Things You Never Knew About Guardian Angels


Things You Never Knew About Guardian Angels

Your Guardian Angel knew a lot of things about you including your past lives, your soul mate, and your life purpose.

Guardian angels do a lot more to help you than you know.

There’s more truth to the saying, “No one knows you better, nor loves you more, than your Guardian angel.” Your Guardian angels have been with you since the very beginning and know more about you than you do.

In a few moments, you’ll discover many things about Guardian Angels you never knew.

How to talk to angels


5 Things About Your Guardian Angels


Not only do angels possess superhuman intelligence, they know more things about you than you can imagine. They know all about your past lives, your life’s purpose, and your soulmates…so read on and find out more.


You Have Lived Many Past Lives

Your soul never truly dies, death is only for the physical body.

You’ve lived in another body, in another time, and another place, many times before. Some people have been reborn hundreds.

Reincarnation is the rebirth of the human soul into a different physical body. This is called reincarnation. Humans are reincarnated because of two things:

  1. Karma

 Karma is the law of cause and effect. For every action you do in life, there will always be a reaction.

Karma is created through your actions and thoughts in this lifetime, which will be carried with you and will have an effect in your next lifetime. Your current life is the result of your karma, or actions, in previous lifetimes.

You will be reborn again and again until you’ve repaid your karmic debts. Karmic debts occur when your soul has sown an action in a past life, and you still have to reap the effects of your action in a future lifetime.

  1. Spiritual Perfection 

In order to reach a state of spiritual perfection, your soul has to learn life lessons. These lessons enable your soul to learn the lessons needed in each lifetime, and in doing so, you reach a higher spiritual level.

You will be reborn again and again until all the needed lessons are learned and all your goals have been achieved.


You Choose When You Want To Be Reborn


When your physical body dies, your soul leaves it and goes into the spiritual world. Your soul can stay in the spirit realm for an indefinite number of time until you choose to be reborn again.

Every detail of your rebirth is planned before you are actually reincarnated and you take an active role in mapping out your next life.

You meet with Master Teachers, spirits who were once human but have long achieved spiritual perfection, to discuss the details of your rebirth.

Like casting actors in a play, you will choose the souls you want to reincarnate with, such as soulmates and soul groups. These are the souls who you loved and lived together within your previous lifetimes.

Also, this is when your Guardian angels and Spirit guides who will accompany you in your next rebirth are also assigned to you.

During this meeting with your Master Teachers, you will also create your soul contract. Your soul contract contains all the lessons to be learned in your next life, what your life purpose will be, as well as the other souls, Guardian angels, and Spirit guides, who will help you fulfil your life’s purpose.


You Have At Least One Guardian Angel Assigned To You At Birth


Guardian angels are loyal companions who stay with you in both the physical and the spiritual realms. These beautiful beings of pure light protect, guide, and help you, throughout the many stages of your life.

Your Guardian angels in this life were with you before you were born, and were there during the planning process for this life. So they are aware of the details of your soul contract.

When you were born, at least one Guardian angel was sent to you.

And the average person will have about 20 to 30 Guardian Angels who will watch over and help them in this lifetime.

Guardian angels never leave your side, no matter what happens. However, there are other Guardian angels who arrive at certain stages of your life when you have need of them. And once they have served their purpose will move on.


You Have At Least One Spirit Guide Since You Were Born


Like your Guardian angels, Spirit Guides are also here to counsel you and protect you. Spirit Guides are Spirits who were once human but have mastered all the earthly lessons, so they do not need to be reincarnated again.

You have one primary Spirit guide who has been with you from the time you were born. Other Spirit guides may come into your life at certain stages.

The average person will have around 30 – 60 guides who will stay with them for the rest of their life.


Your Angels Protect You From Danger And Dark Beings


Things You Never Knew About Guardian Angels

Your Guardian angels not only protect you from dangers but from dark entities as well.

With all the dangers and the negative entities in this world, it truly is a blessing to have Guardian angels protecting you day and night. People are often not aware of the threats, which surround them, and most people will never know the invisible fights involving their Guardian angels and dark beings.

Your Guardian angels are hard at work fending off invisible spirits, which try to feed on your energy and make you feel weak. Invisible entities are dark spirits who live in the demonic realm and their main goal is to lead people away from achieving heightened spirituality.

By having an angel stand guard beside you, negative entities will have a very hard time coming near you or attaching themselves to you. Your Guardian angels are experts in preventing these attacks and driving away negative beings.

Now that you know these things about your angels, it may also surprise you to learn that your Guardian angels have been talking to you since your first day on earth – you just don’t recognize their language!

You’ll know more about how your angels are trying to communicate with you in the next part of the article.


How To Know An Angel Is Trying To Contact You


Your Guardian angels use a lot of ways to contact you. From feathers to dreams, angels have mastered the art of using the unexpected to impart their knowledge and good counsel on us.

Sometimes, your Guardian Angels send reminders to assure you they are always by your side.

So here are some of the common Angel Signs to look for: 

  1. White Feathers 

Have you ever found white feathers in curious places? White feathers are like an angels’ business card – your guardians just want to remind you that they’ve got your back.

  1. Appearance of different colored lights or orbs

Angels are pure beings of light and their otherworldly form can sometimes be seen in our physical world. You may see shafts of bright light streaming around you or moving in the corner of your eye.

Your Guardian angels can also appear as bursts of small, colored orbs. Orbs are favored by angels because the shape has no corners that restrict energy flow.

  1. Changes in temperature

Changes in temperature are a result of an angel’s high vibration. The lighter and purer a being is, the higher its vibration.

Angels can slow down or speed up the molecules in the air, causing the room to suddenly feel hot or cold. Your Guardian angels may be trying to urgently tell you something so make sure to pay attention to what is being communicated.

Things You Never Knew About Guardian Angels

Seeing bursts of small colored orbs is a sign that your angels are trying to contact you.

  1. Murmuring voices 

It may seem crazy, but the voices murmuring to you may actually be your angels trying to communicate. Your Guardian angels can use their own voices to speak through your inner voice or cause you to have a gut feeling.

  1. Unexplained fragrances 

Most psychic mediums will agree that angels have a distinctive aroma, very similar to the fragrance of roses. Other people say a pleasant aroma fills the air, a light refreshing smell that brings about a sense of peace and comfort.

  1. Communication through dreams 

Dreams are a very efficient way for angels to give us counsel or to simply talk to us. They often send their messages through images or feelings we experience in our dreams.

Some people, whose angels communicate to them through dreams, do not remember every detail of their dream, but describe feeling more confident about making a certain decision, or comforted during times of trouble.

  1. Songs

 Do you keep on hearing the same songs with similar themes, repeatedly, in unexpected places? Chances are, your Guardian angels are trying to get your attention and want you to clue in on what they are trying to say.

  1. Touch 

One of the greatest comforts in life is to be touched by angels. You will instantly feel that your spirit has been uplifted and a great feeling of love has been passed over you.

Your Guardian angels may gently pat you on the back for job well done or you may suddenly feel the fluttering of angel wings when somebody tells the truth. Whenever an angel touches you, goosebumps will suddenly appear on your skin.

Now you know the wisdom your angels are eager to share with you and the ways they use to talk to you.

Now you can reconnect with your winged friends and bask in the comfort their mere presence brings. Not only will you learn a lot about yourself, you will also learn how to use your newfound knowledge to your benefit.


Ready For More?


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