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It is important to build a relationship with your Spirit Guides so it will be easy for you to receive their help and guidance.

Spirit guides are entities who are meant to protect and guide you throughout your life. Some of them are only around for a short amount of time, while others are beside you for a lifetime, but all of these beings want what’s best for you – always.

When you create a loving connection with your spirit guides, you open up your lines of communication, so that you can receive help and guidance in all areas of your life. These invisible guides can protect you from danger and lead you towards the path of happiness and fulfillment — if you will let them!

So, start embracing your spirit guides’ presence in your life and establish a good relationship with them by using these 7 simple steps.

1. Practice Regular Meditation

One of meditation’s many benefits is that the practice helps you connect with your spirit guides.

Your spirit guides vibrate at a high frequency, so it’s necessary to raise your vibrations when you want to communicate with them, and meditation allows you to reach these higher vibrational frequencies.

Furthermore, when you meditate, you allow your mind to be still and silent, which opens it up to receive messages from your spirit guides.

Daily meditation is important, so make sure you find a couple of minutes for the practice. Although you can reach out to your spirit guides anywhere, create a sacred space for meditation so that it’s easier for you to slip into a conversation with them whenever you’re in this space.

It could be a quiet corner of your bedroom or a particular spot in your garden, but it should be a place where you can talk to your spirit guides freely.

Whether you choose to lie down or sit down, make sure that you’re comfortable during your meditation practice. Focus on your breathing and let your thoughts and feelings flow past you like water in a stream. When you’re ready, reach out to your spirit guides, whether you’re asking for help, asking for their name, or even just thanking them for their help.

2. Simply Ask For Help

Whatever you ask, you’ll receive. The problem is, most people forget to ask.

It’s the simplest thing in the world to just ask for help, but for some reason, this is something that slips most people’s mind. Many people remember to ask for what they want during meditation, prayer, or intention setting, but in regular life, it’s easy to forget that you have a source of guidance each and every day.

So, simply get into the habit of asking for your spirit guides’ assistance. When you need to get to a meeting at a certain hour, ask for their guidance when navigating urban traffic. When your relationship is on the rocks, ask for wisdom and strength to help you and your partner weather the storm.

Keep it in mind from the time you wake up to the time you slip back to sleep that you are not alone.

3. Invite Your Spirit Guides To Write Through You

One of the coolest ways to connect with your spirit guides is by intuitive writing. Pick up a pen and paper, then ask your spirit guides to write through you and give you guidance with words.

Let your hand write freely, even without keeping track of the words. These are messages from your spirit guides, so don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or even making sense of it as you write.

If you have a question, write it on top of the page and ask it out loud, before letting your spirit guides write through you. You may even engage in this activity at your sacred meditation space so that you feel closer to the spiritual world.

Keeping a spirit guide journal is a good way to keep track of your messages and interactions with your spirit guides. There are times when a message may come to you through writing or dreams that don’t make sense at the time.

However, the message may be relevant in the future, so it’s always best to keep a record of everything you receive from your guides.

4. Welcome Them In Your Dreams

When you sleep, you tap into your subconscious, which is far more in touch with the spiritual realm than your waking conscious self. In your dreams, you can actually communicate with your spirit guides face-to-face, so invite them to connect with you as you sleep.

It’s best to be specific when you’re reaching out to your spirit guides, so if you want guidance for something, in particular, bring it up as you drift off into dreamland. Tell your spirit guides, “I welcome you, my spirit guides, into my dreams. I invite your guidance on ___________ (put whatever words you need guidance on here).”

Trust that they will come to you and when you wake up, write down immediately what you remember, from seemingly random images to actual words exchanged with your guides.

5. Spend Time Outdoors

For some people, the closest they feel with their spirit guides is when they’re out in nature. If you feel this way, nurture these feelings and take time to meditate and pray outside the confines of your home.

Nature offers an endless expanse of peaceful and grounding spaces, so communicating with your spirit guides here is always a beautiful experience.

Seek out a spot outdoors that feels tranquil to you, whether it’s the park, the beach, or even just a quiet part of your garden.

Close your eyes and enter a meditative state by focusing on your breath, then reach out to your spirit guides and ask them to come to you. After a while, you will feel a presence with you.

6. Maintain A Positive Energy

Spirit guide energy vibrates at a high frequency and matching this vibrational frequency is important, so make sure you stay positive as much as possible. Meditation helps with this, but raising your vibrations can also be accomplished by doing things you enjoy, surrounding yourself with positive people, and focusing on the good things in your life at all times.

It’s also important to cultivate the feeling of gratitude, not just for the things you have in your life, but also for your spirit guides. Instead of approaching them from a negative perspective by demanding help or asking them to prove themselves to you, thank them for their presence, protection, and guidance.

When you are appreciative of your spirit guides, you welcome them into your life and they respond with love and gratitude back to you.

7. Be Open

Last but not the least, open your mind and soul to receive messages from your spirit guides, in any form.

Keep an eye out for synchronicities or signs in your regular life, but don’t become attached to any single outcome because your spirit guides are privy to the insight that is beyond any human’s perspective. So, try to let go of what you think is best and be open to the guidance of the spirits.

Once you open up to the world of your spirit guides, you allow them to guide you into living your best life!

If you would like help, guidance, or training on working more closely with your spirit guides, click here to book a session where I can give you all their names, tell you what each of them is here to help you with, and show you how to connect with them on a daily basis.


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