How to Know If You Are a Psychic psychic

Everyone is born with psychic abilities, however, only some people are more naturally aware of them.

Have you experienced moments when you know, see, feel, or sense things, that are truly out of this world, filling you with a sense of wonder?

For instance, you may have made a random prediction that came true, seen unusual streaks of light, felt the presence of spirits or sensed that a certain person you just met would end up being someone important to you, or someone who was up to no good?

If you’ve encountered any of these things at one time or another, you may consider yourself as having psychic abilities. Yes, you’re probably a psychic!

In fact, most, if not all people, actually have abilities beyond the scope of our five senses. These abilities include telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition, and premonition. A psychic can have one or all of these abilities.

Some people choose to ignore these abilities, while others are doubtful, and some are scared – but they’re there, nevertheless.

Those who were born with a high degree of intuitive abilities and those who have developed such powers through willful practice are called psychics.


Knowing Your Psychic Powers


Do you want to find out what psychic abilities you possess? Discover the psychic in you by answering the following questions:

  • Have you ever felt your heart beating faster than usual, feeling that “something big” is about to happen to you or to someone else? And then, that something (an accident or a job promotion and the like) actually happened after some time?
  • Have you had an out-of-body experience while sleeping – as if you were floating in the air?
  • Have you met a person who you instantly liked or disliked without a word being said?
  • Have you been to a house where you either felt light, heavy, happy, sad, relaxed, or tired?
  • Have you experienced suddenly seeing flashes of images, which were strange to you? Or have you ever seen flashes of the faces of people who have passed away or who live in distant places?
  • Have you ever seen spirits or ghosts?
  • Have you experienced seeing a vision of yourself in a past life?
  • Have you ever heard voices whispering in your ear calling your name or making other sounds?
  • Have you ever had a vivid dream where you saw yourself in the company of people you have never met?
  • Can you read what’s on the mind of some people and feel their emotions?
  • Have you ever found yourself giving wise words of advice to console a friend – wise words that came out of the blue?
  • Do you see the auras of people, which are the layers of colors that surround them?

If you have answered “yes” to any or most or all of these questions, then you can consider yourself a psychic.


Here’s What You Can Do


Discovering the psychic in you is a huge, huge blessing!

Not all people have these abilities. These are gifts given to you by the Universe. Don’t fear having them. Welcome them with open arms. They will serve you well and open up dimensions that many people may never be privileged to see.

Don’t dismiss your psychic abilities as just the work of your hyperactive imagination. Anybody can imagine things, but only a psychic can really see, feel, and experience things from other dimensions.

However, don’t immediately declare yourself as having supernatural powers at the first apparent indication of your psychic abilities. Approach your discovery of a particular ability with a healthy dose of skepticism. For instance, did you really see a “spirit” outside your home one night? Could it be just the effects of wind or light or some other physical object?


How to Develop Your Psychic Powers


Take time to study and develop your psychic abilities. They’re just like any other ability that needs study and practice, just like learning how to drive a car or play chess. Tune in to the energies inside yourself to discover more of your psychic abilities.

When trying to develop your psychic abilities, don’t force it or resort to unnatural ways for manifesting these abilities. Make sure you are in a healthy state, both body and mind, to be receptive to manifesting your intuitive powers. Never take drugs or supplements, whether natural or chemical, that will affect your mind in a desperate effort to “see things.”

Don’t doubt your psychic abilities, and relax when you feel like you can only do so much. The fact that you’re reading this article is already a sign that you have latent psychic powers. Otherwise, you would not have taken interest in reading this.

Keep on trying to develop your psychic abilities. Pay attention to all the events that happen in your life, even the smallest ones, and check if you manifested your abilities in their occurrence.


Broaden Your Understanding of Your Psychic Abilities


Understand that the extent and depth of psychic abilities vary from person to person. Some have strong and innate psychic abilities that can’t be matched by others. Some can easily manifest one ability, say telepathy, but not another.

Don’t get frustrated or discouraged if the manifestation of your psychic abilities is inconsistent – sometimes you can make accurate predictions, but sometimes your prediction won’t happen. That’s just natural. You can’t expect these powers to manifest in your life 24/7.

The workings of the Universe are so complex for our human mind to understand in full. We are just being given glimpses of the powers hidden inside us. Have fun discovering those powers! Learn new things as you explore your abilities.


Use Your Powers Only for the Good of People


Most important of all, we have to be mindful that the use of our psychic abilities can only work for our benefit if we use them to help other people and to bring goodness into this world. These powers may backfire on us if we use them for purposes that may cause harm to others or invite the forces of darkness in our midst.


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