Auras For Beginners: The Aura And How Can You See It? Part 1 human aura

The human aura is a glowing energy that emits from and surrounds the human body.

Every living and inanimate thing has an aura – people, animals, plants, and even rocks. But what is the aura? Can you really see it?

Yes, being able to see someone’s aura can show you more than words can say. The most beautiful thing about the aura is it never lies.

So, today, you’re going to learn about this energetic field and how you can see them.

People are made of energy and their energy frequencies produce energetic fields around them. The field that surrounds our physical body is called the human aura, which usually radiates between 6 to 18 inches around our bodies. To see auras, you must have a full understanding of how energy feels in your body.


How You Can See Auras?


How to see auras can be challenging. You may have noticed that sometimes you might see them, but then you can’t. So, how can you really see them?

Take a look at these effective tips below that can strengthen your aura vision.

1. Become More Aware Of Energy

First, you must pay attention to how energy feels in your body. Once you are able to do this, you can now try to focus on how you feel when you’re around a loved one or friend. Then ask yourself these questions:

“Is they energy inviting so I can feel cherished or loved?” or

“Do they drain your energy?”

Breathe in slowly and seek an honest answer to these questions. It is this physical reaction that you start to honor that will help you best in understanding people that you meet.

2. Auras Are Seen Easier From Your Periphery

It is rare for a person to see an aura. Since humans are biological instruments, we process and filter different kinds of information, which also affects our direct vision. To see auras easier, stare at one spot for about 30 to 60 seconds, then soften your gaze. Notice the things beyond your direct sight to enhance your periphery vision.

Remember not to stress yourself when strengthening your gaze. Doing so will trigger anxiety and can hinder you from achieving your goal.

3. Colors Are Essential

Colors can greatly help you in mastering your skill for reading auras. To improve your aura sight, go to a neutral-colored room and play with objects with bright colors. A great way is to tape the colors on the wall to practice your periphery vision.

Close your eyes, breathe in and ask the colors to appear to you. Look at the colors and soften your gaze slowly as if you’re looking through them. Take note of the field outside the colors. You will then start to notice a pale and shimmering color starting to come out.

As you become more confident with single-colored objects, you can slowly add multi-colored ones to enhance your vision.

4. Read the Aura Of Another Living Thing

Plants are considered the most loving earth allies. So, when practicing with colors it would really help if you start with plants.

When you’re ready to read the aura of another person, make sure to ask their permission first. This is to give you access to their auras. Also, this is the polite thing to do, so both of you can have clear boundaries.

To do this, ask them to stand between 14 to 18 inches in front of you. Make sure that they are in front of a neutral background. First, gaze at the wall first and then ask the aura to appear to you and take note of both your vision and sense of colors.

When you achieve this connection, ask the person to slowly move to check if you can see the same colors.

But, do auras change? Well, yes. To try it out by playing a person’s favorite music and see if the colors change.

5. Practice Deliberately 

Once you have improved your skills with others, try reading your own aura. This is a bit more challenging but it will greatly help in enhancing your intuitive abilities. Do this in a peaceful place.

First, rub your hands gently to stimulate the energy in your hands. This will activate the “Aka,” which refers to the stickiness or magnetic sensation you feel. According to the Egyptians, the Aka is the invisible strand that produces matter.

Focus on your palms and check if there is a sense of color in them. It can feel like either fog or mist, but either way, your senses of colors will validate and strengthen your aura visions.

There are different aura colors, which we are going to tackle next time. It’s important to understand the meanings of these colors so you can have a better understanding of the aura of another.

Do you have more questions about auras? Or do you need help in reading your own? Click here now to schedule an appointment with me so I can give you more guidance on the answers you seek.


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