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Clairsentients often get overwhelmed in crowded areas because they are highly sensitive to the energy of their surroundings.

“I feel you.”

While this expression usually means “I understand” or “I can relate to what you’re saying,” other people can actually “feel” what another person is feeling. And if you are one of these people, you may be clairsentient.

If you have clairsentience, take a look at the best psychic secrets that can help you strengthen your abilities. But first, let’s look at what clairsentience is.

What Is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience means “clear feeling”. It is the ability to strongly sense the feelings and emotions of other people, without using the five senses.

It’s like knowing how a person feels even without seeing them or spending time with them. Having clairsentience means being able to pick up messages that may be in the form of emotions, intuition, or gut feelings.

Signs You Are A Clairsentient

You may be clairsentient if you have or experience the following:

You can sense other people’s feelings

You know when your friend feels sad or anxious even when they’re trying to hide their true feelings behind their smile. You know if your loved ones had a terrible day, even when they don’t tell you. You feel other people’s feelings without interacting closely or even looking at them.

You can sense energy in a space or room

For example, you walk into a room and you suddenly know that something happened in that room, like a big argument or fight.

As a clairsentient, you can easily pick up on a ‘vibe’ of the place, even if it’s your first time there.

You may also feel the presence of spirits since spirits are made of energy. You may feel that someone else is in the room with you without actually hearing or seeing them.

You can feel someone’s pain

A clairsentient can feel another person’s pain and may even experience the same pain. For example, if your spouse has stomach problems, so you might be feeling something in your own tummy as well.

You are able to sense danger

You may have a strange feeling that something bad will happen, and find out later that there’s an accident involving someone you know.

You have strong instincts or gut feelings about people, places, things, or situations

Have you ever experienced seeing a person for the first time and suddenly you just knew what kind of person they are?

If you have ever warned a friend that her new boyfriend is bad news, or you stayed away from someone because you had a feeling that their intentions were not good, then you may be clairsentient.

Clairsentients usually have sudden instincts that appear out of nowhere, warning them or telling them about the person, place, thing, or situation they encounter.

If you have these abilities, congratulations! You may be a gifted clairsentient. And for you to further develop your special gift, here are some best psychic secrets that can help you make the most out of your clairsentient abilities.

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How To Strengthen Your Clairsentient Abilities

How To Strengthen Your Clairsentient Abilities

How To Strengthen Your Clairsentient Abilities

Pay attention and focus on your surroundings by focusing on what’s around you.

Since being a clairsentient means you are sensitive to your environment, make sure your space is not cluttered or messy.

This is because a cluttered environment can affect your thoughts. Clean your home and invite positive energy into your space.

When you focus on your environment, you can better tune into the energies surrounding you.

You can also practice psychometry, which is the ability to sense or “read” the background or history of an object or thing by touching it. You can even sense the energy of the object and “feel” some information about the owner.

You can try these steps to practice psychometry:

Choose an object you can use to practice psychometry. You can ask your friend to give you an object, such as jewelry or anything that is sentimental.

1. Close your eyes and slowly touch the object.

2. Try to feel the energy coming from the object.

3. Tune in to any emotions or insights you “feel” about the object and its owner.

Learn To Balance Your Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra is an energy center that corresponds to your emotions. When your heart chakra is balanced, you can strengthen your clairsentience abilities.

A balanced chakra allows energy to flow through your body smoothly, and this is important when you’re trying to develop your psychic abilities.

To balance your heart chakra, you can do yoga or meditate. You can also do things that make you happy and relaxed, such as doing your favorite hobby or walking on the beach because the fresh ocean air can help you have a balanced heart chakra!

You can also meditate because meditation puts you in a relaxed state, and this can raise your energy vibration. It helps you connect to your Higher Self and to the energy of other people.

Make sure you choose a quiet and comfortable place to meditate., then sit on the floor and take deep breaths, while trying to loosen any tight muscles.

Next, set your intention to strengthen your clairsentient abilities. Focus on your abilities and be open to receiving messages.

When you meditate regularly, you’ll find your clairsentience improving because having a relaxed mind is important for feeling and sensing other people’s energy and feelings.

Meditation helps you to tune into your own energy and you can start by acknowledging how you feel emotionally, physically, and mentally.

This helps you develop your clairsentient abilities because it makes you more sensitive to your own feelings and emotions, allowing you to be able to distinguish your own energy from the energy of other people.

Clairsentient Abilities

Talk To Your Spirit Guides And Ask For Their Help

Your Spirit Guides have been with you from the moment you were born, so no one knows you better than your guides. You can ask them to help you strengthen your clairsentience and guide you, so that you can use your abilities to help others.

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Being clairsentient is a gift, and just like any other abilities that you already have, you just need to learn how to strengthen and develop them.

By using these best psychic tips to strengthen your clairsentience, you can enjoy using your special gift to help improve not only your own life but other people’s lives as well.

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