The Healing Power of Quartz Crystals: Get Rapid and Life-Changing Results

healing power of crystals

There are crystals that you can wear to help you in different life situations.

Among the many uses of crystals, their ability to heal may be the most important function of these precious stones. Since ancient times, crystals have been used by healers because of their healing power and their ability to remove negative energy.

There are many crystals that can be used for healing, but one of the most popular healing crystals are quartz crystals. So here I am going to tell you all about the healing power of quartz crystals!


Quick Facts About The Healing Power Of Quartz Crystals


Quartz crystals are one of the most abundant natural minerals found on earth. They can be found in almost any continent in the world and their natural color is clear.

Due to their ability to vibrate at precise frequencies, quartz are used in time-keeping instruments, such as clocks and watches. They are also used to make electronic equipment like cellphones, computers, electronic games, GPS equipment, and TV’s.

While the diamond is the traditional birthstone of those born in the month of April, quartz is considered the birthstone of the zodiac sign Aries. It is perfect for the passionate and determined Aries, as it can help balance their energy. It is also associated with strength because it is not easily scratched or damaged.

Quartz is also used to enhance psychic abilities. It has high vibrations that can raise spiritual energy and awaken psychic abilities. It also enhances communication with the spiritual world and boosts the energy of other crystals used for chakra balancing or cleansing.

Quartz crystal is popular among energy healers because of its healing energy. But you can also use quartz to heal yourself.


Quartz Crystal: The Master Healer


With its ability to absorb, store, and release energy, quartz is considered the most powerful crystal for healing. As the “Master Healer”, a quartz crystal amplifies energy and the effects of other crystals.

Since ancient times, people used the healing power of quartz crystals to treat many conditions. They were used to relieve pain from injuries, and to treat dizziness and headaches. Quartz can also stimulate your immune system, improve your stamina, and boost the flow of energy in your body.

The healing power of quartz crystal can be used to improve your metabolism, heal digestive problems, and aid with weigh loss. It can also help you get rid of toxins in your body.

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Aside from the physical healing properties it possesses, quartz can also be used for emotional healing. It can serve as a shield against negative energy and get rid of the energy that drags you down.

Think of quartz as a magnet that can absorb negative energy and attract brighter and more positive feelings and thoughts. In times of emotional stress, quartz can help by reducing stress and exhaustion, and clearing your mind.

If you have a hard time remembering things, use the power of clear quartz to improve your memory, and help you concentrate. Quartz can also increase creativity and aid you in learning or studying.

Quartz can bring powerful positive vibrations, and its healing power can be used for cleansing your soul and helping your soul grow.

It helps enhance personal awareness and can aid in spiritual awakening. It can also enhance your intuition and help you in manifesting your dreams into reality.

It’s a crystal that can connect with all the chakras, the main energy centers of your body. While quartz is best matched with the crown chakra, which connects you to your spiritual nature, it harmonizes all chakras. It can clear blockages in the chakras, inviting energy to freely flow in your body.


How To Use  The Healing Power Of Quartz Crystals 


There are different ways you can use crystals, such as for healing.

Quartz crystals can help deepen your meditation and help you clear your mind and release negative energy. They can also help you focus, raise your consciousness, and deepen your awareness.

Using crystals during meditation is quite simple. After finding a quiet place where you can feel comfortable, sit quietly with your quartz crystal and other healing stones. Close your eyes and hold the crystal in your hand.

Relax your mind and imagine the crystal’s energy flowing through your body. You can do this for about 10 to 15 minutes, or longer.

Another way to use the healing power of quartz crystals for healing is to place it on your body. Since quartz crystal corresponds to the crown chakra, you can place it above your head where the crown chakra is located.

Quartz can help align your crown chakra and keep it balanced, helping you feel enlightened, and enhancing your spiritual awareness. Using this crystal can remove blockages in the crown chakra that may cause you to feel restless, confused, bored, or tired.

Aside from using quartz crystals during meditation, you can also use them in your home, place them in your living room, or in your bedroom. You can put them on display with other crystals. You can even put quartz under your pillow to ward off illness and get rid of negative energy.

You can also use quartz in your workplace. This crystal can be used for cleansing and purifying energy in the environment where you put it. It can help lift up your mood, and also invite harmony and creativity in your work area.

And since crystals work by tapping into your own vibration, one of the best ways to take advantage of the healing power of quartz crystals is to keep them close to your body as often as you can. You can carry a quartz crystal with you daily by putting it in your pocket or wearing it as jewelry.

If you feel down or stressed, hold the quartz crystal in your hand, and ask the crystal to help you get rid of this negative energy.

As you carry quartz crystals with you every day your energy will align with the frequency of these crystals, helping you enjoy their healing benefits more quickly.

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The healing power of Quartz crystals is so amazing and powerful that it goes beyond physical healing. With its emotional and spiritual healing properties, quartz crystal is a must-have for you to have a healthy and balanced body, mind, and soul.


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