How To Stop A Psychic Attack From Wreaking Havoc In Your Life psychic attack

A psychic attack happens when someone deliberately sends dark or negative energy toward a person or place.

It’s difficult to cope with dangers that you can see and hear, but it’s even more challenging to deal with the ones that you can’t see and hear, like psychic attacks.

Psychic attacks are basically negative energy sent from one person to another with the intention of doing harm. This is usually caused by strong negative emotions, such as jealousy, anger, envy, and bitterness.

While psychic attacks can be sent either consciously or unconsciously, they usually escalate and becomes extremely dangerous for the targeted person.

If you think you are the victim of a psychic attack, it’s crucial that you learn how to deal with this type of aggression towards you.


First, Watch Out For Signs Of A Psychic Attack


Before anything else, of course, it’s important to find out if you are actually suffering from a psychic attack. After all, a single bad day doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being harmed by negative energy. However, if you display several of the symptoms, chances are high that there is actually bad psychic energy linked to your misfortune.

For one, frequent bad luck, especially when it comes in threes, is a strong sign of a psychic attack. This string of mishaps can appear to be random, such as losing your mobile phone or getting pulled over on your way to an important meeting.

Nightmares can also be an indication of a psychic attack, especially if you suddenly begin having recurring night terrors focused on a specific person.

It’s also important to listen to your intuition if you suspect you are being targeted in a psychic attack. Sometimes, the symptoms are very subtle, such as the distinct feeling that you’re being watched or that there’s a dark cloud following you. Sometimes, you will even start seeing eerie shadows around you that weren’t there in the past.

You’ll also feel as if a great weight is on your shoulders, even when there isn’t something in your life that warrants it. Physical, mental, and emotional problems, will suddenly manifest, too, as well as constant fatigue in all aspects of your life.

Check in with your spirit guides as well, since your spiritual allies may be trying to warn you of the attack. Keep your senses open for messages from your guardian angels or reach out to them in your dreams, asking them if there is someone trying to harm you through negative psychic methods.


Raise Your Vibrations


When you raise your vibrations, you get to a frequency that cannot be reached by the lower vibrations that are causing you harm or pain. Meditation is an effective way to lift your vibrational energy, so you want to find the time to sit down and practice mindfulness daily.

Besides meditation, it’s important that you keep the things and conditions around you positive, so that you can raise your vibrational frequency. Being around a lot of negativity can keep you trapped in a cycle of negativity!

It’s also important to try and avoid “fighting fire with fire” and sending harmful thoughts, feelings, and energies, towards your attackers. Instead, send them loving energy with the intention of making them realize the darkness they are cultivating within.


Seek Help From The Spirit World


Since these attacks are coming from the spiritual plane, it’s good to seek out allies in this world that can warn you when harm is coming, steer you from danger, and protect you from the attacks. Of course, there’s no better entities to come to your aid than your spirit guides, who are constantly by your side.

Aside from your personal spirit guides, you can also reach out to Archangel Michael, since he is strongly associated with courage, strength, and protection. Talk to him in prayer and ask for his blessing in this time of danger.


Keep Your Distance From Toxic People In Your Life


Toxic people do not just lower your vibrations, but they also could be the source of the psychic attacks.

By distancing yourself from these people, you also take back their power over you and keep yourself from being affected by their words and actions against you. Even if you didn’t allow the attack to occur against you consciously, giving these toxic people your time and attention means that they have some amount of power over you.


Use Crystals To Ward Off The Attacks


Crystals are powerful objects that can bolster your own vibrations, so use these stones to create a protective shield around you at all times. Whether you wear them as jewelry or keep them in your pocket, having them on hand will help you ward off negative and dangerous energy.

There are many different crystals that boast protective properties, but one of the most powerful ones around is the Black Tourmaline. This is an extremely strong one stone for protection, putting up a boundary around your energy field, so that you won’t be bombarded by bad energies.

If you want to keep your entire home safe from unwanted vibrations, place a Black Tourmaline in the four corners of the house, so that the entire area is sealed under the crystal’s protection.

While it is one of the more popular stones around, the Black Tourmaline isn’t the only crystal that works to keep you safe. Another highly protective gemstone is the Black Obsidian, which is known to shine a light on the darkness in your life and clear it from your spirit.

Blue Kyanite is also a good crystal to keep in mind, since it is frequently used for psychic protection and it does not retain or absorb any negative energy.


Resolve Your Insecurities And Weaknesses


Although you may not be consciously aware of them, psychic attack works by attacking you in the weak spots of your life. All of your insecurities, fears, weaknesses, and anger, make you vulnerable and the most important thing is maintaining a strong and stable mind, body, and spirit.

So, begin working through your personal issues, especially the emotional ones that have taken root in your spirit. Recognize the problem areas inside of you and in your life, then address and heal them in a way that works for you, whether you prefer prayer, meditation, therapy, or something else entirely.

When you are strong, secure, and positive, the effects of psychic attacks on you will be minimal and temporary.

If you need help finding answers to your life’s questions, or suspect you are a vicitm of psychic attack, you can schedule a Psychic Consultation with me by clicking here, or calling my office at 614-444-6334.


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  1. I do agree with what you’re saying is it easier to heal from psychic attack from spirit or from toxic people ? Is it easier to not be set off if one person (me) lives in a calm loving accepting environment. Isn’t it much harder to be nice to someone who repeatedly attacks you and when you try to heal and meditate which is why they lower your vibration in the first place so there is no chance of it being raised and envy thin that becomes vulnerable becomes an attack- you’re right.Toxic people send their negativity or park their vehicles when there credibility doesn’t want to get caught These people are great con artists.I was brought up very naively to think most people are honest .Its gotten to a point where i barely made it through school , getting compensation for what i have done in order to get a sustainable career without doing manual labor. Where i live I’m not wanted my daughter and her boyfriend split up ,we fought over money and I wondered why I never really had a love that lasts-who could put up with all this without blaming or becoming someones victim and still love you through ll of it , its not just about financial, its my life I’m worried about, apt hunting is few and affordable when it comes to options.

  2. Esther Lugo says:

    I was attacked in my dreams not only did I manage to help myself I managed to help out unknown person. I’ve been researching it for 3 days now and can’t find out who and what happens to the other person when you fight back

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