

A new dance will sweep the nation that will be as popular as The Hustle from the 70s, and the Macarena dance from the 90s. Dance clubs across America, and the world, will be having their patrons dancing this dance!




Middle East map

There will be a leak of information that will put a prominent family member in the Middle East in a bad light.

Secrets will be leaked that will embarrass a high-profile family member in the Middle East. Efforts will be made to deny this leaked secret, but the efforts will be to no avail. The family will go quickly go into damage control mode to try and save face. But it will be too late because the secret is already out!

An airline crash will cost the lives of several people. Although there will be speculation on what caused the crash, once the black box is retrieved, it will be discovered it was due to a mechanical error.

Russia will begin making more suggestive threats toward the US but the US will not back down. The world will watch in anticipation. A meeting between Biden and Putin will take place and calm waters will be restored once again.

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Research into the brain will discover that telekinesis (moving objects with your mind) is actually possible. Although scientists will come to the conclusion this is a possibility, how to do it will be what scientists will seek to discover.

A new type of fish, never known of before, will be found in a fisherman’s net. Scientists will have no name for it since it was never known before. This fish will give scientists deeper insights into what’s really deep down below.

Scientists will discover that global warming is heating up the water in our lakes and streams, causing the rapid growth of harmful bacteria in the water, and creating temperatures that are not tolerable by the fish and plants. 


Health And Medicine


dates in a bowl

The healing capabilities of dates will be discovered and it will be good for us to eat more of this fruit.

Dates will be discovered to have healing properties and found to be good for us to eat more of. Known as “nature’s candy” this is one candy doctors will tell us to begin more of for our health!

We are going to receive more mixed news in the media concerning COVID. Some will think it appears to be just “a last chance attempt” by big pharma to confuse and scare people in order to get more vaccines. Many people will begin to question “How many shots are enough?”

A new type of drug will be studied that shows promise for eradicating the common cold! Although it will take several more years of research, medical professionals will feel encouraged that it will eventually have great success!

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Love And Relationships


Group relationships will become a new approach to love among some people. These “groupols” will have the attitude “the more the merrier” and people will form group relationships with as many as 4 to 7 people at a time. Although sex outside of the group will be considered cheating.

A new form of sexually transmitted disease is going to surface and it will have life-threatening consequences on anyone who contracts it. To avoid getting it, make sure to use condoms at all times, especially with any new sexual partners.

I see there will be an increase in pregnancies this month. If you are wanting to get pregnant, this is great news! If you don’t, make sure to use protection. Many people will end up with triplets and quadruplets as a result of these new pregnancies.




land for sale

Buying land in developing areas will be the best investment for some people.

“Cautious investing” is the phrase for this month. You should avoid any large investments, especially in the stock market! Large losses will be experienced by many investors, but they will eventually bounce back within 12 months after.

I see that interest rates will continue to stay high, but we can expect them to eventually come down before next summer. My guides tell me it is wise to hold on right now before making a new home purchase unless you would receive a tax benefit from doing so.

Land investments in growing areas will be the best investments for certain people. Any land surrounding growing cities will pay off handsomely in the future. Only invest if you have the time to play the waiting game, as some returns may not be seen for 10 to 20 years.


Warnings And Precautions


As we approach the New Year, the flu is going to be on the rise! With all the variants of COVID, along with all the different seasonal flu strains, make sure to wash your hands more frequently to protect yourself.  The death toll from this season will be higher than most flu seasons before COVID.

Avoid making new investments in the stock market, towards the last quarter of the year. Serious loss is up ahead and new investments won’t rebound quick enough!

I see there will be an increase in heavy snow, rain, and ice, in several states, making icy roads a common thing in November and throughout the remaining winter months. Be extra cautious when driving under these conditions. Pileups will be all over the news.


I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!

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