Ascended Masters and How They Can Help You ascended masters

Ascended Masters are highly realized souls who lived in the past and have achieved high spiritual realization.

If you’re facing a serious problem—say, you’re trapped inside a burning building—and no one around seems capable of helping you, who do you call? Your spouse? Children? Parents? Brothers? Sisters? Best friends perhaps? Service providers?

Sure, these people would be more than willing to immediately offer you their assistance. But the question is, are you sure they can truly help you solve your problem? They may exert their very best effort, but since they can only do so much, you can never be sure that they can bail you out of trouble.

Never fear and never lose hope, though. You always have direct access to spiritual beings, known as Ascended Masters, who can rescue you from any tight situation.

Don’t dismiss them as just figments of some people’s imagination, like the Avengers or the Justice League. They’re absolutely real and more powerful than Thor or Superman. You may not see them, but they’ll be with you nonetheless – if you call them.


Who are the Ascended Masters and How They Can Help You?


To be able to understand who the Ascended Masters are, you must first come to grips with the basic principles of karma, reincarnation, and ascension.


Understanding Karma


Karma is simply the universal law of cause and effect. In physics, it’s called Newton’s Third Law, which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Any single act you do triggers a series of events springing from that action.

Those events, whether good or bad, come back to you—not just later on in your present life but also in your future life, after you reincarnate. You reap what you sow.

The never-ending process of doing something and then facing the consequences of that action is called the karmic cycle. Not all the consequences of the actions you take in the here and now may manifest in your present life. After your physical death, you will have to deal with your karmic debt – or the remaining consequences of the actions from your previous lifetime.

If you hurt people in your present life, be ready to pay back your karmic debt in your next life. You can settle the debt and balance the scale in your next life, by showing love, kindness, and compassion, to the people around you.


Understanding Reincarnation


Don’t think of reincarnation as the reanimation of people after they die, just like the zombies in the “The Walking Dead.” Reincarnation is being reborn again, physically, after one’s biological death. This happens because we need to settle our karmic debt. As long as this debt remains, we continue to reincarnate.


Understanding Ascension


Ascension is like scaling the summit of Mt. Everest. When you reach this highest state of being, your karmic cycle is finished, as all your karmic debt will have been paid. This means you will no longer reincarnate into a physical form. When you attain this level, you will merge with your Higher Self, become fully enlightened, and wield enormous powers.


The Ascended Masters Revealed


Those extraordinary spiritual beings who used to be just like us, but who have reached the level of ascension, are called the Ascended Masters. They have no more karmic debt to pay and are no longer subject to physical reincarnation. They join Spirit Guides or Angels in their lofty spiritual realm.

Unlike other spiritual beings, however, the Ascended Masters have the power to reach out and help people when they are summoned. With their great powers and mastery of the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of human life, their role in the Universe is to guide people in their present lives, onto the road to ascension. This means that essentially we all are training to become Ascended Masters ourselves.

The Ascended Masters are always ready and willing to help us in our hour of need. They serve as our spiritual guides, healers, teachers, and problem solvers. We can always turn to them to help solve our problems and make us grow into the person we aspire to be, in order to achieve our highest potential.

The names of the most famous Ascended Masters should ring a bell—Jesus Christ, Buddha, Confucius, and Krishna, among many others.

Christians regard Jesus Christ as the God of all mankind. That’s how they view him, and we should have no quarrel with that. But he is an Ascended Master, without a doubt. Even during his mortal life on earth, Jesus already showed his immense powers and great humanity.

He healed the sick, walked on water, restored a dead man to life, and performed other amazing miracles. He taught and practiced unconditional love, welcomed everyone to his fold, and reached out to those in need of help.

He is even more powerful now that he has ascended to heaven.

You can call on him anytime and ask for help in whatever problems you’re facing. Just be sincere and honest when you call out his name to seek his help.

You can also seek the assistance of other Ascended Masters, such as Buddha if you want to put an end to your physical suffering and achieve enlightenment.

You may turn to Confucius if you want to attain peace of mind and harmonize your relationship with your family and others around you.

If you want to rid your mind of emotional turmoil, you can turn to Krishna for help.


How to Seek the Help of Ascended Masters


So, how then can you reach out to these Ascended Masters to seek their help? You don’t need to use the phone, email, or social media, to connect with them. All you have to do is call one of them by name in your mind and fervently ask for their guidance and assistance. Place your complete trust in them. Never waver in your belief.

They may not respond right away. But they will, in due time. These Ascended Masters can be your BFF—best friends forever, in the truest sense of the word. They can even appear to you in your dreams, while you’re having a psychic reading, or while you’re meditating.

You may hear their voice in your inner ear, advising you what to do to solve your problem. You can see or feel their presence anywhere you are, even if you don’t expect it.

To help you stay connected to them firmly, you can carry their images with you in your wallet, in your car, or as the pendant around your neck.


How an Ascended Master Can Manifest in Your Life


You’ll know that you’re in the presence of an Ascended Master when you feel like you’re being drenched by radiantly pouring light and your whole body trembles with strong emotions of love. The intensity of your encounter with an Ascended Master depends on how open your mind is to receiving this high-level spiritual energy.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel their presence right away after you call them. No, they’re not busy attending to other clients. These Ascended Masters are omnipotent and omnipresent, meaning they’re everywhere and can manifest themselves multiple times and to all the people who call on them for help.

All you need to do to establish a firm connection with an Ascended Master is to energize your spirit by focusing your mind on them. Using their symbols and images can help in setting up your direct link to them.

Simply open your mind and your heart to the Ascended Master you’re most comfortable with and trust in their power to bring you spiritual healing and awakening. They will be with you—and stay with you to guide you for the rest of your life.

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