Reincarnation Guide: Can You Remember Your Past Life?


Isn’t it amazing to think that you and I have been different people in the past, and that we have lived before in a different time, in a different body?

In this article, I will talk about what reincarnation is, why we are reborn, and also about past lives.


What Is Reincarnation? reincarnation

When we die, only our physical bodies die. Our souls are born into another body and into another lifetime again and again. This is called reincarnation.

The easiest way to explain reincarnation is that it is the process wherein at the end of your life on earth, your soul is eventually reborn into another body.

At death, only the physical body passes away but your soul continues on to the spiritual realms where it stays for an undetermined period of time, until it is reborn into a new body.

Reincarnation is a cycle wherein we are born into a new body, in a different lifetime, again and again.

Your soul, being reincarnated over and over again, has one goal. And that is to experience and grow from the experiences it has learned during each lifetime, until it has learned all it can learn from existing in a human body. So, until your soul has reached its highest spiritual state, it will continue being reborn on earth.

Almost everything in life is a cycle. Day becomes night and then back to day again. The soul isn’t any different. It is just like everything else in nature and life, constantly changing and evolving, never ceasing to exist in one form or the other.


Is It Possible to Remember Past Lives?


Your past lives can teach you a lot about your ultimate soul journey and what you need to accomplish on your current path. The more you know about your past lives, the clearer the road ahead becomes.

It is possible to remember your past lives and there are many things you can do to remember your them.

A past life reading with a reputable psychic is the most accurate way to learn about your past lives. A psychic who has the gift of accessing your Akashic Records can tell about your past lives.

Akashic Records exist in the higher realms and are records of all your past lifetimes, including the present one.

Another way to remember your past lives is through past life regression. A practice where you are placed in a hypnotic state by someone who will guide you to reveal the information of your past lives.

Have you ever experienced constant dreams of a particular place without ever having visited it? It’s so clear that when you wake up, you can still remember it with vivid details?

Well, dreams also hold the key to information about your past lives. You should keep a dream journal to help you document and analyze the patterns in your dreams.

Remembering your previous lives is helpful in your current life because knowing about them can add new meaning to your current relationships. This knowledge can also help you to explain fears and trauma that seem to appear from nowhere. The skills that you may have developed in your previous lives can also be of practical use in this life. Skills such as knowledge of music, of another language, or a geographic area.

Recalling things of the past can enable you to identify past mistakes, thus giving you the knowledge and wisdom not to repeat them again and again.


10 Signs You Have Been Reincarnated


The soul reincarnates continuously until such a time that it has learned all earthly lessons and reached its highest spiritual lessons.

That being said, here are the 10 signs that you have reincarnated many times: dreaming

Recurring dreams is a sign that you have been reincarnated. These dreams are reflections of your experiences in your past life.

  1. Recurring dreams

Recurring dreams could be reflections of past life experiences. Some people claim to have been at certain events, seen particular people, or been to a particular place so frequently in their dreams that it feels very familiar and recognizable.

  1. Strong Intuition

Intuition is the ability to balance the conscious and unconscious mind. Are you drawn to certain ideologies? You could be drawing it from a past life where you already knew these things.

  1. Out-of-place Memories

Children mostly remember things and places that often appear senseless to adults. Out-of-place memories could be due to simple fantasies, but they could also reveal connections to past lives.

  1. Being an Empath

An empath absorbs the emotions and sometimes the physical pains, of those around them. Being an Empath could be a sign of a soul that it has undergone many previous reincarnations.

  1. Déjà vu

This is a feeling that somehow you have already experienced or lived in a moment in time before. It is often triggered by smells, sounds, sights, tastes, and various other sensations.

  1. Precognition

The ability to know information about future events that haven’t happened yet.  This can be experienced through visions, physical sensations, and feelings, as well as in dreams.

  1. Retrocognition

Retrocognition is the ability to obtain information not usually available about past events.  These past events could be in your own lifetime, or sometime in the distant past.

  1. You Feel Older Than Your Age Reflects

A feeling of being older than your age is commonly associated with having reincarnated many times over. You have the ability to understand things beyond your age.

  1. Great Affinity for Certain Cultures/Time Periods/Environments

You have an intense, unexplained attraction for certain cultures or time periods. This is a kind of past life reminiscence of a certain place, culture, or environment, that your soul may have experienced in past lives. unexplained_fears

Unexplained fears and phobias can be explained and resolved by having a past life reading.

  1. Unexplained Fears or Phobias

A particular memory or experience from past lives can leave residues in your childhood and adulthood, showing up as unexplained fears and phobias.  Examples are the fear of drowning, fear of lightning, the fear of certain types of animals, the fear of certain places, the fear of particular objects, and so forth.


How To Remember Your Past Life


The following tips can get you started remembering your past lives.

1. Meditate in a quiet, dimly lit room

Past life memories are always accessed from within, and so getting into a meditative state is the place to begin. You can easily tap into the endless wisdom of the soul if you quiet your mind.

Pay attention to what comes into the stream of your consciousness, such as certain places, faces, or experiences.

Whatever comes to mind and resonates with your soul, you probably have experienced before.

2. Think of the places or people that seem familiar to you

If you feel that you have met someone long before this lifetime, or gone through an exact situation before, then this could actually be memories of you past lives. We are usually drawn to people and places that we have known before because it helps you remember who you were before.

3. Pay attention to your feelings when you conjure up old memories

If a memory clicks something within your soul where you felt bliss, awe, or some other powerful emotion moving through your body, you must have remembered an important part of your soul as it existed in a past life.

Past lives appears to be mysterious, but finding out about them gives you a glimpse into who you were and gives you a better understanding of who you are now. It also helps you discover who you want to be.

If you would like to learn more about your past lives, you can click here to book a Past Life reading with me.


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