Do We Reincarnate Into the Same Family?

Past Lives and Reincarnation Explained

You were not reincarnated into this world alone, other people, such as your friends and family members from your past lives, were also reborn with you.

The same as in the physical world, you also have friends and families in the spirit world. This spirit family has been through countless past lives with you and will be spending more future lives with you, too.

Blanche Bautista Reincarnation Story: A Lullaby From a Past Lifetime past_life_families1

When we reincarnate, it’s possible to be reincarnated into the same family.

The reincarnation case of Blanche Bautista is a classic example of being reincarnated into the same family.

In the year 1900, Blanche Bautista was born to Flornida Bautista, an Italian army captain, and her mother was Signora Bautista. Blanche was taken care of by a servant from Switzerland named Mary.

Mary always sang Blanche a French lullaby to lull the baby to sleep. However, tragedy struck when Blanche died at the tender age of 2. After Blanche died, Mary left the Bautista’s employment and went back to Switzerland.

Signora Bautista became pregnant again in 1905. Three months into her pregnancy, Signora had a vision of Blanche.

The vision of Blanche came when she and her husband were both lying in bed but were both fully awake. Signora saw a figure slowly taking form inside their room, which appeared to be their little Blanche.

In the vision, Blanche seemed happy and told Signora, “Mama, I am coming back.” After saying those words, the figure of Blanche disappeared into thin air. Captain Flornida Bautista was also able to recount Signora’s vision, and he believed his wife’s account.

Signora gave birth to a baby girl in February 1906 – a baby they also named Blanche.

Both parents noticed the striking similarity in appearance between the first Blanche and the second one. Their second baby also had curly black hair and dark round eyes. But this can simply be attributed to genetics so the similarity was not a cause of concern.

However, when the second Blanche turned five, something happened that would completely turn the life of the Bautista’s upside down. 

The second Blanche started singing a lullaby…

…a French lullaby.

The child was singing the very same French lullaby the former servant Mary sang to the first Blanche!

In nine years, that French lullaby had not been heard or sung in the Bautista home. The people who were in contact with the family, and the second Blanche, did not know French nor speak the language.

Flornida and Signora asked the second Blanche who taught her the lullaby, to which the child answered, “No one. I just know it by myself.” The second Blanche continued to sing the lullaby from then on.

The case of the Bautistas is included in the 2008 compilation, European Cases of the Reincarnation Type, by Ian Stevenson, and continues to amaze both reincarnation experts and readers who come across the story.


Surprising Facts About Reincarnating Into the Same Family

Present Life and Past Life Recall Meet Together

A soul group is a group of souls you are spiritually connected to. They are set of individuals whom you most frequently reincarnate with over the span of time.

1. Families Often Reincarnate With Each Other

The souls of individuals within a family often choose to be reborn together again in their next lifetime.


The first reason is everyone is reincarnated in a soul group. Also known as a soul family. A soul group is made up of any number of souls who are regularly reborn together at the same time.

You and the other souls within your soul group chose to be reborn together and continue the next life with each other. You’ve probably spent hundreds of past lives with the people in your soul group.

Your Soul Family spends a lot of time with you, both in the spirit world and after being reborn in this world. Persons within your soul group can become your close friends, siblings, or parents.

2. Your Soul Can Choose The Family It Will Be Reborn To: The Immortal Soul

If your soul has reached a certain level of self-awareness, meaning it has learned many of life’s lessons and has fulfilled many goals, it can then choose the time and location of its next rebirth.

You will be able to choose your parents or the family you want to be born into.

Several factors may affect your choices, such as being able to accomplish your life’s purpose by becoming a member of a particular family. Another factor is the spiritual bond you may possess with the souls of the other family members.

3. Reincarnation and Adopted Children

There are souls who are destined to be put up for adoption upon birth and they have a full understanding of this prior to leaving the spirit world. These souls are able to choose both their birth parents as well as their adoptive parents.

There are two reasons why a soul plans an adoption setting for its next life.

The first reason is the soul knows it will not be able to come to its soul parents, or its soul family, as a genetic child, so the soul chooses adoption as a way to reach its soul parents. For example, the soul parents are unable to conceive a child in the physical world, hence the need for an adoption.

The second reason is the soul chooses to be placed for adoption in order to learn a lesson needed for its own spiritual advancement. For example, a soul may need to learn lessons about independence or how to deal with abandonment.

Knowing the reasons behind why you are reborn with your soul group may help enlighten you on the dynamics of your relationships with some of your family and loved ones.

In a few moments, I will also share some secrets on how to spot individuals who might be a part of your soul family.

How Will You Know If Someone Is in Your Soul Group



A past life reading can help you know more about your soul group or soul family.


Not all significant persons in your life are part of your soul group. Here are certain signs that will help you determine if someone is a member of your soul family.

  • You feel like you’ve known them far longer than you actually do
  • You often know what the each other is thinking
  • You feel safe and at ease in each other’s presence
  • You both have an awareness that you are experiencing something important together
  • You feel like a better person around them, or you become a better person with them


Want To Know More About Your Past Lives?


It’s a comfort to know you have a soul family who can help you learn the lessons you need in this lifetime and help accomplish your goals. If you want to know more about your soul group, a Past Life reading can be very helpful.

A Past Life Reading can supply you with detailed information about your past lives, and the people you know, love, and are familiar with in this life, along with the meanings of your relationship together in this one

You can schedule a Past Life Reading by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.

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    I think I might be my great Grandma Eva Rivers, I look like her very close to my Grandmother which would have been her daughter through one of the twins, unless I’m my Welch Grt Grandma on my Dad’s Dad side, my Mom said I had a Gaelic accent when I was little like a little British Girl and she was straight from Wales. But I also naturally know free Mason stuff& I’m not, but my Grandma Eva would have been. I do know that all the Genes come through all the different Ancestors to us. So we do have bits and pieces if all our ancestors, both good and bad! We must improve the bad!

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    I came to this life with absolutely no connection to family, friends or place yet I feel I have gathered much wisdom and have always been on this quest. The loneliness thought has been beyond unbearable and unnatural. What could have gone so horribly wrong in my past lives?

  3. Hannah says:

    I came to this life with absolutely no connection to family, friends or place yet I feel I have gathered much wisdom and have always been on this quest. The loneliness thought has been beyond unbearable and unnatural. What could have gone so horribly wrong in my past lives?

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