A Guide to Healing Crystals, Their Meanings, and Powers (Part I)


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Crystals have the ability to increase your energy by rebalancing your body on the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels.

Healing crystals are ancient spiritual tools used for healing that are made of different molecular structures. These molecules are in continuous motion, allowing them to pass on a unique energy field and healing vibration. In this post, I have gathered all healing crystals and their meanings to give you more knowledge about them.




The first in our healing crystals list is Moonstone. Also known as the stabilizer, moonstone has a deep connection with the moon and feminine. It is the ideal stone to strengthen intuition and create harmony. In ancient India, it is considered to be from gods and goddesses and is considered regal and sacred.

For physical healing: Moonstone is often used to help the digestive system, pituitary gland, and health problems, such as menstrual problems, hormonal problems, obesity, and water retention.

For metaphysical healing: This stone can open a person to the Universe and other worlds. It is also used to control the ego and fight materialism.




Selenite is considered the most abundant crystal used to recharge and cleanse other crystals. Therefore, among the crystals for healing, it is the only one that does not require any charging. It is found in evaporated seas and salt lakes in countries like Brazil, Mexico, and beyond.

For physical healing: Carrying selenite can bring inner peace and great healing to a person. It is also used during meditation to achieve the desired outcome.

For metaphysical healing: This master stone can serve as a passage to all infinite things, such as intuition, spirit guides, and the universe.


Crystal Quartz


The most famous crystal and considered the passage of light leading to the metaphysical world.

For physical healing: This crystal is considered a master healer and is believed to stimulate the circulatory and immune systems. It is also known to enhance the energy flow of the body.

For metaphysical healing: Crystal quartz possesses the whole color chart, and therefore can be used to enhance prayers, desires, etc. It is excellent for meditation and you can set up the crystal to match your intentions. You can then carry or wear your crystal quartz to amplify your desires’ as well as your vibrations.

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Known as the stone of opportunity, Aventurine is used to enhance abundance, luck, and prosperity

For physical healing: This healing crystal supports energy circulation, the heart, and blood. It also aids in speeding recovery from surgery, injury, or illness.

For metaphysical healing: Aventurine can produce emotional calm and a sense of well-being as it is strongly linked with the Heart Chakra. It is also known to balance the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.




Associated with inner stability, Agate represents the inner world and its states. It comes in different variations and is seen in almost all colors.

For physical healing: Agate is well-known for improving mental functions. It is excellent to use it prior to an exam or when collecting thoughts for deep conservation with someone special.

For metaphysical healing: This crystal is for balancing the aura and enhancing self-awareness. Agate is helpful in healing a lack of self-worth, emotional imbalance, and anger.




Called as the money stone, Citrine is a form of quartz known for its connection to wealth, money, and gold.

For physical healing: Citrine is used to improve metabolism and digestion and help in healing nausea. It is also helpful to the brain as it is known to amplify nerve impulses.

For metaphysical healing: Bring Citrine with you when you have important businesses regarding finances and when you go to the bank. It can help attract stability, financial wealth, and abundance.


Rose Quartz


Known as the love stone, Rose Quartz is connected to the heart and in showing love to the planet, others, and to self.

For physical healing: This crystal is used to release and heal deep emotions. It is known to enhance circulation and manage low blood pressure. Rose Quartz is also helpful in easing tension, skipped beats, and palpitations.

For metaphysical healing: Since it’s all about the heart, it helps you in sharing love and attracting your soulmate. Carry Rose Quartz whenever you want to strengthen your love and relationship with someone or you want to find your soul mate.




As the most used talisman for protection, Tourmaline serves as a psychic shield to establish your energy and helps in battling negative energies.

For physical healing: Tourmaline is helpful in spine realignment and easing joint pains. It is also used to improve the adrenal glands, heart, and immune system.

For metaphysical healing: Even though this crystal is black during the night, Tourmaline is useful to drive negative energies away and strengthen your vibration. It aids you in remaining positive even during your dark times.




Fluorite is one of the most powerful crystals but is also the most underrated. It is well-known for driving low vibrations and negative energies away. Found in various colors, Fluorite makes room for light to shine through.

For physical healing: This stone helps clear the mind and enhance focus, making it useful when you are about to take an exam or an interview. It also helps relieve cold symptoms and inflammations.

For metaphysical healing: Fluorite is known to help ease a confused mind, battle negative energies, and amplify your vibration.




The last, but definitely not the least, for our healing crystals guide is Turquoise. It is believed to be the oldest stone that symbolizes wisdom. It is also known as the crystal of protection.

For physical healing: Turquoise helps in the problems of the throat, ears, neck, and brain.

For metaphysical healing: It aids in meditation and intuitions as well as amplifies the body’s meridians. It is also linked with the Throat Chakra, which helps in achieving clear communication.


So, these are just some of the healing crystals that are known to help people in different ways. If you’d like to know more, you can check my part II for this post!

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