10 Bold Ways to Reboot Your Finances (Your Spirit Guides are Waiting to Help!)


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Your Spirit Guides are always willing to help you accomplish and achieve things you need to accomplish at this lifetime. They can also help you get your finances back on track.

If you’re like most people, chances are you’ve experienced financial difficulty one way or another. It could be that you are a few payments late on your home mortgage or credit card, or you have far too much debt, or perhaps you don’t have any savings at all.

If you think that you’ve already done everything to get your finances back on track, but have so far failed, then it’s time to call upon your spirit guides to teach you how to solve your financial problems.


Getting Your Finances Back On Track By Calling On Your Spirit Guides


Spirit guides are people just like you and me, who have learned all of life’s lessons, and therefore, no longer need to reincarnate into a human form. Given the knowledge and wisdom that these spiritual beings have gathered over time, rebooting your finances is definitely going to be a cinch when you ask for their help.

Here are a few ways you can get your finances back on track with the help of your spirit guides:


  1. Acknowledge that you are surrounded with spirit guides

These spiritual beings won’t be able to give you their guidance and advice if you don’t open yourself up to them. You can start by declaring that you are ready and willing to reboot your finances with their help. 

  1. Ask your spirit guides to help you eliminate your karmic debt

Karmic debt is a spiritual debt that is the result of bad karma from this life, and bad karma that has been carried over from your previous lives. You could have done something in your previous lives that are significantly affecting your present financial situation.

  1. Call upon your spirit guides to surround you with financially-successful people 

In the Laws of the Universe, there is a law that states, “like attracts like.” Your life is basically a magnet that attracts whatever you draw into it by using your words, actions, and feelings.

Surrounding yourself with financially-successful people helps you think, act, and feel like them, which improves your capability to attract the financial success that they have into your life.

  1. Ask your spirit guides to help you fortify your White Light.

White Light is the powerful, yet gentle healing energy that you can use to protect yourself from negative vibrations. Negative vibrations simply make you feel pessimistic, distrustful of others, and unsure of your talents and capabilities, including getting your financial situation back on the right track. It is much easier to reboot your finances when you have the powerful protection of White Light in and around you.

  1. Make meditation a daily routine 

Meditation keeps your aura strong, which protects you from the harmful effects of bad energy. It also helps clear your mind from negative thought forms that can potentially force you to make bad financial decisions. Meditation also makes you feel more attuned to your spirit guides when you practice it on a regular basis.

  1. Consult your spirit guides before making a crucial financial decision. 

Your spirit guides are Beings of Light that can offer you comfort, advice, and guidance if you simply call on them whenever you need their help. Keep in mind to ask your spirit guides for their wisdom whenever you have to make a crucial financial decision to guarantee that you will pick the best one.

  1. Ask your spirit guides to fill you with positive thoughts. 

When you think, you are literally transforming consciousness into a more concrete form of energy and your financial situation can be directly affected with how you’re using this transformation of energy. Simply making it a habit to only think positive thoughts can help you improve your finances.

  1. Chant on a regular basis

Chanting is one way of healing the tears that are caused by negative energy in your aura.  The faster you heal these tears in your aura, the more protected you will become from the harmful effects of negative energy, which can have a direct effect on how you manage your finances. You can also combine chanting and meditation to feel as close to your spirit guides as possible.

  1. Wear a crystal 

Crystals have the ability to magnify your aura, which helps to protect you from negative forces. You can go for labradorite, black tourmaline, amethyst, watermelon tourmaline, smoky quartz, and clear quartz, to name a few which you can choose.

  1. Ask your spirit guides to help you attract lots of positive energy into your life

The more positive energy you have in your life, the easier it is to keep clear from financial problems.


I hope you have found this helpful, and remember, whenever you are facing any type of financial fears, you call always call on your spirit guides to help you!

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