A Powerful Chakra Cleansing Using Crystals

chakra cleansing

There are different crystals that can be used for chakra cleansing so you’ll have physical, spiritual, and emotional clarity.

Have you been dealing with stress, fatigue, or moodiness? Does it seem like no matter what you do those feelings won’t go away?

These symptoms could be related to blocked chakras and it’s a sign that you need a chakra cleansing.

I am going to show you how to cleanse your chakra blockages using different crystals.

What Do Chakras Do?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “spinning wheel”. Your chakras are like wheels of free-flowing positive energy. They are the energy points within you where energy can both enter and leave.

When your chakras are balanced, they are open, bright, and freely spinning. When they are blocked or imbalanced, they spin slowly, sluggish, dirty, and shrunken, which affects your feelings and will also have physical, mental, and spiritual implications.

That is why it’s really important to keep them free from blockages and balanced through chakra cleansing to achieve full harmony in physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Why You Need Chakra Cleansing

Blocked chakras cause a disruption in your energy field leading to various diseases and illnesses.

Here are some of the factors that cause your chakras to become unbalanced or blocked:

-Past experiences that you have not dealt with

-Fear and stress

-Obsessive thoughts

-Pent up emotions

According to Qudra Healing, the many issues we experience in our adult lives happen because we go through life with most of our chakras shut down. Here is why:

  • Most people shut down the top 3 chakras (crown, third eye, and throat) because of their parents’ and society’s disbelief in the spiritual aspects of life.
  • In people’s teen years, the heart chakra is shut down due to the pain and rejection they felt from their parents, schoolmates, and relationships. The solar plexus may shut also down when people feel forced into molds they don’t fit into.
  • By the time of adulthood, most of us have shut down every chakra, except the root chakra and sacral chakra. Even these two chakras can become blocked, causing greediness, impatience, lack of focus, depression, low energy, insecurity, jealousy, and fear.

Fortunately, balance can be restored, and you can reopen your chakras with the help of crystals.

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Selecting the Right Crystals for Your Blocked Chakras

Crystals have some of the highest vibrational frequencies on earth, and just being around them and attuning to their vibrations can have profound effects on your health and wellbeing. Each crystal has its own unique energetic properties and can be used for chakra cleansing.

Let’s take a look at the signs and symptoms that indicate a particular chakra is blocked and the crystals and stones that can be used to cleanse each particular chakra.

1. Root Chakra

This chakra can be found at the base of your spine. This chakra keeps your physical body become grounded and gives you a feeling of stability and security.

Symptoms that this chakra is blocked:

-Overwhelming stress

-Tiredness and feeling sluggish

-Financial fears and money issues

-Depression /Anxiety

-Lack of self-esteem

-Poor focus on work

-Lower back pain as a physical symptom.

Crystals to use to help cleanse the Root Chakra:

Shungite is highly protective and can assist you in staying grounded. It also protects your physical body from radiation

Black tourmaline can transform negative energy associated with the root chakra into positive energy

2. Sacral Chakra

It is the chakra located just below your belly button, right in the physical center of your body. It is the chakra that deals with passion, creativity, sexuality.

Symptoms that this chakra is blocked:

– Difficulty to find meaningful relationships

– Inability to feel joyful

– Any type of sexual dysfunction

– Trouble with creativity

Crystals to help cleanse the Sacral Chakra:

Amber is a warm, glowing stone that will inspire positivity, creativity, and even excitement in lovemaking.

Carnelian helps to stop unwanted or negative thoughts.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

This the third chakra that can be found two inches above your belly button and deals with self-confidence, standing in your own power, and moving forward.

Symptoms that this chakra is blocked:

– Feeling powerless over life and yourself

– Feelings of low self-worth

– Physical symptoms, like stomach pain.

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Crystals to use to help cleanse the Solar Plexus Chakra:

Tiger’s eye will aid you in establishing a sense of confidence within yourself and also helps with standing in your power.

Citrine will help restore and charge your energies.

4. Heart Chakra

This chakra is located at the center of your chest and deals with love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

Symptoms that this chakra is blocked:

– Feeling hurt over a relationship

– Intense sadness, feelings of loss

– Difficulty letting go of grudges

– Physical signs include chest pain or any kind of heart disease. 

Crystals to use to help cleanse the Heart Chakra:

Rose quartz helps promote compassion, appreciation, and soothing, calming feelings.

Amazonite is a stone representing knowledge and divine guidance. It will help in communication and in synchronizing your thoughts with the words you speak.

5. Throat Chakra

This can be found at the center of your neck. It is associated with self-expression, speaking your truth, and knowing your purpose in life.

Symptoms that this chakra is blocked:

– Voice loss

– Nasal problems, congestion, or a sore throat

– Thyroid problems

– Extreme shyness

– Habitual lying

Crystals to use to help cleanse the Throat Chakra:

Aquamarine is the most powerful stone for cleansing and stimulating your fifth chakra. It makes you feel courageous to speak up clearly and honestly.

Turquoise provides protection and strength that promotes leadership, communication, and mental relaxation.

6. Third Eye Chakra

This chakra is found on your forehead between your eyes. It is the center of intuition, wisdom, and your ability to think and make rational decisions.

Symptoms that this chakra is blocked:

  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Sinus headaches
  • Blurry vision (both physically and symbolically)
  • Difficulty making decisions – including simple ones

Crystals to use to help cleanse the Third Eye Chakra:

Amethyst is a stone that calms the mind and has the ability to provide emotional clarity.

Sodalite is a crystal of intellect and is used to intensify clarity of thought, concentration, and focus.

7. Crown Chakra

This chakra can be found on the top of your head. It is the highest chakra that represents your connection to the spiritual world and enlightenment.

Symptoms that this chakra is blocked:

-Feeling down

-Mental exhaustion,


-Physical signs include clumsiness and light sensitivity.

Crystals to use to help cleanse the Crown Chakra:

Clear quartz is a very versatile and powerful stone to have for any spiritual purpose. You can use it to help you overcome anything, and for unblocking communication with your spirit guides.

Herkimer Diamond is a stone that helps you access divine energies. It also helps to keep your Crown Chakra open and to aid in lucid dreaming.


4 Ways To Use Crystals For Chakra Cleansing

Here are four highly effective strategies for cleansing the chakras with crystals, which are simple to perform.

1. Place the stone on your body where the chakra is located

To do this, you may need the help of a friend. Simply lay down and place the chosen crystal on each chakra. You should start with the root chakra and work your way up to encourage the flow of energy.

2. Use Them While Sleeping

You can place the crystals under your pillow while you are sleeping, or next to you while you rest. You will start to feel their energy impacting your mind, body, and spirit, just by being in their presence.

3. Meditate With Crystals

Hold your chosen crystal in your hand, or you can also place it directly on your body where the chakra is located. Then meditate, visualizing the color of the stone, opening and cleansing the chakra. You can do this one-by-one, starting at the root chakra and working your way up.

4. Wear Crystals

You can place all seven crystals in your pocket or you can wear them as jewelry. You can wear a choker necklace for the throat chakra, or one that hangs lower for your heart chakra.

Chakra cleansing using crystals helps your chakras become balanced and aligned, giving you mental and emotional clarity.

Once you notice an imbalance or blockage, you can turn to your chakra healing crystals to bring your body and your mind back to the perfect balance.

Please note that this information is not meant to be a substitute for having a professional Chakra Balancing because a professional will know how to make sure all of your chakras have been cleansed and balanced properly.

To schedule a professional Chakra Balancing with me, you can click here! After I balance and cleanse your chakras you will feel happier, calmer, lighter, and more at peace than you’ve felt in a long time!

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