What You Should Know Before A Reading With A Medium


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Mediums are people who are gifted with the ability to receive messages from beings from the spirit world. It is important to find a trusted medium to reach your deceased loved one.

What if I told you that the people you love who have passed away are not gone to you forever? What if I tell you that you can connect with them and communicate the thoughts and feelings you were unable to express before their death?

Only a handful of people are blessed with the ability to speak to spirits beyond the physical plane and you can reach your deceased loved ones through the help of a psychic medium.

It may seem quite overwhelming to connect with your loved ones’ on the Other Side, but you can learn to make the most of your reading with these seven helpful tips.


Prepare Your Questions


Before having your reading, ask yourself, “What do you want to get out of your session?”. Do you want to make sure that a deceased family member is okay? Or maybe you’re looking for closure after a lover passed away? 

It’s very important to come into your medium session prepared with your questions so that you don’t forget anything you want to ask and are able to get the most out of your reading. A psychic medium will also find it easier to connect to your energy when you are clear about what you want to achieve.


Show Up Relaxed


If your mind is buzzing nonstop during your reading, you will not be able to focus and think clearly. Without a clear mind, you will not be able to understand and process the messages that come from the other side.

The memories can be hazy if you’re distracted and you’ll find it difficult to figure out if the message is accurate — or if it’s even coming from the person you’re thinking of!

To make sure you’re calm and clear-headed, spend a few minutes breathing in and out before your reading. A good night’s sleep is also a must, as well as avoiding substances that can influence your state of mind.


Reach Out To Your Deceased Loved One Before Your Session


Another practice that will benefit your reading is talking to the person you hope to connect with beforehand because fostering a strong link between the two of you beforehand, makes it easier for the messages to come through during your medium reading.

It’s also good to invite your loved ones into your reading ahead of time by telling them that you miss them and will be grateful if they come to communicate with you during the session. Let them know who the psychic medium is you’ll be sitting with and what messages you want to hear from them. 


What You Shouldn’t Do


You should never give ultimatums or make deals with your loved ones. Also, some skeptics refuse to be open to readings unless the spirits of their loved ones convey a particular word, or reference a specific event, to the psychic medium.

Keep in mind that these demands only put additional pressure on your loved ones, the psychic medium, and you. It can be challenging enough for your loved ones and the psychic medium to connect and communicate across realms, so just be open to the more important messages that are sent to you.

Plus, if your required phrase or word don’t come through, you will be left with doubts and dissatisfaction, even if otherwise, you had a very good and productive reading.


Be Honest With The Psychic Medium


To get what you want out of a mediumship reading, it’s sometimes crucial to reveal things that you normally wouldn’t reveal. If you hold back or withhold things, the psychic medium might be unable to foster an open line of communication between you and your deceased loved one.

Remember, psychic mediums don’t judge your thoughts and actions, but instead, they’re there to provide a bridge between the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

Also, don’t worry about admitting that something in the reading doesn’t make sense! A good psychic medium will welcome the feedback and will be able to give you more clarification that will help you make sense of it.


Jot Down Notes


Taking notes may be the last thing on your mind, but it’s definitely a good idea. Not only will these notes help you remember the details better after the reading, but they will also allow you to ponder on the messages later.

Words and phrases that did not make sense during the session may have a whole new meaning once you’re able to reflect and discuss them with other people.

However, don’t worry about taking down every word that the psychic medium says. Writing down key words is good enough, especially the ones that did not resonate with you during the reading.


Be Open To The Experience


If it’s your first time having a mediumship reading, make sure that you are open to the experience and willing to let the psychic medium (and the deceased loved one) do his or her thing. Readings rarely go the way you expect, so be prepared for surprises during the session.

It’s also important to keep in mind that while psychic mediums are blessed with special gifts, the communication line between them and the spirit world aren’t always crystal clear because sometimes, the link will be shaky and the words that come through will not be perfect.

A first name may not come through, but sometimes messages may include a middle name or initials, and special dates are rarely complete with the month, day, and year. Although psychic mediums are often successful in narrating the messages to you, things can occasionally get a little bit lost or unclear in translation.

Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification to describe what they’re seeing or hearing in more detail. However, you also want to be realistic about what you can get out of a reading and positive about the messages that come through. 

Remember, a psychic is sharing their gifts with you, so be gracious and respectful of their expertise.


Find A Trusted Psychic Medium To Carry Out The Reading


Of course, it’s important to remember not to choose a psychic medium blindly, nor should you go with the very first one you come across.

If you really want to reach your loved one who has passed away, make sure you’re choosing a proven and reliable psychic medium who has a good reputation.

Browse through a psychic mediums’ website to see what they specialize in and read through their reviews, if available. Some professional psychics’ successful predictions are even featured on other websites and news outlets.

Whether you’re doing a live reading or a phone session, it’s important to find a psychic medium you trust and are comfortable with.

If you’re wanting to communicate with a loved one on the other side, you can click here to schedule to this very special and powerful reconnection and message session.


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