Psychic Predictions For September 2022

Here are more of my Psychic Predictions for 2022! Expect the remaining parts of the year to be crazy!! Political havoc will reign and violence will increase across America.




Another Hollywood celebrity will announce they are transgender and will begin their transition in the upcoming months. Fans will be shocked because no one would have ever expected this person was struggling with their gender identity. Support and acceptance will be overwhelming as their new journey begins.

Oprah Winfrey will make national news due to an unexpected announcement. Many of her fans will be surprised by this announcement, but the news will also bring excitement among her followers!

An unexpected and tragic event is going to rock Hollywood. Some will say it is reminiscent of the Manson murders of 1969. Bizarre and hard to believe, and as the details eventually unfold, it will shock the nation.




putting gasoline on car

By the start of 2023, gas prices will start to decline to more manageable levels.

Gun violence will increase in the US between now and January 2023. Expect more school shootings, and road rage incidents, along with other forms of gun violence. Sadly, a politician who supports gun rights laws will lose a child due to gun violence causing him to rethink his position on guns.

Political tensions will rise between the US, North Korea, and Russia. Although a lot of chest-puffing will take place, nothing dangerous or serious will come as a result of this. But China will pull a very unexpected move, and Russia will make a very bold statement!

Gas prices will begin to decrease towards the end of 2022, but prices will continue to be manipulated until then. By the beginning of 2023, gas prices will begin to drop to more tolerable levels, as gas companies start to react to seeing drops in gas sales due to more and more people beginning to go with electric cars.

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A solution will be found that will be able to dissolve all the plastic in the ocean within 30 years, using a biodegradable solution that won’t harm ocean life. As a matter of fact, this new treatment will not only dissolve the plastic, it will also nourish and feed marine life.

Bionic arms and legs will become more and more of a reality for people who have lost their limbs or were born without them. These new bionic limbs will eventually become so life-like in how they look that you won’t be able to notice they are not real limbs.

A new breed of dog will eventually be bred that will have some of the qualities of a cat. Although it will still bark, it will also purr similar to a cat. It will also have a rough tongue rather than a smooth one. This medium-sized dog and will become all the rage! 


Health And Medicine


fish oil capsule

Fish oil will soon be routinely recommended as a cure for various illnesses.

Research into fish oil is going to uncover it has many health benefits not known to doctors before, which will lead to fish oil becoming a regularly prescribed treatment for certain illnesses and ailments.

Over time, a new trend will begin to sweep the nation where more and more doctors will begin prescribing food and dietary changes to treat illnesses, rather than prescribing medication for such illnesses as dementia, MS, and certain types of cancer, among several other types of illnesses.

Medical research will make progress in the area of extending the life of the average human up to 105 to 110 years old, with people experiencing great health, mobility, and having a very productive life. As a result of this longer life, the age of retirement will eventually be raised to 75.

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Love And Relationships


A new love-making drug will eventually come onto the market that will be similar to Viagra, but unlike Viagra, the “effects” will not last up to hours. By taking it for a certain period of time it will be found to cure impotence.

If you were born between January and June of any year, over the next month you may find your sex drive going through the roof, due to the planetary influences of Venus. You may find the next month a pleasant surprise, or you may find it to be very frustrating.

Relationship problems will begin to ease up and get resolved this month, especially with anything involving arguing, infidelity, or not seeing eye-to-eye. To your amazement, these issues may clear right up as if they never existed! This will be especially true for Libra, Capricorn, Leo, Virgo, and Sagittarius.




The stock market is going to take some surprising turns throughout the rest of the year. Many people will prosper during this time, while some may not be so lucky, depending on their portfolio, along with how they react to the market changes.

Gold prices, along with diamond prices, are going to rise even higher. This is not a good time to invest in either of these things because the market is going to become very wild and unpredictable. Cryptocurrency will bounce back and be stronger than ever. People who are patient and wait it out will profit, while those who freak out and get out will experience major losses.




ice glaciers melting

Scientists are worried about extreme climate change as the ice caps continue to melt at alarming rates and beaches throughout the world start to show indications of erosion.

As I had predicted before about the unusual weather conditions around the world, these conditions will continue throughout the next 12 months. Where it is normally cold, it will be extremely cold, and where it is normally hot, it will be extremely hot! Parts of Europe especially will be affected.

Extreme climate changes are going to have scientists concerned, as areas around the world begin to show signs of erosion of their beaches, along with ice caps continuing to melt at concerning rates. Several protests will follow as this information becomes more available to the public.

Florida is going to experience some of the worst weather conditions it has seen since the 1960s. Many people will ignore the warnings, causing not only many homes to be lost but several lives will be lost, too.


I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!

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