Your Lucky Numbers Revealed

Ever since mankind started counting, numbers have held a certain kind of mystery.

In fact, written texts dating back to the dawn of civilization mention specific numbers, which have magical properties. Some numbers are believed to have divine connections, and some also have the power to affect the outcome of events.

Some scholars of ancient history spend their lifetime studying mystical computations to find a magic number – a number, or series of numbers, which can give a person an abundance of luck, money, and even unimaginable power.

Most people have their own lucky numbers, and these numbers hold a special meaning for them.


…what if there’s a number, which acts like a turnkey to bringing you luck?

Your Personal Lucky Number

Your personal lucky number is a number, or a series of numbers, which draw positive energy towards you. In fact, your personal lucky number is the universe’s way of telling you there is a way to live in harmony, abundance, and happiness.

You may not have heard of this before, but since numbers are the language of the cosmos, they’re frequently used by angels to communicate divine messages!

For example, the number 7 is considered a very lucky number, but did you know this number is also the celestial number?

Number 7 is strongly linked to angelic qualities and the heavenly realms. Its cosmic significance can be seen in universal repetition, such as seven days in a week, the seven colors of the rainbow, and the seven seas, which encircle the world.

Just like the celestial link of the number 7, you also have a set of special numbers, which connects you to positive cosmic energy.

While most people automatically think of using their personal lucky numbers to win the lottery, these magical numbers can be used in any aspect of your life. You can channel the positive vibrations of your lucky numbers to find a loving relationship, bring stability to your career and finances, and stimulate overall success in life.


How The Ultra Rich Use Personal Lucky Numbers

In 2017, Forbes listed 195 new billionaires.

One hundred and ninety-five.

What did these people do differently, in a span of 12 months, which made them a billionaire the following year?

Some of them would tell you their money came from hard work, some of them would tell you it was pure luck, but some of them have a secret – and they’re not willing to share it with the world.

You see, lucky numbers aren’t just meant for lotteries. They can be used for many things, especially for gaining a fortune.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – billionaires from all parts of the globe have their own lucky numbers – and they use them in almost every aspect of their lives! lucky_numbers2

Billionaires use their personal lucky numbers in ways that will boost things into their advantage such as scheduling dates of important meetings.

You’ll be surprised to know there are billionaires who weren’t born into money, and some of them only have a basic education. These are the billionaires who had another thing going for them – personal lucky numbers.

I’m not just talking about using their lucky numbers as their mobile phone numbers, or as license plates on their sports cars, I’m talking about little details most people would miss – if they didn’t know what’s going on.

Billionaires are using their numbers to schedule important meetings, boosting their advantage of others agreeing with their terms. Executive secretaries of CEOs know all about this practice, and know which days their bosses will hold big meetings and, which days they won’t do business at all.

So if billionaires are using their personal lucky numbers correctly, is it possible that you unknowingly blocking your luck?

Barriers To Luck Through Numbers

Most times, people are not aware they’re blocking their luck.

So here are a few of the ways people unconsciously prevent their personal lucky numbers from manifesting or taking effect.

Having a pessimistic attitude towards luck

If you don’t believe in luck, how can you expect to be lucky?

One of the most common barriers to bringing in number luck is not believing mysterious good fortune can come into your life at any time.

Remember, what you send out into the universe is what the universe also sends back to you. Fill yourself with positive energy, and nurture your connection with the cosmos, to draw in good luck and make your personal lucky numbers work.


Any person who knows about lucky numbers will tell you the worst thing you can do while deciding your own lucky numbers is to over-think it.

Having bad luck consistently? You might be cursed. Here’s how to know you have a curse.

Relentlessly thinking about your numbers for Megamillions, Powerball, etc, and changing them over and over again, won’t help you.

You need a clear mind when it comes to finding your lucky numbers, so meditate and listen to what the universe wants to tell you.

Aside from watching out for blocks, there are also other important keys to keep in mind.


Key Points To Remember About Your Lucky Numbers lucky_numbers3

A psychic can help you discover your lucky numbers by viewing your Akashic records or by asking your angels.

Your lucky numbers change from time to time, simply because the magical energy which powers luck is naturally flowing and ever-changing.

There are also universal factors which can affect or change your personal lucky number, such as:

  1. Changes in the planets can influence the vibrations of your lucky numbers.
  2. Your own ambitions, needs, desires, and behavior, may change the energy of your lucky number.
  3. Whenever you undergo a major change in your life, such as marriage, separation, or relocation, your lucky number energy can also change.
  4. Also, your lucky numbers reach the peak of their powers when you are 35 to 40 years old, but they still continue to remain active throughout your life.


Discovering Your Own Psychic Personal Number

I can help you discover your own personal lucky numbers.

Lucky numbers can either be viewed in your Akashic Records – a celestial library, containing limitless information about you, your present, your future, and even your past lives.

Another way to receive your personal lucky numbers is by me asking your Guardian Angels.

As a Master Psychic, I have the ability to read your Akashic Records, as well as communicate with celestial beings like Angels. I can also tell you if there are blocks to your luck within you, and if you’re using your personal lucky numbers correctly or not.

If you want to know your lucky numbers and how to use them to have more good luck, you can contact me by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.

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