How To Spot A True Psychic (And Which Ones To Avoid!!)

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There are many questions that can arise in a person’s life that cannot be easily answered by standard methods of a physical reality. Matters of the spirit, in particular, require delving into that area of existence that is called the soul.

Finding a competent psychic is essential to gaining a useful understanding of these matters. Because psychic ability cannot be measured in a scientific way, so finding a true psychic among the charlatans can be difficult.

Signs Of A True Psychic

There are a few ways to determine if the results of a psychic reading can be trusted as useful information.

Whether the psychic you choose seeks their answers from tarot cards, rune stones, or even a trance state, the interpretation they offer should be clear and understandable. Someone who goes on about “curses placed on your family a long time ago” and “burning candles for a $500 donation to remove your family curse”, or other scare tactics like these, are charlatans.

Life is not always safe, and a true psychic will tell you if the reading shows a danger sign in your future. However, a true psychic will attempt to direct you to an understanding of how you can correct the situation. But a charlatan will try to charge you hundreds of dollars to “remove a family curse that is centuries old”!

Here’s how to know if you’ve been cursed – 15 signs.

A true psychic understands that their psychic ability is a tool that can be used to help you improve your own life, by seeing things you cannot see or know by yourself.

A true psychic reading should inform you of how a situation was created, and then give you ways for how to resolve it. No psychic should tell you what to do – but they should rather allow you to use your own free will as you see fit!

It is essential that a good psychic reading be presented in ideas and terminology that you can understand and can relate to. When you get a psychic reading, you should be allowed to ask questions.

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A true psychic knows that you will be able to use the information gained from your psychic reading, and that it will help you to take control of your life, and get it back on track once again!

A true psychic reader will help you do this in a way that makes you feel comfortable about your own decisions.

If you are one of the many people who have been scammed by a gypsy, I am truly sorry that happened to you! I hope this email will help you to avoid having that happen to you again in the future!

I received over 50 emails from people who met with a “psychic charlatan” with a neon sign out front that ripped them off. I wanted to share these emails with you!

Dear Tana

This psychic I went to told me I had a curse on me, and that she needed to remove it,  She told me that she needed $300 dollars in cash, and that when I give the cash to her, that she would deliver it to the temple that she worked out of, and pray at the temple to remove my curse.

I gave her the $300 cash, and I never heard from her, or saw her again. 

Tana, I am so glad I found you! You told me many things no one could have known. You never asked me for more money to remove any “curse”, and you were very accurate! 

You were 100% right! My dog did come back home, after having been missing for two weeks! I cried when I saw him standing at my front door! Just like you told me he would do! 

Thank you so much Tana!

Paula G. – Salt Lake City, Utah

I also like this one too! This one really blew me away!

Dear Tana,

I wish I had found you before I went to the first psychic I went to. She also told me that I have a psychic curse around me, and that it needed to be removed. She first asked me for $200 dollars, and said she would use it to buy candles to burn, as she prayed to remove my curse.

Not knowing anything about psychics, I didn’t know it wasn’t normal to give psychics extra money to remove curses. So I gave her the $200 cash.

When I went back three days later, to let her know I was still having the same problems, she told me the power of the curse was so powerful that she would need an extra $500 to remove it. She guaranteed me that it would be gone this time.

A week later, I went back to see her to let her know I was still having the same problems, and a young girl came to the door. She told me that the psychic no longer lived there! I believe she was still there, but she just took my money, and didn’t want me to think she was there anymore.

After my first reading with you, I knew what a real psychic was supposed to be like. You never ask me for any money to remove a curse, as a matter of fact, you never even mentioned anything about a curse.

You’re reading was so accurate, I was blown away! You were 100% right, I didn’t win the lawsuit, and I did end up getting the full amount that I asked for – just like you predicted I would!

I’m so glad they’re honest psychics like you in the world. 

A life long fan,

Tammy C. Mobile, AL

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I always warn people, if a psychic has a neon sign out front, they are a charlatan! There are no exceptions to this – period! Some people won’t listen to me, and will still visit them! That’s fine! But don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Now I know I’m going to receive emails from people telling me they went to a psychic, who had a neon sign out front, and this psychic helped them! The psychic even told them things about themselves that they couldn’t have known. I think that’s fantastic! And I’m glad they didn’t get taken! But neon signs equal charlatans – period!

Dear Tana,

I know you said in past emails that psychics with neon out front are all charlatans, but I didn’t think ALL of them could be charlatans like you say. So I went to one in my town. Her palm reading was only $20 and I wanted to see if I could find an answer to a problem I had.

She told me things that seemed very psychic, and she even told my why I was having my problem. She told me I was filled with a curse from my past life. She said if I didn’t get myself cleansed, my life would end in tragedy within one year! I was so scared. She said for only $800 she could remove the curse, and I would live! So I paid her the money.

Two days later she called me and told me the curse was worse than she thought. She said my family was also in danger of dying! She said she needed another $1000 to save my family from dying too! I paid her the money, because I was scared.

She kept this up for over a year, and I was so scared, I ended up paying her over $20,000 in cash! I know it seems silly, but at the time I was very scared! I wish I had listened to your emails. I would be $20,000 richer if I had!

I then had a reading with you, and your reading was nothing like hers! You told me things no one could have known, and you also accurately predicted the new job I would land! Ironically, it paid $20,000 a year more than my old job, just like you predicted it would! Maybe the universe was paying me back the money i lost

Thank you Tana, I wish I had listened to you in the first place.

Anne L. – Vega, TX

I don’t have a problem with people visiting other psychics, I just have a problem with psychics who have “gone to the dark side” and take thousands of dollars from innocent people! So I hope you will take this advice, and save yourself from being taken by these charlatans!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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5 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    This is why its important to do some research beforehand. I don’t usually take things at face value. I have done my own background research on Tana over the course of a month and I do fully believe in your psychic ability. I cannot yet claim to know first hand how efficient your readings are but between what I’ve researched, the testimants, the blogs, newsletters and videos, you know what you’re talking about and you have a sincere and legitimate interest in the psychic realm and sincerely want to help people.

    You weren’t gifted by the universe, you were gifted to the universe.

  2. johnny says:

    What about phone psychics from psychic websites? Are they any good?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      I can only say that psychic phone lines attract a lot of beginner psychics to work for them. Beginners apply to work for them so they can practice giving readings.

  3. malena says:

    i remember this one reader found her on google when she first spoke i felt she knows her stuff it was free for so many minutes. she than tells me if i can send her money she will work on the spell that was on me for many years like a time machine. i hung up. why do they always say they have the temples were they work on these spells for you. what a shame such scam artist take advantage of people who are hurting. one day when i do have the money for your reading i will make an aptt . god bless.

  4. Janet says:

    Speaking as someone who has had regular readings with Tana over the past 5 years, I can wholeheartedly attest to Tana’s accuracy and intuitiveness! He has provided wonderful guidance and is 100% legitimate. I agree, he has been gifted to the universe!?

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