Ascended Masters: Who They Are And What They Do ascended master

The Ascended Masters were given a unique understanding of the world, and their can pass on this understanding to those who are ready to hear their teachings and messages.

Ascended Masters are humans who learned all of their earthly lesson and achieved spiritual enlightenment.

Free from the shackles of the physical world, these divine beings now serve humanity by teaching us how to succeed on the path of spiritual development and growth.

To break out of the karmic cycle and achieve ascension, you need to settle all of your karmic debts. You, me, and every other person in the world will keep coming back to Earth, going through life after life, until we finally balance all the karma we have accumulated through our different lifetimes.

Ultimately, ascension is the goal that your soul is working towards.

Since Ascended Masters have worked through their karmic cycles and mastered life on Earth through numerous reincarnations, which led them to reach ascension, Ascended Masters are now capable of guiding you in fulfilling your greatest spiritual potential.

You may recognize a number of Ascended Masters, because many of them are linchpins of modern religions, as well as millenia-old philosophical and spiritual schools of thought.

Some of the most well-known Ascended Masters include Moses, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Ghandi, and Apollo, among others. Each and every one of these masters are ready and willing to help everyone, not just the religious. So, never hesitate to reach out to them!


Finally Ascending From Human Life


Before getting to know the Ascended Masters, it’s important to know about the process of ascension, which is the next step for humans who have moved on from their karmic cycle. When you ascend, you become one with your Higher Self and you no longer have to come back to Earth in a physical form.

Since Ascended Masters have achieved ascension, Ascended Masters exist in the same realm as other spiritual entities, such as guardian angels and spirit guides. However, since they lived as humans with first-hand experience dealing with the struggles of the karmic cycle, these masters relate much more closely to your earthly struggles and frustrations.

Most of the Ascended Masters lived through several lifetimes before their ascension, but there are also a handful of individuals who only needed a single lifetime on Earth to ascend. Each master has distinct characteristics and all of them are happy to help you if you reach out to them in times of need and hopelessness.

But what exactly do these Ascended Masters do and how can they help you?


Ascended Masters Guide And Protect You


To guide you towards enlightenment, Ascended Masters will lead, support, and help you learn the same lessons that they also learned when they walked the Earth.

The Ascended Masters are the greatest teachers you will ever find, even when they’re not physically with you. With their remarkable lives, they have forged the ideal path to enlightenment.

While each Ascended Master are masters of different schools of thought, they all teach the same things: love, forgiveness, compassion, joy, and the knowledge that you are a part of the universe and the universe is a part of you.

When you are grieving or in despair, you can seek relief and healing from these masters and when you are scared, you can ask for comfort and courage. Sometimes, you may even need help with something as simple as asking for a boost in creativity when you find your mind blocked or uninspired.

In many cases, these masters show up in your life when you are going through important changes and milestones on your spiritual journey and you need a little guidance.

Whether they appear in their physical form or make their presence known to you with an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love, with their gentle hand, you’ll find yourself nudged towards the right direction.

Many of the Ascended Masters are part of your spirit guide team, but it’s important to note that some spirit guides stay in your life throughout your entire lifetime, such as guardian angels.

Ascended Masters are fewer in number, so they work the way Archangels do and take care of a greater population instead of just focusing on a single person.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Ascended Masters won’t help you if you ask for their help. These enlightened beings want nothing more than to help you reach your greatest potential, especially once you learn to connect with them.


How To Connect With Ascended Masters


The most effective way to communicate with Ascended Masters is by having a psychic reading with a psychic medium who has a strong connection with the spirit realm.

By tapping the help of a psychic who can actually “talk” to spirits, you can receive the messages from these masters clearly and directly. During a reading, you’ll be able to gain great insights and advice for whatever you need help with.

Besides attending a psychic reading, there are also other ways you can build a stronger relationship with the Ascended Masters, such as thinking about them throughout the day and learning more about their lives and teachings during their time here on Earth.

You can also pick up a book about the specific Ascended Master you are trying to connect with and immerse yourself in their light and wisdom. You can also talk with people who are knowledgeable about their works, so you can gain a deeper understanding of their lives.

The more you know about these ascended beings, the more illuminated you will become about the path of ascension that lies ahead of you.

Images are another tool you can use to connect with the Ascended Masters, either by carrying an image of them as you go about your daily life, or by adding a statue, image, or representation of them in your residence. Some Ascended Masters even have jewelry or medallions, which is an easy way to keep them close to you everyday.

Regular prayer and meditation focusing on the Ascended Masters are also excellent methods to reach out to them. In some instances, they will show up as you engage in these spiritual practices. You may even get to see them in your dreams occasionally!

If you’d like to connect with an Ascended Master, an Ascended Master reading will give you divine guidance and wisdom from the Ascended Masters. To schedule this very special reading, visit my website and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, or call my office at 614-444-6334


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