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The universal law of karma holds the doer responsible for their actions – positive or negative. Whatever that happens to you – good or bad – has resulted from your own doing.

Karma is the universal law stating that all your thoughts, feelings, and actions cause equal effects in your life. The idea is that good creates more good in your life and bad creates more bad in your life.

Basically, what you put into the universe is what you get back in return.

The Importance Of Karma

Needless to say, you want to create good karma through your thoughts, feelings, and actions so that you will reap beautiful things in your life as well.

On the other hand, bad karma will keep you trapped in a terrible karmic cycle, manifesting as poor patterns in your job, relationships, and health, among others.

If you feel as if you are constantly stuck in the same terrible cycle of negativity in one or more aspects of your life, it’s probably some form of your karma coming back to you.

Karma is what you give and take from this incarnation and beyond; it is the currency of human life.

Here’s the deal: the karma you create right now doesn’t simply expire when you die. Instead, it gets carried over to your future incarnations and even plays a huge part in determining the conditions of your future lives.

Think of it as luggage that your soul brings from one life to the next. What you do with your life essentially determines what you are “packing” in your luggage for the next lifetime.

Karma also means that you had shaped your present life during your previous incarnations. The good in your life resulted from your own past thoughts, feelings, and actions — and so did the bad.

When you discover the role of karma in the universe, you are also taking responsibility for your conditions and acknowledging the power you have in changing the circumstances of your future,  and also your future lives.

Identify Your Good Or Bad Karma

It’s important to ask yourself: what kind of karma do I have? It’s important to assess your life rationally, looking at your conditions at the moment and how you feel about them.

Good karma is easy to identify: if you are happy, you feel as if your journey is going smoothly, and you are content and at peace with the conditions of your life, you have good karma working for you. At this point, you only have to continue doing good in the world.

It is bad karma that you want to seek out to change, then the first step is recognizing that you have bad karma.

Bad karma or cursed? Here are the signs you’ve been cursed

While karma is not a numerical tabulation of scores, there are tell-tale signs that you can watch out for, if you think you have bad karma. For one, if you have bad karma, you will find that you are extremely pessimistic about yourself and the world.

The pessimism likely developed from bad events that keep occurring in your life. These negative patterns are likely a karmic cycle that you have yet to break free of, perhaps because you did not realize that you are in a cycle or you did not believe you can do anything about it.

One common negative life pattern is constantly finding yourself in relationships that are incredibly toxic, perhaps with abusive partners. Think of your past boyfriends or girlfriends, then try to assess whether these people share negative characteristics, or if the relationships you had with all of them were similar.

It’s possible that you are attracting these types of partners because you are giving off similar vibrations and treating others similarly.

Another example of a life pattern that indicates bad karma is finding yourself always the victim of crimes, such as robbery. A negative cycle may also be a result of your actions in a past life. For example, you might have been a thief in a past incarnation, after all.

However, while your past lives are definitely important, remember that the only things you can control are your actions, right now. Do not dwell on what happened in the past, but instead look forward to creating a better life for yourself starting now.

Raise Your Vibrations And Improve Your Karma

Don’t worry if you think your karma isn’t too good, because there are many ways to break out of a spiral of negativity and improve your karma.

For one, it’s crucial, to tell the truth at all times, since being dishonest will only set you up to be on the wrong side of deceit with other people.

In general, it’s always best to not just tell the truth, but speak of the good more than the bad. Remember, your words are one of the few things in the world you can never take back because once you utter something out loud (or written down), these words are free to spread and make people happy or hurt them.

Whatever you say to or about someone will come back to you, in some form in the future, so make sure that you’re keeping things positive and uplifting.

One of the most important things about breaking out of negative karmic cycles is learning to love and forgive, both other people and yourself. If you hold on to grudges and possess low self-esteem, you will keep attracting negativity like a moth to a flame.

You want to focus on your strengths and the good things about other people, instead of nursing anger and resentment within.

The wonderful thing about working with karma is that it’s as simple as putting out into the world what you want to receive back in your life. Every day, wake up and tell yourself you want to live deliberately with your thoughts and actions reflecting the good that you want in your life. You are on Earth to resolve your past karma, which will help you achieve spiritual growth and enlightenment.

If you want people to be kind to you, treat them with kindness as well. If you want success and financial abundance, go after your goals with positivity and enthusiasm, so that the universe will respond to you with more things and experiences that match these vibrations.

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