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I received an email that I sometimes get asked by clients, so I wanted to share it with you!

In this email, I want to talk about why a psychic reading can sometimes seem to be what appears as an inaccurate reading?

I like when people ask me this question, so here is the exact email I received. 🙂 

Hi Tana, 

I was just thinking about you this morning. On your FB page I always see all these wonderful comments from people talking about how incredibly accurate their readings were, yet you read me in December & the entire thing was off 🙂 

Nothing you indicated came to fruition, and other situations turned out to be the exact opposite of what you said.    

I’m confused. Can you tell me how this happened?   

Cindy in Montana 

My reply:

Dear Cindy, 

Thank you for bringing that up to me 🙂 This happens sometimes with people, and there is a good reason for this. 

I always recommend a reading every 3 months, because most people’s paths change in a 3-month interval. A psychic reading is most accurate when looking at a 3 month ahead period. So, having a reading every 3 months helps to keep informed of any changes in your life. 

I am looking when the last time was that we had a reading, and it was over 9 months ago! So I am sure several things in your life have changed the outcome of your future! 

And sometimes, depending on what is going on in a person’s life at the time, their path can change almost immediately after the reading, therefore, throwing off everything the person was told during their reading. 

I can help you see where and how your life, or the life of someone else has changed, and tell you exactly where it is headed to! You can click here to schedule a private reading with me! 

This is very unusual to happen, but it does happen. In this case, I would unfortunately recommend another reading right away, without waiting 3 months, because when changes like this happen, they usually indicate even more rough roads changes ahead! 

So, it is not that the reading was inaccurate, but rather that your path had changed! 

The good news is that when changes like this happen so quickly, it indicates that you are on a major path in this lifetime, indicating that you are a much older soul than most people! 🙂 

Thanks for the email, I am going to share this in my next email!! 

In light and peace,


The other thing I did not mention to Cindy was the fact that she has free will. A person’s free will can change the outcome of any psychic reading, because a person has the free will to change anything in their life.

Remember, if you hear something in a reading that you do not like, you also have the free will to change that outcome too!

I hope this helped you today. If it has been awhile since our last reading, I would be very interested in hearing what changes have already taken place in your life! Please send me an email and let me know how you are doing!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy 

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