Are My Weird Dreams Psychic In Nature? dreaming

Psychic dreams are called as such because the person who has one, can gain information or guidance while he is sleeping.

Believe it or not, your dreams could be psychic in nature.

Many of your dreams are likely regular dreams, which is your subconscious mind processing and releasing latent thoughts and emotions as you sleep. However, if there are times that you feel as if your dreams are something more, that’s because they probably are.

After all, it is through your dreams that you are able to tap into the psychic abilities of your subconscious, which is more in touch with the psychic and spiritual world than your conscious mind.

There are few limitations in dreams, so while dreaming, people can experience remarkable things, such as traveling into the spiritual realm, communicating with the deceased, and even predicting the future. In this realm, you are able to access information that goes beyond the physical realm.

It’s important to recognize your psychic dreams since what shows up in your psychic dreams is usually extremely significant to your life.

The first step in figuring out whether your dreams are psychic or not is to learn about the different types of psychic dreams that you can experience.


Telepathic Dreams


This type of dream occurs when you are able to communicate with someone else directly, or access their consciousness, while you’re in a dream state.

One example of a telepathic dream is dreaming of a close friend who suddenly got sick, then waking up to the news that he or she is actually in the hospital in reality. Some people will also experience dreams of a partner’s infidelity, or an employee’s dishonesty, which would then turn out to be true.

Telepathic dreams demonstrate how two souls who share a very strong emotional connection can communicate telepathically, even if they are physically far apart from each other.

It can be difficult to identify telepathic dreams since it’s quite common to dream of other people. However, telepathic dreams are far more vivid than regular dreams and they often feel so intensely real, that you’ll wake up wondering whether the conversation actually took place in the physical reality.

When your dream involves a person who is actually in your life, one way to determine whether you’ve had a telepathic dream is to check in with this person.

If you dream of a conversation with this person, your friend should be able to confirm the conversation as well. After all, a conversation, whether it took place in this realm or another, is a two-way street.

On the other hand, if you dream of an event involving a divorce or an accident, the confirmation of such an event will verify whether your dream was telepathic or not.

Telepathic dreams often involve another living person, such as a friend on the other side of the country, but keep in mind that they could also involve a visit from a deceased loved one, or even one of your spirit guides. Although this is a bit more challenging to verify, these types of psychic dreams are also incredibly vivid and clear.


Precognitive Dreams


Precognitive dreams, which are when you see future events before they occur, are more common than telepathic dreams.

In popular movies, precognitive dreams are portrayed as dreaming of an airplane blowing up just minutes before it does, or dreaming of a father’s death on the night of his actual passing.

In reality, these dreams are often positive, like dreaming of a friend you haven’t seen in years, only to open your computer the following day and see an email from this friend. They could also involve a dream about getting a lot of money, just before finding out that your boss just gave you a huge raise.

While regular dreams are a bit hazy and vague, precognitive dreams are extremely vivid with clear details, just like other types of psychic dreams. In these dreams, you’ll remember specific details: whether it was raining or not, the color of your friend’s shirt, or even a distinct sound in the background, like a car honking angrily or the sudden clap of thunder.

Many precognitive dreams are repetitive as well, so it might be a good idea to keep a dream journal to write in the details,  as soon as you wake up in the morning. This is also a good practice to start remembering your dreams better. Over time, you can look back and see if some of your dreams have actually come true.

Keep in mind that some precognitive dreams don’t unfold in reality for years. The man of your dreams may have shown up in a dream that felt real as if it happened right now, but he might not manifest in your life until next year, or even farther along in your life.


Clairvoyant Dreams


Finally, clairvoyant dreams are when you somehow get a future peek of things. In these dreams, you see things, such as an earthquake in a remote country across the Pacific, or a private conversation between your neighbors that you shouldn’t be privy to.

Unlike precognitive dreams that predict the future, clairvoyant dreams give you a peek of events as they are happening.

There are psychics who can access their clairvoyance when they’re awake, but if you’re having clairvoyant dreams, you may have tapped into your abilities when you’re asleep. These abilities indicate that you’re highly attuned to the energy of the universe and the disturbances that occur within.


Tip: Continue Exploring Your Dreams


If you experience telepathic, precognitive, and clairvoyant dreams frequently, it’s possible that you’re very psychic sensitive.

Just continue exploring your dreams by staying consistent with your dream journal. Write down everything you remember from your dreams, from the most minute details to the vaguest feelings. This practice will help you retain more concrete memories of your dreams in the future.

There are also regular everyday habits that can help you with remembering your dreams. A healthy diet, a regular sleeping schedule, and a restful environment while you’re sleeping, will keep your mind well-rested and your memory sharp as soon as you wake up.

If you have dreams you don’t understand, during a psychic reading, you can learn the deeper meanings of your dreams by having me interpret them for you.

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