The Different Colors Of The Human Aura And What They Mean human aura

The aura is the egg-shaped electromagnetic energy field that surrounds people.

The human aura is an energy field surrounding you, a luminous reflection of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state, at the present moment.

The aura is always shifting, dancing in different hues and intensity, with each color an indication of your overall well-being and state of mind. This energy field doesn’t lie or omit anything, so if you can see auras, you’ll be able to get a much better sense of how another person is doing than you would by asking them point blank.

While an aura is seldom a single block of color, there is usually one color that stands out from the myriad of different shades that light up your energy field. Bright colors signify a joyful and positive state, while darker, muddier shades are often a sign that things aren’t going too well in your life right now.

Get acquainted with the usual hues that show up in the human aura and learn what each one means about your well-being and personality.


Yellow: Joyful, Confident Living


Notice how the color yellow brightens the mood and lifts the spirits, whether it’s a yellow shirt you wear when you’re feeling particularly cheery or yellow walls at that charming café in your neighborhood. This color just exudes happiness, so when someone tells you that your aura is primarily yellow, that means you’re life is going pretty great at the moment.

A yellow aura means that you’re happy, emotionally and spiritually, with a great deal of optimism, positive energy, and creativity. Those who constantly have a vibrant yellow aura tend to be warm, easygoing, and intelligent.

Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, which is the center for confidence and self-worth, so if yellow is the brightest color in your aura, it means your confidence is thriving.


Green: A Healing Energy From Within


Green, the color of the heart chakra and love, is a calm and restorative color, so people who have a predominantly green auric energy field are nurturing and great healers. If you’re one of these people, you might be in the process of positive healing, as well.

Since this hue is closely linked to the heart chakra, a green aura means you’re operating from this chakra with plenty of love, compassion, and warmth, in your life at the moment. Empaths’ auras are often green, so when yours is green as well, it means you have a great amount of empathy for the people around you.


Blue: Incredible Intuition


This is another color that’s tranquil and relaxing, so when your aura radiates blue, your energy radiates with these feelings. A blue aura reflects a person who is calm and well-balanced with a strong connection to spirituality.

Those with blue auras are also usually exceptionally sensitive, having such high intuition that they eventually develop clairvoyant abilities. Like green, blue is closely associated with healing, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.

Blue is the color of the throat chakra, which is the energy center for communication and self-expression. If your auric energy is mostly blue, this means this chakra is dominant and you value honesty, human interaction, and self-expression.


Red: Passion And Intensity In Your Life


Red has long been associated with passion, so it’s no wonder that when it shows up in your aura, it conveys strength, intensity, and energy. It’s the color of the root chakra, so its prominence in your aura suggests the dominance of this chakra in you, too.

A reddish aura is representative of a strong connection to the physical world, with great interest on adventure, living in the moment, and practical pursuits. Desire and sensuality also fall under this hue, so sexually charged individuals will often have a lot of red in their auras.

It’s important to watch out, though. When your aura turns into darker and murkier shades of red, this means that you are channeling your intensity into negative feelings, such as violence, anger, and resentment.


Pink: You Love Love And Affection


Pink is actually a shade of red, so a person with a pink aura will share some of the same characteristics with someone who has a red aura. The difference is, since pink is a lighter and brighter hue, this aura is gentler and more playful than the smoldering intensity of a red aura. Along with green, it is a color that’s linked with the heart chakra.

When your aura is pink, you believe nothing is more important than love, affection, and deep human connections. You embrace vulnerability and sensitivity, which are necessary to create lasting relationships and you’re willing to give your unconditional love freely. Many artists have pink auras due to their incredible imagination and creativity.


Gold: Ultimate Enlightenment


Golden auric energy signifies a state of enlightenment that all man hope to achieve. It means that you’ve achieved a higher spiritual evolution, drawing wisdom and protection from your close connection with the Divine.

When you have a gold aura, you feel unbelievably inspired by the universe and you’re unafraid to shoot for the stars when it comes to the pursuits you set your mind to. Generosity, selflessness, and calmness, are traits of anyone with this shining aura.

A gold aura is quite rare, but it’s what you want your aura to be!


White: Pure, Innocent Spirit


Another overwhelmingly positive, yet rare auric color, is white, which represents complete purity of spirit. Babies start out with this color, but there are adults who also radiate with this color, especially those who are particularly close with the spiritual world.

When your aura is white, negative thoughts and feelings do not affect your state of mind. People with this color are naturally selfless and protective of others who are less fortunate and more vulnerable then they are.

A white aura can also indicate divine protection, such as a spirit guide guarding you closely at the moment.


Black: Darkness That Needs To Be Addressed


The complete opposite of a white aura is a black one, which is a negative color that indicates darkness within the person.

No, it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad or evil person if you have a predominantly black aura. However, it does mean that there is a need to work through the negative thoughts and feelings that are clouding your mind and spirit right now.

Grief is one of the most common reasons behind a black aura, so those who have lost a loved one will often have a lot of black in their energy field.

Depression and loneliness also cause darkness to overwhelm the aura, as well as an inability to forgive and high stress.

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