When Will There Be A Corona Virus Vaccine? – Powerful Psychic Predictions

Another one of my psychic predictions has come true, answering the question “When will there be a corona virus vaccine?”.

When will there be a corona virus vaccine?

My psychic prediction about when will there be a Corona Virus vaccine was confirmed today.

When I first predicted the corona virus, I knew then, it was going to be something major that was going to affect the entire world and change life the way we knew it. And sadly, I could also see many lives being lost.

Corona Virus Has Changed Life As We Know It

The corona virus has been something we have never experienced before, and it has affected the entire world.

We have had to change the way we live, the way we do business, and even the way we perform our jobs. Many people have lost their jobs and several businesses have closed.

And on the bright side, there are many people have had the opportunity to work from home, saving them money for childcare, and also giving them more time to spend with their families.

But when I made that prediction, there was one thing I knew: that we as humans are survivors, and we will all get through this no matter what.

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“When will there be a corona virus vaccine?” My Other Psychic Prediction That Came True

After I had predicted the Corona Virus hitting the world, several people had asked me when there would be a cure.

Being a regular guest on The Quick Silva Show , a few months ago I was asked on the air what were my psychic predictions in the future, regarding the Corona Virus.

And here is what I predicted:

“I see by the end of by March or April of 2021, that we were going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We will either have a vaccine available by then, or we will know when a vaccine will be available. Then I see that life will begin getting back to normal no later than the end of summer in 2021, if not sooner”.


The Secretary Of Health Confirmed My Prediction

Today, this came out on the news:

Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar predicted Tuesday that there would be enough Covid-19 vaccine for general public vaccination campaigns by spring 2021.

When will there be a corona virus vaccine?

A vaccine is one the near horizon!

In an appearance on the TODAY show, Azar outlined what he said would be the distribution schedule for Pfizer’s and other companies’ experimental vaccines, none of which are approved, but Pfizer said Monday its vaccine is over 90 percent effective at preventing coronavirus infection.

Azar forecasted that there would be enough of the vaccine to inoculate at-risk nursing home residents, health care workers and first responders by the end of January and that there should be “enough for all Americans by the end of March to early April to have general vaccination programs.”

 You can read the entire article here:

 So, there is a light now at the end of the tunnel and it seems we can all finally begin to take a deep breath with the announcement of today’s good news!

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I hope this has served you knowing when will there be a corona virus vaccine, and I hope it has given you a little more peace of mind! As we are all looking forward to life returning back to way ti was before soon!





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  1. Marie A. Smith-Dean says:

    Thank you once again for providing another great prediction, especially the one about Joe Biden!😊

  2. Faye Bullio says:

    Tana, I’ve participated in the COVID 19 clinical trial in Columbus and I’ve had the 2 shots. Hopefully, this will help end the epidemic.

    Do you have a trip to Central Ohio planned?

    We miss you.

  3. Irma says:

    TANA, thank you for the email. Good news for sure. My kid has been missing volleyball but I didn’t think that it would happen for January or even February. I didn’t want her coaches to give these kids false hope for a season. They have been conditioning outside but maybe it’s in vain for now. Have a blessed week.

  4. M Anderson says:

    I remember reading your October predictions and you said the vaccine was going to be more harmful than helpful do you still believe that ?

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