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There are different types of crystals that you should consider to bring when you travel to keep you safe and sound on your journey.

Planning a trip soon?

Before leaving, you want to make sure you’re physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready, and that you’ve packed everything you need on your adventure. Crystals are one of the items that are always a good addition to your packing list.

Traveling with crystals boosts your energy, and makes sure your trip is filled with good vibrations, from start to finish. Whether you’re going solo or enjoying a trip with family and friends, you want to make sure that you have a couple of these stones on hand to make your journey safe and smooth.


To Protect Frequent Fliers: Malachite


This rich green crystal is a beautiful accessory, but constant travelers will find that this is only one of the many reasons why Malachite is so valuable.

Malachite is known to be a powerful protection stone that wards off evil and absorbs negative energy within and around your body. You’ll want to keep a close eye on this stone since it is said to warn you of impending danger by shattering into pieces. 

Frequent fliers will benefit greatly by having this in their pocket, as it prevents accidents, alleviates fears of flying, and helps you deal with jet lag more easily. If you want your journey to go as smoothly as possible, Malachite is definitely a good stone to bring.


To Keep You Safe Over Water: Aquamarine


Aquamarine is closely linked to the sea, so it also evokes the energy that is associated with water: calm, soothing, and purity. When you’re wearing or holding this stone, you will find your mind and spirit completely relaxed, especially when you’re cruising over water.

Since Aquamarine has a calming effect on your emotions, one of the great benefits of keeping it close while traveling is that this stone helps all melt away any stress from the journey. It also keeps sea sickness and fears of the ocean at bay.

Most significantly, Aquamarine is an extremely strong protective stone that has kept seafarers safe for many years. Sailors have been known to keep it in their pocket for luck, protection, and courage.


To Ground You During Road Trips: Yellow Jasper


Yellow Jasper is another powerful, protective stone that assists travelers on both the physical and spiritual planes. Since ancient times, people have been using it as a talisman for protection, wisdom, and courage, on their journeys.

This sparkling yellow crystal is excellent for grounding, stability, and balance, so it will keep you calm and steady, even through whirlwind tours. On long and winding road trips, you’ll find that the Yellow Jasper can actually do wonders for motion sickness and nausea.

It’s also a good idea while traveling, to reach for your Yellow Jasper when you are seeking mental clarity and emotional resilience since it is well-known for helping you see things more clearly and overcome tough circumstances.


To Illuminate Your Way: Moonstone


Moonstone is known as the Traveler’s Stone since like moonlight, it illuminates the path of wanderers.

This pearly shimmering crystal is known to provide protection, especially to those who are traveling at night or over water. When your spirits are low, it will shine a light on things that give you hope and positivity. It also helps you deal with jet lag and prevents homesickness during longer trips.

Another reason why Moonstone is a favorite of travelers is because it’s an incredibly energetic good luck stone and is even known to grant wishes on the road. Who doesn’t want fortune to light your way on your voyage?


To Make You Feel At Home Anywhere: Cerussite


Cerussite will make you feel grounded at all times, letting you handle any changing sceneries and circumstances with ease and grace. With this stone, you will feel comfortable in any setting you find yourself in, which is important for travelers who will be setting foot into new and exotic destinations.

When you want to embrace change and transformation with positivity and light, Cerussite is the stone to take.


To Help You With Self-Discovery: Labradorite


Labradorite is a favorite of astral travelers, but it’s a wonderful stone for those traveling just within the physical plane, as well. This crystal promotes better intuition, physical and spiritual alignment, and psychic powers.

For travelers who are on the road of self-discovery, there is no better crystal to help them on their quest. With this destiny stone in your hand, you’ll find that you’ll enjoy plenty of serendipitous moments and amazing things will unfold throughout your trip.

From small coincidences to incredible synchronicities, Labradorite will guide you to the path of great adventure and fulfillment.


To Shield You From Harmful Energy: Shungite


When you are traveling, especially overseas, you are constantly moving through security machines in airports and hotels. Keep yourself shielded from the harmful electromagnetic energy emanating from these devices with a Shungite crystal. The black Shungite is known for neutralizing negative energy so that it doesn’t affect your energy field.

Of course, protecting you from radiation isn’t the only support that this crystal can give you as you roam the world. Shungite is a great healer and purifier, helping your physical body withstand all the strain of traveling.

This carbon-based stone also deflects negative energy away, so that you can steer clear from toxic people and circumstances, keeping your trip entirely positive.


To Raise The Positive Vibrations: Amethyst


Finally, Amethyst is another stone that wards off the negative energy and attracts positive energy, as you travel. In fact, this stunning purple gemstone is one of the strongest stones around and is widely used for daily protection.

Traveling will take you to many destinations, and some places will be quite chaotic and crowded. Keeping an Amethyst stone in your pocket will protect you from thieves and other seedy characters, but it will also make you more adaptable to the different situations you encounter while traveling.

You’ll find that the energy of the Amethyst promotes positivity and cooperation among fellow travelers. When you have this pretty stone nearby, it will lift your spirits and put you in a more joyful mood, as you embark on your journey.

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