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A real psychic can help you find the answers you need and live your life to the fullest with all the options and opportunities open to you.

While not many people may be familiar with psychic abilities and real psychic themselves, almost all of us have watched psychic abilities in action in movies. These films, more often than not, portray psychics and psychic abilities in an overly exaggerated manner.

But still, we love them. These films are entertaining, thrilling, amusing, and also oftentimes mind-boggling. But the question is, how accurate do movies portray psychic abilities in fiction, as opposed to reality?

The phrase “psychic abilities” can be a very broad word that could encompass a lot of things. Two different psychics can be similar to each other in how they do their readings, or they could be extremely different from each other. Their abilities and methods of work can vary from one another. The gist is, the term “psychic abilities” does not always mean a single ability only.

Here, we will be discussing how some work of fiction and movies dealt with portraying psychic abilities, and if they are really like that in real life. And more importantly, will that certain ability help you with your problem?


Psychic ability: Healing

Movie: “The Green Mile” (1999)

Starring: Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan

The movie:

In “The Green Mile,” Tom Hanks plays the role of death row corrections officer Paul Edgecomb. Michael Clarke Duncan, on the other hand, plays one of the prisoners, in what they call the “green mile,” John Coffey is a big and imposing figure who was convicted for the charges of rape and murder of two young girls.

The film shows Coffey as someone who has a soft and kind demeanor and has the ability to heal any kind of sickness by seemingly absorbing whatever is wrong with a person. He does the “healing” by making contact with the sick person and affecting his surroundings, such as lights and electricity, while he does the “healing.”

In reality:

Psychic abilities that can heal are indeed true. However, they are not as dramatic or as “magical” as what John Coffey does. A psychic cannot cure cancer or magically close wounds, as if they were not there.

What psychics can do for you, if you are sick, is to guide you to self-healing. They can help you realign your chakras so the negative energy, such as grief, sadness, envy, jealousy, stress. Allowing your energy to flow freely again, and in result, will bring better well-being for you.

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Psychic ability: Mind control

Movie: “The Men Who Stare at Goats” (2009)

Starring: George Clooney, Ewan McGregor

The movie:

“The Men Who Stare at Goats” is a dark comedy war film, based on the non-fiction book of the same title, by Jon Ronson. The book depicts the efforts of the United States Army in the exploration of new tactical technologies and techniques, including the use of psychic and paranormal activities, to weaponize them. While the movie is indeed based on the book, the events and the characters depicted in the film are entirely fictional.

The characters and their elements were also loosely inspired by real-life spies, along with popular psychic spies. Despite the characters and events in the film being fictional, the film managed to keep the main idea of the book, and this included the alleged ability of some soldiers, to walk through walls and kill goats, and making their hearts stop by just by staring at them.

In reality:

Psychic abilities, such as what was depicted in the film, are not something that is unheard of. However, instead of asking if these “abilities” can be real, a much better question to ask yourself is: would it benefit you? Even if you did find someone who can make internal organs stop with just a stare or someone who can walk through walls, can it help you?

While there are real psychics who proclaim their abilities similar to what was shown in this film, these are not the kind of psychics who may be able to help you mentally and emotionally.


Psychic ability: Telekinesis

Movie: “Carrie” (2013)

Starring: Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore

The movie:

We all know who Carrie is. Based on one of the most popular creations of master storyteller Stephen King, Carrie is a shy and awkward teen who was raised by a religious zealot. A victim of bullying at school (and even outside of it), Carrie’s parents are unaware of her abilities to move objects with her mind, a psychic ability more commonly known as telekinesis. A fateful incident at school caused Carrie to unleash this ability to her schoolmates and everyone who comes her way.

In reality:

Though not as grand or dramatic as how it was portrayed in the film, telekinesis is very much real. There are indeed people who possess the ability to move, or more technically, exert external force towards a person or object without any physical contact. But rather, only that of the mind.

However, one question you must ask yourself again is this: how will telekinesis help you?

While this is a legitimate and real ability that some people possess, you should be more concerned if this ability will be of help to you. Unless what you need help with is moving objects around your house, then the services of someone with telekinesis may not be the perfect fit for what you need from a psychic.


Finding A Psychic To Help You


So, you are here looking for help from a psychic. Whatever your concern may be, you definitely will not need someone who can move objects, make light bulbs explode, or throw people against walls with their minds. And one thing you surely won’t need is someone who can stop heartbeats for you with just a stare.

What you need is a psychic who can give you a psychic reading. This is the kind of real psychic activity that can be the most beneficial to you.

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