Does Everyone Have A Spirit Guide?


To harness the wonderful benefits of being guided by your spirit guides, you have to learn how to connect with them.

In a nutshell, a spirit guide is an entity that guides, protects, and supports you throughout your life.

There are different types of spirit guides: archangels, guardian angels, ancestors, ascended masters, spirit animals, and others. Each one of these entities are in your life for a different purpose; some of them show up for a brief moment, while others are with you for the entirety of your life.

However, all of these spirit guides are dedicated to help you fulfill your greatest potential and highest purpose.

Every person in the world has a spirit guiding them towards happiness. While you may not see, hear, or even feel their presence, you’ll be able to see signs of your spirit guides in certain points of your life when you look closely.

It could be major life-changing events, such as surviving a car crash, or significant moments, such as hearing your “inner voice” telling you not to do something.

Only a number of people are intuitive enough to connect with their spirit guides, but the good news is, you can always reach out to and develop a closer relationship with yours.

When you have a good connection with your spirit guides, you’ll find that you’re not just more aware of their presence, but their wise guidance will be clearer to you as well and you can perceive their advice more effortlessly.

So, how do you connect to the spirit guides that surround you?


First, Connect With Your Spirit

Before you connect with your spirit guide, it’s important that you already have a good connection your higher self. When you become more in touch with your own spirituality and spiritual abilities, you also become more capable in sensing entities and more welcoming to the spirit guides that surround you.

Meditation and prayer are good tools in cultivating your spirit, so you want to take time to engage in these practices daily. It might be a good idea to put meditation in your daily schedule, so that you always have a specific time dedicated to the practice.

This doesn’t have to take up much of your time. Sit down for a couple of minutes every day for meditation; if you’re just starting out with your practice, meditate for one to two minutes in the beginning. You can do this by either simply focusing on your breathing or repeat a mantra to yourself.

Once you get in the habit of meditating and praying regularly, it will become easier to slip into a mindful and spiritual state. Meditating with certain crystals, such as Amethyst, also boosts intuition and spiritual awareness.

Aside from cultivating a good spiritual practice, meditation is also a peaceful space where you can reach out to your spirit guide. During your meditation, call to your spirit guide and invite him or her into your space.


Try Intuitive Writing

Remember, even if you don’t actually see or hear your spirit guides, they influence you every day. Sometimes, it’s an inner voice that is so clear that it’s almost audible, and sometimes, it’s a gentle nudge that many people dismiss as a “gut feeling.”

So, why not invite them to connect to you through your actions? Specifically, writing.

Here’s what you can do: keep a spirit guide journal and flip to a blank page. First, write to your spirit guides, inviting them to connect to you through the words you jot down. This invitation could be as simple as, “Thank you spirit guides for guiding and protecting me. Now, I welcome you to write through me on this page.”

Then, open yourself up to the spirits and simply keep writing. Write down your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and anything else that may occur to you. Let the words flow from pen to paper and don’t hold back or force yourself to keep writing.

Some of the words will make sense and you can apply to your life, while others will not, but in these pages are messages from your helpful spirit guides. As you flip through the journal in the future, more and more of these messages will be revealed to you and ultimately make sense.


Invite Them In Your Dreams

Dreams are also a wonderful way to connect with your spirit guides. In fact, many of your past dreams are already your spirit guides sending messages to you, which you may not have been aware in the past.

Before going to sleep, reach out to your spirit guides and ask them to visit you in your dreams. Relax and open your mind as you nod off, then as soon as you wake up, grab a pen and write down whatever you remember from your dreams.

What you write down doesn’t have to be very specific, since these are messages from your spirit guides. They may come in vague feelings and seemingly random words, but this is a good start.


Be Open And Pay Attention

Spirit guides lead us to joy, success, and enlightenment, but we don’t always listen.

If you are not getting messages, it could be because you are resisting the voice of your guide, or you could not be open to change or advice. It could also mean that you have a very specific idea in mind about spirit guides, expecting an apparition of a luminous being with a halo and wings to appear.

Of course, such angels exists and an apparition is certainly possible, but spirit guidance comes in endless and mysterious ways.

Instead, open yourself up to receiving guidance from your spirit guide and accept that it may come in any shape or form.

When you’re open and receptive, you also become more perceptive of the world around you, and ready for when a message finally shows up from your spirit guide, whether it’s a song you keep hearing on the radio, or vandalism on the street that caught your eye.


Just Ask!

Remember, your spirit guides are on your side, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Even those who are aware of spirit guides often forget about their presence in the bustle of every day life. When we run into problems with our health, relationships, or work, we slip back into thinking that we’re all alone in the universe.

Start training yourself to reach out for your spirit guides, who want nothing more than to see you succeed and be happy!

The next time that you’re in a pinch, simply ask for guidance from your spirits of truth and compassion and they’ll show up to help.

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