Best Psychic Tips to Clear Your Home Of Negative Energy negative energy

By cleaning the negative energy in your home, you will notice how much more calm and peaceful it will feel.

We all want a bright and beautiful home. Our house is an extension of ourselves, and we want it to always be happy and positive. But sometimes, there is a build-up of negative energy in our living space.

Before I talk about some best psychic tips to remove bad energy in your home, let me explain what negative energy is and what causes it.


What Is Negative Energy?


Negative energies are energies that interfere with your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual well-being. These energies are created by negative emotions, such as anger, anxiety, and depression, stress, or bad experiences.

Negative energy can accumulate in your home and it can cause anxiety and depression. It can also cause problems in your home such as the strained relationships between family members, disorder, or even illness.

Have you ever noticed times when your family members seemed to constantly fight, criticize each other, or complain about everything? Or have you ever not felt well without any specific reason?

These things may be caused by negative energies in your home.

The good news is you can remove negative energy in your house. Take a look at these best psychic tips to get rid of the bad energy in your home.


How to Remove Negative Energies from Your Home


Your intentions have to be clear. Think in your mind that you want to clear out the bad energy in your house and let the positive energy flow in.

You can spend some time in each room of your house and mentally set your intentions.

Fresh air also helps clear out bad energy, so you have to open your windows and allow fresh air to come through. Stagnant air is suffocating, so you have to let fresh airflow into your home.

If there is not enough space to breathe or move, energy gets blocked. It’s the same when there are areas or things in your house that may have gathered dust.

Energy can be retained in the dust and may cause physical, mental, or spiritual blocks.

Clean those areas and throw out the things you no longer use or need. Clean your house, because a messy space can also make you feel stressed and tired.

Similar to decluttering, rearranging your furniture can also help clear bad energy from your home. You can switch a few pieces around or totally change the arrangement of all the furniture in your house.

Doing this is an inexpensive way to also freshen up your living space and invite positive energy in.

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Broken things can retain negative energy, so fix any broken things, or better yet, remove them from your home.

Also, burning incense has been historically used as a spiritual and meditation practice. It helps create a quiet and serene atmosphere.

It also smells good, makes your house feel pleasant, and brightens your house.

Some scents you can use are frankincense, which can dispel negativity and purify objects, eucalyptus, which can protect you from negative energies, and lavender, which attracts peace and harmony and can help you relax.

Other Cleansing Techniques

Lighting sage is a popular Native American technique that helps remove bad energy. The smoke cleanses and purifies the air.

Here’s a “smudging” technique that you can try:

Open your doors and windows so that negative energy can leave your house. Light the sage and blow on it to create smoke.

You can then walk around with your smudge stick and let the smoke drift towards the different areas in your house.

You can start at your front door and then work your way around your house.

You can also say a mantra for deeper cleansing.

Essential oil also has the power to clear negative energy and also improve your mood. Some examples of essential oils that you can use to remove bad energy are lavender and rose.

You can make your own oil spray by using a clean spray bottle. Put some water into the bottle and then add some drops of oil.

You can spray this to the different areas in your home to remove bad energy.

Using salt is another way you can help clear the negative energy in your home. Salt absorbs negative energy!

So, sprinkle or pour some salt into the four corners of your rooms. Let it sit for 2 days before sweeping the salt and throwing it away in the trash.

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How To Protect Your Home From Negative Energy


It’s not enough to just get rid of negative energy in your home. Here are some psychic tips to best protect your home from negative energy.

Crystals hold different energies, and there are some crystals that are perfect for protecting your home against bad or negative energies.

Black Tourmaline absorbs negativity and prevents it from coming to you. It also has the power to repel bad energy and send it back to where it came from.

If you put it in your home, it can remove energy blockage. It also helps you feel more comfortable in your home.

Another crystal that you can use is the black Obsidian, which can also ward off negative energy. It can purify your environment and shield you from negative energy.

It’s best to put it in the middle of your living room.

Plants not only make your home beautiful but bringing some plants into your home can also raise the vibrations in it, increasing the positive energy in your living space.

Plants can also help keep energy clear and can purify the oxygen in your home.

When the energy is balanced, your home feels even more peaceful and alive! Let me guide you on cleansing your home the right way! Click here now to schedule a reading!

When you follow these best psychic tips to clear your home of negative energy, you will be able to invite in more positive energy and experience happiness and harmony in your life.


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