Psychic Predictions For October 2022

Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for 2022! As we continue getting closer to 2023, you can expect to see lots of ups and downs, and the closer we get to 2023, the crazier things are going to be!




A very sad announcement will be made by a member of a famous K-pop group. Fans will feel very sad and also concerned about the announcement. Many will be left wondering what this means for the future fate of this member and also the fate of the group.

An A-list celebrity will get caught up in a scandal that has the potential to damage their name in a very bad way. As more of the truth comes to light, it will be discovered that everything being said was true! After some time away from the limelight, they will slowly resurface.

Another famous name will announce they are transgender and will be starting their transition in the near future. Although this person feared how fans would react, they will be embraced and loved more than they could have ever imagined.




Buckingham palace

After Queen Elizabeth’s sudden passing, many stories will emerge from Buckingham Palace. The palace will work feverishly to put a stop to these “rumors” before they get out of hand.

Many stories will come out of Buckingham Palace after the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth. Some of these stories will sound too crazy to be true, but regardless, the palace will scramble to stop these “rumors” in their tracks – before they get too out of hand. But evidence will point to the fact that many of them really are true!

More and more secrets will be revealed about Donald Trump. Supporters will claim they are lies, and non-supporters will claim they are true. In the end, nothing will happen to the Trumpster, and life for him will go on as usual.

North Korea will be in the news again. Although there has been lots of talk about this in the media before, surprising efforts are going to be made by Kim Jun-un to bring North Korea into the 21st century. Experts will be puzzled by his efforts.

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A new species of animal, thought to have been extinct, will be discovered in the Amazon rain forest. Scientists will be surprised and happy at the same time. Surprised it is still in existence, and happy they can begin researching more about it, along with how it lives and survives.

The discovery of some human bones, which will be older than any human bones ever discovered before, is going to verify that humans have been around even longer than previously thought. This will lead scientists to begin questioning if towards the end of their extinction, humans could have lived among dinosaurs.

Scientists and researchers will begin exploring the possibility of freezing human organs, so that they can be used for future transplants. Over time, they will be able to perfect this, allowing more organs to be available for more people who need them. 


Health And Medicine

cup of green tea

A person’s health, longevity, and likelihood of developing cancer will all be improved by consuming green tea and black tea, according to doctors.


Researchers will begin testing anti-aging drugs that will slow down the aging process, allowing people to not only look younger but also live longer, too. Over the upcoming years, major progress will be made in the development of this drug, and researchers will claim it could extend the life of humans to 120 years old, while still having the energy of a 60-year-old.

Doctors will begin to start to recommend drinking green tea and black tea to improve a person’s health, longevity, and to decrease their chances of getting cancer. Having doctors recommend drinking green and black tea will eventually become as common as doctors recommending exercise and a good diet.

Flour made from dried crickets and the eating of dried insects will become more and more common in the US. Due to the protein found in insects, some major food companies will also begin incorporating insect flours made from ground up insects into their products.

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Love And Relationships


A well-known couple will announce they are filing for divorce. This will be a long and costly separation, racking up attorney bills in the millions! When all is said and done, neither party will be any farther ahead than if they had just worked it out themselves, and used their attorneys for the documents and paper work.

Libra, Cancer, Sagittarius, Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Aries, are all going to be blessed this month with an overwhelming abundance of love! Love bonds will get stronger, and those seeking love will find their true twin flame, so this will be the month to get out and really look.

We are going to see a resurgence in the attitudes of the 70’s! Free love, orgies, open relationships, sex, drugs, and rock and roll, along with anything goes, will become a common attitude among many. While the younger generation will embrace these new attitudes, older folks will think it is just terrible – exactly the same as it was in the 70’s!




gold bars and coins

The risk and unpredictability of gold make it an unsuitable investment at the moment.

This is not a good time to make investments unless you are a seasoned investor, or are working with a very experienced one. Ups and downs will be common and most people will not be able to handle the influx. Best to wait for now.

Gold prices will continue to rise, with minimal fluctuation. Gold is not a good investment right now because it will continue to be risky and unpredictable. It will be better to invest in what you know will be stable.

Any investments related to the world of technology, should be good. As long as it does not involve any startups. Stick to stable and established IT companies. Although the gains won’t be immediate, they will be stable for the long term.




As I’ve been predicting for a while now, weather patterns will continue to be unusual. We are going to see more and more extreme weather, with hot places getting hotter, and cold places getting both hotter and colder during months that don’t typically have that kind of weather.

California is going to have some of the best weather they’ve had in many years (if that is even possible). San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles, are going to have one of the warmest fall and winter seasons they have ever had before.

Areas of the Midwest that typically experience cold weather, will find this winter to be mild and pleasant, experiencing very little snowfall, and warmer days. Parts of Indiana will be the exception to this and will suffer an incredibly harsh winter.


I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!

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  1. Betty says:

    I am puzzled by your prediction. How can it be the best weather ever in California if it is the warmest it’s ever been! The best weather would be rainy weather – we desperately need rain. Tana, when do you see the drought ending in California? Thank you

  2. Jo-Ann says:

    I love reading your predictions and horoscopes each month. If they plan on using dried crickets and other insects in the flour and other foods, will the companies have to list them on the ingredients?
    Thank you and have a great day 🤗

  3. patty says:

    I look forward to you predictions every month. Glad to hear the west will be warm but the north, not so sure. Tana, just got thinking that we have been friends for 11 years and I hope it is 11 more and counting.

  4. Betty says:

    Tana, your predictions are a real treat each month ; your accuracy is high! Your time and effort is much appreciated. I do hope we get rain in CA as the wildlife, agriculture , etc need it!

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