What is your Soul’s Age?

What is your Soul's Age?

Maturity does not always come with age. This image shows a child looking too thoughtful for her age.

Have you ever noticed how some people tend to act a lot more childish, while others act a lot more mature than their age?

For instance, a young teen can be a lot more responsible and mature in comparison to a person that is in his late 30s, or vice-versa.

This is where the adage “age doesn’t matter” came into being. In reality, maturity does not always come with age, because the truth is, your ‘soul age’ has a direct affect on how a person acts.

Today, you are going to learn about your soul age and how it explains a person’s personality and behavior.


Soul Age And Reincarnation

Soul age is determined by the number of “reincarnations” or “past lives” that your soul has experienced.

Soul age is determined by the number of “reincarnations” or “past lives” that your soul has experienced.

To learn more about soul age, let’s talk a little bit about reincarnation.

Reincarnation is the process of birth and rebirth, a process that all souls undergo. It is the life and death cycle, which is part of each soul’s journey towards ascension or ‘perfection.’

When your soul was given a physical body, it was not meant to experience and live a single lifespan on earth. Perfection is attained after your soul has accumulated numerous life experiences, to help your soul learn everything that the earth can offer.

Your soul’s ‘perfection’ is the ultimate goal of your soul’s journey throughout its time on earth. It is through perfection that you will reunite with the Creator and become One.

This is the importance of the reincarnation process.

When it comes to soul age, one can simply say that is determined by the number of “reincarnations” or “past lives” that your soul has experienced.

Unlike your physical age, soul age is classified into 5 stages: Infant, Baby, Young, Mature and Old.

Today, I’ll be discussing the 5 stages of soul age. So stick with me to the end of the article, and you’ll be able to determine your own souls age!

5 Stages of Soul Age

  • Infant Soul–an infant soul is in the early stages of its earthly experiences. Basically, an infant soul has had only about 0 – 10 life times on earth. As inexperienced and as delicate as a newborn, this type of soul tends to view life in a simple way. Infant souls possess pure intentions towards people, and in most cases, make gullible mistakes in trusting an unfamiliar person or situation.

One of its determining characteristics is their inclination towards relying on familiar groups (family, relatives, friends, etc). Their determining characteristics are immaturity, childish, and group-reliant.

  • Baby Souls– After a couple of life time experiences on earth, a soul moves to its next soul stage, which is called the baby soul. Baby souls havehad about 10 – 30 life times on earth.

They’re in the stage of exploring the uncertain. Although earth is becoming a more familiar ground, the entirety of earth still remains uncharted for them.

Baby souls are keen on following the rules and dogma of society. They are very religious and rule-bound. Their determining characteristics are having extremely rigid beliefs about an established system in society.

  • Young Souls–The next stage of your soul age development is called the young soul. A young soul has had about 30 – 150 life times on earth. They are also called the teenage soul, which is characterized by an impulsive and independent nature.

A young soul tends to seek independence and success over its contemporaries. Out of all the other soul ages, this stage is the most lively and proactive.

A young soul constantly seeks to prove their significance and worth to the world; oftentimes, trying to win over their rival young souls. This is the period where the soul seeks success within itself and explores the world.

  • Middle-aged Souls – After the young soul stage, a person grows more mature and collective. Also called the mature soul, the middle-aged soul has had about 150 – 300 life times on earth. This is where a soul reaches maturity and learns how the real world works.

The middle-aged soul tends to be more cooperative, and handles problems and situations in a calmer demeanor. Similar to being an adult, they carefully think before taking action as they aspire to live harmoniously with one another. They prefer to reach their goals through quick but responsible decisions.

  • Old Souls – The last stage of the soul development is called the old soul. Old souls, have lived about 300 – 500 life times on earth. They are the wisest of all souls because their souls have reached the pinnacle of maturity and adulthood.

Just like an old owl, they tend to be very wise, calm and relaxed. They try to create balance and completion in the world, which is why they often become spiritual or world leaders that devote themselves to helping mankind.

Old soul age

Old souls can see multiple approaches and perspectives when solving problems, and they tend to contemplate more about life and the beauty of living.

The old souls have a well-rounded knowledge of society, and they’re wise at giving advice and making decisions, as well as taking a broader look at things.

They can see multiple approaches and perspectives when solving problems, and they tend to contemplate more about life and the beauty of living. They’re almost at the end of their soul journey on earth, and so they aspire to enjoy life to it’s fullest..

These are the 5 stages of soul development, or the soul age. It is important to note that a person may exhibit more than one soul characteristic in your personality, which means they’re approaching the next stage of their soul age.

Another factor that may affect a person’s personality is their environment and how they deal with it.

So my question is, what soul age are you? I’d like to hear from you in the comments section down below!

So that’s it for today!

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5 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    500 is the limit 600 at most then.

    5 definitely resonates with me. I’m very calm and relaxed. Wise depends on the prospective interpreter. I would’t say I have well rounded knowledge of normal society though, but I question the nature of everything.

    I mean just the other day I was debating the reality of “truth” with a 14 year old. Unfortunately they couldn’t grasp the concept beyond logical thinking and became stubborn as a result of it. The debate was between objective and subjective truth. With the subject of a debate or argument being about truth itself, that is probably not the best topic.

    If heightened awareness is part of soul development (as in age, not spiritual growth) then noticing the difference in soul age characteristics in others will probably tell you how old you are too.

  2. Candy says:

    I remember being 2,3,4,5,6,7…
    My family would tell my mom Candy keeps it all inside. At 2 and 3 years old I had an incredible understanding that scared me. I knew that I KNEW more than I should even at that age. I can’t explain the depth of what I mean. It was very scary.
    I understood even though I was a baby.
    I FELT the WORLD ? Is the only way I can describe it. Just talking about it on here makes me cry. I felt, heard and saw everything. I’m the same now, just a big person lol
    It’s still hard thinking about when I was 2 and 3
    Those ages were incredibly hard and scary for me and always makes me cry if I talk about it, so I really don’t very much. Other than that I feel like I’m an older soul after reading this. I’m quiet, shy, and very cautious, but I have to be.
    I have to be careful for negative people.
    I surround myself with positive people as much as possible as I am a bright light and can’t let others bring me down ?
    Prayer, love, ?Light, healing, good vibes, positive, love love love love 🙂

  3. Arlinda says:

    I believe I am at the start of my middle aged soul

  4. Francisco says:

    I think I’m a middle aged soul transitioning into an old soul. I kind of share characteristics from both so I think that’s where I’m at right now.

  5. Amy Frazier says:

    I’m an empath so I’m an old soul. I’ve always been extremely mature my entire life even as a child. In elementary school I followed all the rules and was able to sit quietly and listen to the teacher and control myself. As a teenager I felt no desire to drink or smoke or rebel. As a 22 year old currently I was able to get myself put of an 80 page lease when I got out in a bad situation. I’ve always been extremely artistic and I love all art.

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