What Does It Mean When Someone I Love Deeply Leaves Me?


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It’s not easy to move on when someone you truly love left you. However, understanding the reasons why people you love leave you, makes the healing process easier.

Nearly every person in the world goes through being left behind by someone they love, but it doesn’t make the experience any easier.

One of the things that may be keeping you up at night is wondering what it means that someone you loved so much left you. When you’re deeply in love and committed to another person, it is a huge blow to realize that he or she doesn’t feel the same way.


So, What Does It Mean?


There are countless of reasons why a person would leave a relationship, but a number of these reasons count as the most frequent causes of a relationship’s demise.

In the universe, you create reality from your thoughts and feelings, so your pre-existing belief systems may have unintentionally pre-determined the fate of your relationship. These limiting beliefs could stem from your family or past experiences, but either way, they can spell doom your romantic partnerships.

For example, if your early experiences as a child involved constant abandonment (or perceived abandonment), your views on relationships as an adult will inevitably be shaped by this. In each relationship that you enter, you might be subconsciously expecting your partner to leave you.

Here’s the thing: you attract people who match your beliefs and expectations. Since you believe that all your partners will leave, you attract partners who will eventually leave you.

Another common reason behind a breakup is the realization that the emotional connection of the relationship just isn’t there. Once the rush of passion and infatuation of the early days have faded, your partner may have recognized that the two of you do not share a strong emotional connection after all. It may have turned out that you have little in common besides your feelings for each other.

Another thing that could have prompted your partner’s decision to leave you is if he or she has met or fallen in love with someone else. If infidelity occurred, it’s a serious breach of trust between you and your former partner.

Negativity could also put a strain on any relationship, whether this negativity comes from constant arguments between the two of you or from one person who’s currently at a dark and difficult time in his or her life.

When the negative emotions and moments in your relationship overtake the positive, the negativity keeps creating more of the same feelings and you and your partner become trapped in a cycle of misery.


What To Do When Someone You Love Leaves You?


It might seem impossible to get on with your life after a devastating heartbreak, but don’t worry, moving on only takes time and the right perspective. To help you get started on your journey of healing, here are five steps you can do when you get left behind by someone you love.

1. Take Time To Be Sad

First, don’t begrudge yourself the time to mourn the end of a significant relationship. It’s okay to feel sad and disappointed about losing a loved one and giving up your future together.

When you deny and resist these unpleasant emotions, you keep the feelings bottled up inside you, which makes it even harder to let go of the heartbreak and move on. Fighting against the natural pain of a breakup will only make the negativity push back even harder.

One of the powerful forces at work in the universe is the Law of Attraction, which states that “like attracts like.” If you feel angry, guilty, and desperate to rid yourself of these feelings, you create more negativity to add to your pain, which attracts even more negativity your way.

Instead, recognize your sadness and accept that you need a little time to say goodbye to a cherished partner. Don’t be afraid to feel the occasional sadness or fear, since unpleasant feelings also serve to help you appreciate the wonderful things in your life.

Every day, acknowledge how you feel and try to go about your daily tasks as normally and even cheerfully as possible. As time passes, you’ll notice that the sadness and grief will fade slowly but surely, until you’re finally able to get up without thinking of your former partner’s absence.

2. Forgive And Be Grateful

Forgiveness is crucial to moving on, so you aren’t burdened with negative feelings such as resentment, anger, and guilt. As the Law of Attraction states, being consumed by these feelings will only attract more things that continue making you feel the same way.

Some people blame their former partners for the failed relationship, while other people blame themselves. Either way, it’s important to embrace forgiveness with grace and sincerity, especially since relationships are a two-way street and breakups are rarely a black and white case.

To help yourself accept the situation and forgive, try to focus your mind not on the hurt, but on the good things that resulted from this relationship, such as the wonderful memories the two of you shared and the knowledge that you gained from your time together.

Remember that all of the things you learned, including the flaws and the mistakes, can guide you towards creating better and more successful relationships in the future.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful feelings in the universe, as it raises your vibrations to attract more love and happiness in your life. So, try to be thankful for your failed relationship and your former lover, even if it is causing you some sadness right now.

3. Cultivate Your Spiritual Side

When you’re going through the process of healing, it’s essential to forge a deeper connection with your spiritual self, since a spiritual practice cultivates inner peace and fulfillment.

Start exploring your spirituality by spending a few moments every day in quiet meditation, a practice that encourages you to be still and focus on the here and now.

If you’re new to meditation, you want to start small by meditating once a day for about a minute or two at a time. Find a quiet space where you can sit still and undisturbed for a couple of minutes every day, then settle down comfortably. Try to meditate at the same time every day to keep yourself accountable and consistent.

Then, simply concentrate on your breathing. Inhale, exhale, and repeat. Try to keep your mind from wandering and just let the thoughts glide past. Let the pain of your heartbreak or the fear of the future pass you without lingering in your mind. Instead, focus on the present moment: just breathe.

As you move forward in your meditation practice, you will become more capable of letting go of negative feelings and finding stillness within you, even in your daily life. For beginners who want a little more guidance, there are plenty of guided meditations online that can help you kick start your practice.

4. Choose Happiness With Thoughtful Action

Remember, happiness is a choice.

While some of the things may be outside of your direct control, you ultimately decide how you think, feel, and respond to what’s around you.

So, surround yourself with positivity.

Keep your vibrations high by indulging yourself in things that make you happy, whether it’s music, food, or sports. This is the time to explore the things you love outside of your relationship with your former partner, so take advantage!

It’s also important to remember that you have other people who can make you just as happy as your former partner! Seek the company of people who love and support you, then let them comfort you during these trying times.

Whether it’s talking it out with friends or just spending time with family, being around other people can be a soothing balm to your bruised heart.

If you want to discuss your situation more thoroughly with a professional, it could also be helpful to reach out to a therapist for a session or two.

Once you are more settled and at peace with your thoughts and feelings, you can also start taking positive action to help you move on with your life.

These actions could simply be trying new things that make you feel strong and independent, such as cooking classes or rock climbing. For other people, moving on means moving to another house or even another state.

Married couples need to divide their assets, while those who have children need to figure out a way to make things work.

These are truly the closing chapters of your relationship, so make sure that the choices you make are made with a calm and levelheaded mindset. By taking the time to recover and heal, you can make better choices that set you up for a happier and more fulfilling future.

5. Keep Your Heart Open

Of course, open up your heart to romantic love, even after the hurt and pain your last attempt caused you.

Letting go of the past is already a significant step in the process of opening up your heart, but you also have to work on being ready for a new relationship. This means that it’s essential to let go of resistance in your mind, such as the hesitation to be vulnerable again and doubt in being loved as you are right now.

Start letting go of the limiting beliefs that were fatal to your last relationship. Although this can be challenging, you can do this by reinforcing positive thoughts that counter the negative beliefs. Tell yourself, “I am complete and worthy of the love that’s coming my way. Love will never leave me.”

Finally, enjoy your life and shower yourself with love by doing hobbies you enjoy, spending time around loved ones, and doing good things for other people. When you are happy and caring towards yourself, you vibrate at a high frequency and you attract people with the same loving energy.

Some breakups are the result of Soul Contracts, which were made before being born into this lifetime. To learn more about your Soul Contracts, you can schedule a session by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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