7 Spiritual Anger Management Lessons

7 Spiritual Anger Management Lessons

Can you control your anger? Or does anger tend to burst out of you like a powerfully negative force?

What do you think of when you hear the word “anger?” Do you see an angry face? Do you hear an angry voice? Maybe you feel a strong sense of disorder and fear? Is that what having to face anger does to you?

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How about your own feelings of anger? Can you control them? Or does anger tend to burst out of you like a powerfully negative force, one that can tire you out and make you feel other negative sensations such as worry, guilt, and despair?

Why is Anger Management Important?


Anger is not really a bad thing.

As a soul in a human body, you are bound to feel human emotions of one kind or the other.

7 Spiritual Anger Management Lessons

Unmanaged anger can crush your spirit. You won’t be able to make spiritual progress, and you will surely earn Karmic debt.

Anger is one such emotion. It is very rare to find someone who does not feel anger when faced with people, situations, or memories, which can trigger them.

Yet, there are people who do manage their anger, such that it doesn’t hurt them or other people.

It’s true – anger can hurt you, not just the people you are angry with.

That’s why anger management is important.

But it’s not just anger management that you need to strive for. What’s more important is to learn how to practice spiritual anger management.

That’s because whenever you get angry, your whole being is under attack.


How You are Affected by Anger


Anger, when not managed, can have the following effects on you:

  1. Physical – Your muscles bunch up, leading to pain. The stress hormone cortisol floods through body and stays there, until the stress is removed. Cortisol build-up is one of the reasons that fat is retained in your body. You develop migraines. Your heart palpitates. Your breathing becomes labored.  Your internal organs are overloaded by the negative sensations that anger produces.


  1. Mental – Your thoughts become confused. You lose your sense of fair play and kindness towards others, and all you can think of is how angry you are. Post-anger, you can end up feeling deep guilt, which can further mess up your mind.


  1. Emotional – Your anger will eat you up from the inside. For as long as you don’t manage it, it will continue to grow and make you miserable. You could even end up in despair.


  1. Spiritual – Unmanaged anger can crush your spirit. It will crowd out the goodness that is inside you, and fill you with resentment, bitterness, and a desire for vengeance. Eventually, your spiritual growth will slow down to a halt. You won’t be able to make spiritual progress, and you will surely earn Karmic debt.


In a nutshell, those are the reasons why spiritual anger management should be a lifetime goal.

You need to have body, mind, and spirit balance if your life is going to be productive and worth living.

Spiritual anger management can give you the balance that you need.


Here are 7 spiritual anger management lessons that you’d do well to remember and practice.


1. All things pass. Your anger, and whatever caused it, is not forever.

tanahoy.com relax

Managing your anger includes knowing how to relax so that your anger doesn’t overcome you.

In today’s language, one word would describe this lesson well: Chill.

You chill because anger is fiery. That’s why people who get angry easily are called “hotheads.”

If only there was really such a thing as a “chill pill,” the world would be a much nicer place.

But in the absence of a chill pill, what you need to do to drive away anger quickly is to remind yourself that all things pass away. Your anger, and whatever caused it, can’t, and won’t last forever. Therefore, there’s no purpose in hanging on to your anger and letting it get away from you in a wild burst.

2. What goes around comes around.

tanahoy.com karma2

One of the ways to avoid earning Karmic debt is to avoid letting your anger get the best of you, so that you don’t end up hurting others. [image credit: Post Memes via Flickr]

What you do today will someday have an effect on you.


I’m sure you don’t want to deal with bad Karma, so be careful when you feel like lashing out at someone.  Better to be kind, than to let anger drive you out of your mind.

3. Charity begins at home.

It’s easy to get angry with someone who did something bad to you. It’s human nature. However, you need to remember that the mistakes of one person could have been your own.

For example, if a driver suddenly cuts in your lane, you’d of course get angry. It’s dangerous to cut in, and you could have been at risk.

However, if you escaped an accident, the correct feeling should be gratitude, not anger.

People make mistakes because it’s human nature.

Be charitable to yourself and by extension, to others. Do not feed your anger. Manage it as soon as you are able.

4. Meditation is essential to a peaceful life.

If you often find yourself blowing your top, even for the smallest reasons, meditation can help you.

As part of spiritual anger management, meditating regularly can create a lot of positive changes for you.

Meditation calms your mind and helps you to focus on the “now.”

This means that any mind clutter that you may have is swept away. That includes post-anger traces that can lead to resentment and a desire to get even.

Regularly meditating can help you to achieve peace of mind, and lightness of spirit.

5. Venting won’t do you any good.

tanahoy.com exploding anger

Venting is comparable to a volcano’s explosive release of terrifyingly hot, molten lava.

You may have heard people say that one of the easiest ways to get rid of anger is to vent it on an object like a stuffed toy, or a pillow.

Personally, and from experience, I believe that is not correct.

Venting only worsens your anger. The more violence you release, the more it bounces back at you.

Anger is not like water that you release from a tap, where it flows down the sink.

Anger is more like fire; it naturally gets harder to put out, the more you stoke it.

Venting only stokes your anger. Avoid venting.

6. It is not cowardice to let go of anger.

Leaving the situation that made you angry is not a cowardly act.

In fact, it takes a lot to be able to turn away from a tense situation. It’s like “turning the other cheek,” only this time, you are doing more. You are actually avoiding a blow-up.

Some people think that backing off lessens their stature in the eyes of the person they are angry with. Most of the time, that is not true.

For all you know, that other person could be relieved that you chose a dignified exit, rather than slugging it out, whether through words or actions.

But even if that person does end up thinking less of you, it doesn’t matter. It’s just that person’s opinion, anyway.

You know you did the nobler act. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, for wanting to have peace.

7. Seeking the guidance of your Spirit Guides is the best spiritual anger management action that you can do.

As a soul struggling to cope with life while in your human body on earth, you may sometimes be tempted to think that you are alone, and that is why you need to fight for your own good.

Not true.

Giving in to anger, and letting it run away from you, is not the path to spiritual growth.

Learning how to manage anger, on the other hand, brings out positive emotions within you, and lets others feel such emotions.

If you find it hard to do so, you can ask help and guidance from your Spirit Guides. If you are not familiar with doing this, you can receive instruction from me about contacting your Spirit Guides during a psychic reading.


What do you think of these spiritual anger management lessons? Let me know in the comments below!


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