What Does Numerology Say About Your Heart’s Desire?


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Numbers can reveal a lot of information about your life. Did you know that it can help you discover your heart’s desire?

Feeling a little lost and without purpose? Maybe there is so much noise around you that your inner voice is getting drowned out by responsibilities, expectations, and maybe even the media.

There’s one thing that can help you realize your truest, deepest desire: numbers. In Numerology, finding your Heart’s Desire is easy as A-B-C (or rather, 1-2-3).


What Is Your Heart’s Desire?


Numerology can reveal a lot of things about your life, including your Heart’s Desire, which is also known as your Soul Urge and your true motivation in life.

It is the deep urge you have, the thing that keeps you moving forward fueling your energy and passion. Every single person has their own background and unique experiences that shapes their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, but your Heart’s Desire is your soul’s inner yearning.

Your Heart’s Desire number is important because it not only reveals what you want out of life, but it also shows you the true motive behind all of your choices and actions.

Sometimes, you may get confused by your own thoughts, feelings, and urges, especially when it goes against your family’s wishes or society’s expectations. When you learn about your Heart’s Desire, you will understand new aspects of your own behavior, choices, and desires.

While smaller details about your hopes, dreams, and goals may change, the big picture is constant: your Heart’s Desire stays the same over the course of your lifetime.


Your Heart’s Desire According To Numerology


There are a lot of different numbers that are important in the art of numerology and your Heart’s Desire number is relatively easy to figure out, since the only thing you need is your name.

First, write down your complete name and look for all of the vowels in your name: A, E, I, O, and U. If you have the letter Y in your name, include it in this group as well.

Then, assign each letter with its corresponding number in the numerology chart, as seen below.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Once you assign all of the vowels in your name with their corresponding numbers, you then add up all of these numbers.

If the sum is a single digit number, or one of the Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33, this is your Heart’s Desire Number.

If you end up with a double digit number, simply add to two numbers together again, until  you get a single digit number.

If the number is a Master Number, use that number.

For example, if your name is AMELIA MEGAN PARKER, you add up the letters A, E, I, A, E, A, A, and E, and assign them their corresponding numbers in the numerological chart.

A = 1        x 4 = 4

E = 5        x 3 = 15

I = 9         x 1 = 9

Then, add up all of their corresponding numbers together:

4 + 15 + 9 = 28

Since 28 is a double digit number, you want to add together the 2 and the 8 to get either a single digit number or a Master Number. 2 + 8 = 10.

We then add these two digits together, since it is not a Master Number, and keep doing this until we either reach a single digit number or a Master Number. So, 1 + 0 = 1

Therefore, Amelia Megan Parker’s Hearts’ Desire Number is 1.

Once you get the single digit number, or a Master Number, this will be your Heart’s Desire Number.


Hearts Desire #1


Depending on the number you get, you’ll find that your Heart Desire is distinct and

If you end up with a number 1 Heart’s Desire Number 1, your deepest desire is for independence and a leadership role in groups.

Confident, decisive, self-sufficient, and intelligent, you definitely have what it takes to make this desire come true. One of your most notable traits is your driven attitude in the pursuit of your goals and you are known for taking action to achieve what you want in life.


Heart’s Desire #2


Heart’s Desire Number 2 is all about wanting peace, harmony, and cooperation. While you have no desire for personal fame or glory, you yearn to work with other people to achieve something greater than each individual.

In whatever setting you find yourself in, you want everyone to enjoy good relationships with each other, so you often find yourself the peacemaker in your family, friend group, or even at work.


Heart’s Desire #3


Happiness and artistic pursuits are the call of your soul if you have the Heart’s Desire Number 3. While there are things you want to achieve, your biggest desire is to simply enjoy life with the people around you.

You also enjoy art, whether your art is writing, painting, or making music. People are drawn to you because of your easy-going and fun personality, as well as your talents.


Heart’s Desire #4


If you discover that you have the Heart’s Desire Number 4, it means that you’re focused on living a life of order, stability, and discipline. Other people may not enjoy routines, but you thrive on creating and maintaining an effective routine to accomplish your goals.

There is no problem you can’t solve with logic, patience, and practicality. Ultimately, you want to build a solid foundation for you and your family through hard work and integrity.


Heart’s Desire #5


Unlike the previous number, you absolutely love change if you have the Heart’s Desire Number 5. Freedom is the deepest desire of your soul and you are driven to new people, unique experiences, and far-flung travel destinations.

With resilience, resourcefulness, and infinite enthusiasm, you chase after every adventure, whether its of a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual nature. Risk-taking comes as naturally to you as breathing and you have a deep curiosity about the unknown that you have to pursue.


Heart’s Desire #6


Home is where your heart is with the Heart’s Desire Number 6. Family and friends are the center of your life. You want to take care of everyone and create a happy, comfortable, and safe haven for them.

Loving, loyal, and selfless, you would sacrifice yourself for the people around you and you want nothing more than to solve everyone’s problems for them.


Heart’s Desire #7


Next is Heart’s Desire Number 7 and if you have this number, you value knowledge above everything else. There’s nothing you like more than studying things in great depth and you enjoy puzzles and riddles that challenge your mind.

Interestingly enough, it’s not just intellectual knowledge that piques your interest but also psychic wisdom. Philosophical and intuitive, you crave to study and understand the universe from a variety of perspectives.


Heart’s Desire #8


With a Heart’s Desire Number 8, you dream of great success in your field of choice with an abundance of money, power, control, and a sense of fulfillment. To achieve this, you dream big and remain focused on getting the results you want at work.

As a visionary, you are highly ambitious, powerful, determined, pragmatic, and generous to the people around you.


Heart’s Desire #9


Making the world a better place might sound like a huge undertaking, but it’s what you truly want to do if you’re one of the people with the Heart’s Desire Number 9. It can be through various ways, from volunteer work to the arts, but your fulfillment comes from being a humanitarian in service of the world.

Ultimately, you want to be a positive force on the lives of other people and you are more focused on the greater good of humanity than the individual good.


Heart’s Desire #11


If you have the Master Number Heart’s Desire Number 11, you value interpersonal relationships and spirituality greatly. Being alone is not enjoyable for you and you want nothing more than to be surrounded by harmony.

You are considered a treasure among family and friends due to your peacemaker attitude and natural healing abilities. Blessed with strong intuition and desire for enlightenment, you are also deeply passionate about the psychic world.


Heart’s Desire #22


Another Master Number is the Heart’s Desire Number 22 and if you have this number, you dedicate your energy to making an impact on the people around you. This is one of the most powerful numbers on the scale, because you want to actually change the world in a major way. Innovative, creative, and practical, you are driven to make, build, or do something of lasting importance.


Heart’s Desire #33


The last number is the Heart’s Desire Number 33, which is also a Master Number. Like the Number 6, you are extremely domestic and you long to take care of the people you love. Beyond this desire, you consider art a great source of pleasure and fulfillment, although you don’t necessarily pursue it as a career path.

Like other Master Numbers, you are highly intuitive and compassionate, which gives you the desire and potential to become a positive force in the community.

By exploring your Heart’s Desire through numerology, you will better understand yourself and be able to more fully explore the things, experiences, and life path, that fulfills you.

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