Auras For Beginners: The Different Aura colors? Part 2 colors of the aura

The colors of the aura can reveal information about your thoughts, feelings, and dreams.

As people are unique, there is a range of aura colors with different meanings and you can tell a lot about a person by reading their aura. In the previous post, we talked about the basics of auras. So today, you’re going to learn about the different colors of the aura.


The Aura Colors And Their Meaning


The different aura colors provide information about a person’s dreams, thoughts, and feelings. The colors can be light or dark and they can be dim or vivid. Let’s take a look at them below:


Rainbow Auras

In general, rainbow auras are seen as fragments of colorful lights, just like a sunburst. People who have a rainbow aura are:

  • All kinds of healers, particularly those who work with energy fields of people.
  • People who regularly meditate and are dedicated to having a strong connection with the divine.
  • Those who want to achieve enlightenment also have rainbow auras.


White Auras

White auras are considered so special that they are often seen in babies and children. They are so special that the color white is one of the rare aura colors. These auras are considered pure without any corruption. White auras can also be seen in highly spiritual people.


Orange Auras

One of the most common aura colors is orange. People who have orange auras are those that radiate vibrancy, warmth, joy, and happiness. They have balance in their spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional selves. The orange color is connected to energies of lovemaking and ambition. Therefore, the orange aura means good health and vitality.


Yellow Auras

Generally, yellow auras are linked with positive things. These things can be spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental. If you have a yellow aura, it means that you are in a good place, such as a feeling of freedom and joy.


Red Auras

Red auras are among the most powerful colors and represent the life force and blood. They can either be positive or negative, depending on the color range. Usually, a red aura means the person is very strong in the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects. A person who has this aura color sometimes means that they are very competitive. They can also be very passionate and have high appetites for sex.


Green Auras

Green auras are typically connected to nature, and people with green auras are dedicated to helping others. They are usually found in healers, teachers, and others who serve the public. Often, green auras are also linked to calmness and coolness, as well as comfort and health.


Blue Auras

Blue auras represent the throat, particularly the thyroid. Aura energies that are blue also indicate that the person is intuitive and helpful. If your aura is royal blue, it most likely means that you are clairvoyant or have highly spiritual intuitions.


Purple Auras

Purple auras are connected with the nervous system, pineal gland, and the pituitary gland. They also mean that people who have these aura energies are enlightened, creative, and have a lot of ideas. Purple aura energies are also believed to be associated with cleansing and healing.


Gold and Silver Auras

Gold and silver auras are positive auras that are viewed as spiritual vibrations. The color silver signifies abundance, meaning that silver auras mean spiritual and physical wealth. Meanwhile, having a gold aura is extra special. If you have this aura, it means that divine entities, such as angels, are protecting you.


Black Auras

Having a black aura means the person is holding on to bad and negative feelings. In extreme cases, people having black auras means malicious spirits have attached to them. In some cases, a person developing a black aura signifies that they could be victims of a psychic attack.


Other Negative Colors of the Aura

There are also other negative aura colors apart from black. A gray aura means there are blocked energy fields. A person with a grey aura does not trust anyone or anything. Meanwhile, a dark or murky brown aura means the person is afraid to move on or let go.

Hopefully, this post has helped you learn more about the different aura colors. Do you have more questions or want to learn more about your aura? You can click here to schedule an Aura Consultation with me and I will help and guide you with all your questions and concerns.


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