Are Pets Psychic? psychic pets

Your pets are so in tune with their psychic senses that they can sense what’s going on in both in the physical and supernatural realms.

If you are a pet owner, you may have wondered if your pets know what you are thinking. Perhaps your dog hides when you are about to give it a bath, or your cat is able to find exactly where you are in the house.

These abilities of your pets to be able to sense where you are or what you are about to do shows that pets are psychic. Which means that they possess the ability to know about something that cannot be explained conventionally.

If your pets are psychic, it also means that they have extrasensory perception, more commonly known as a sixth sense, or ESP.


Why Do Pets Have Psychic Abilities?


Animals can connect to people on a higher level because they are naturally gifted with psychic abilities, in order for them to survive.

Since pets can sense subtle energies, they can know their owners on a deeper level, which is the reason why your pets can sense when you are coming home, when you are leaving them behind, and even when you are feeling sick.

One of the main reasons why pets have psychic abilities is because animals do not have a rational way of thinking like humans do. The absence of this rational thought process allows animals to use all of their senses and be fully aware of what is happening around them.

Another reason why animals have psychic abilities is because of their sensitivity to

energy fields, which allows them to see things beyond the physical realm (e.g. dogs regularly barking at nothing during the night, and cats frequently staring into blank space).

Pets are also psychic because of the structure of their aura. An animal’s auric structure is the same as that of a child’s, which is very pure and radiant. When children grow, their auric structure changes, but that is not the case for animals because the purity and radiance of their auric structure remain, even when they grow.


What Psychic Abilities Do Animals Possess?


Animals have many psychic abilities including telepathy, a great sense of direction, and having premonitions.

Pets are telepathic, and that is the reason why your beloved pets know when you are taking them out for a walk when you are feeding them, and when you are taking them to the vet.

This was further proved by a series of experiments conducted on a dog and its owner. The owner noticed that her dog used to wait by the window every weekday, around the time the dog’s owner would return home after work.

To check if the dog was not simply reacting to the sound of the owner’s vehicle, the owner went home by unusual means. For example, she took the train home, she walked home, and she even used a bicycle.

However, all of the videotapes showed that the dog was still able to wait for the owner by the time she arrived home.

There was another set of experiments performed in which the owner would come home at random times, without any person in the house knowing when she would come back.

However, all the footage revealed that the dog would still wait by the window about the time the owner was coming back.

Animals also have a great sense of direction, which is the reason why pets can come back to their homes, even when they go to unfamiliar places that are far away.

This was proved by a series of experiments, in which homing pigeons were taken to places far from their homes, through closed vehicles, and where the birds were put to sleep through anesthesia.

However, the people who conducted this series of experiments discovered that the homing pigeons were still able to fly back to their homes.

Pigeons also have the capability to find their way home despite bad weather, and they can navigate on a sunny day, a cloudy day, or even at night. In addition, it was proved that pigeons do not necessarily use their sense of smell for going back home, because they can still return back to their lofts, even if it is windy.

Having premonitions, which is the ability to see what will happen in the future is the last psychic ability animals have.

One good example of an animal possessing premonitions is the cat.

During ancient times in Egypt, cats were respected and admired because of their godlike nature and their ability to move from this world to the spirit world easily.

Cats have the gift of premonition, and that is the reason why their ears point backward, and their tails stand before a natural disaster occurs. Cats also howl without any rational reason, and this is their own way of warning people that a natural disaster is about to strike their area.

In Japan, catfish acted strangely by swimming to the surfaces of rivers before two big earthquakes occurred during the ’80s and the ’90s, respectively.

Before one earthquake in China, during the ’70s, cats acted in weird ways by scratching on doors, howling, and running around, which saved 150,000 people.

Animals such as mice and snakes are also used in China to detect possible disasters, such as earthquakes and floods. Chinese authorities even distribute booklets that show strange animal behavior to be reported, so the people can prepare for an upcoming disaster.

Three psychic abilities which are telepathy, a great sense of direction, and premonitions, seem to be more developed in animals than in humans, allowing you to develop a deeper connection with your pet.

Your pet can sense negative energy, so the next time your pet acts in a weird way, be careful because a disaster or an accident may be about to happen.

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