4 Essential Elements for a Powerful Psychic Reading

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The best proof of a powerful and accurate psychic reading can be seen in what happens when you apply the advice given by your psychic reader.

Even though psychics have been a part of society for thousands of years, the relevance of psychic readings as a means of providing relief from the problems brought on by life is still not fully understood the masses.

However, for those who are on their way to developing deeper spiritual awareness, getting an accurate psychic reading is an important part of their development.

The problem is there are people out there who pretend to be psychics, but are actually only out to take advantage of others. In fact, the news media has repeatedly featured stories about these supposed “psychics,” who are unfortunately only scam artists in disguise.

So, how do you know that you are getting the best psychic readings?


Understanding The Concept Behind Having the “Best Psychic Readings”


Some people have become skeptical about alternative spirituality, which includes the desire to know and see more beyond what the ordinary five senses reveal.

For centuries people’s minds have been conditioned to hearing only one side of the story – that of organized religion.

Unfortunately, many religions also take advantage of their followers. They use fear and intimidation to keep followers under their control.

As a result, the members of these religions are afraid to even think about practices included in alternative spirituality, such as receiving psychic readings.

More information about religion and intolerance can be found in this article: How Many Religions Manipulate Spirituality and What You Can Do About It

But as a person gifted with free will, you are entitled to form your own opinions, and not simply let others do the thinking for you.

As a valuable part of Creation, you are also given emotions to help you explore other spiritual possibilities, and whether they may be of help to you or not.

With this in mind, let’s continue on to finding out how you can benefit from a psychic reading, and at the same time, also make sure that you have access to the 4 essential elements for a powerful psychic reading.


The Gifts of a Psychic


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Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Mediumship are among the most typical psychic abilities sought by people who go to a psychic reading.

Not all psychic readers have the same abilities. Some psychics have the gift of clairaudience. A clairaudient psychic has the gift of clearly hearing messages from the Spirit World.

Some psychics are clairsentient. A psychic who has clairsentience as a gift can receive information by sensing it through their emotions or feelings.

Some psychics are clairvoyant. A psychic who has the gift of clairvoyance can see events that are going to happen, in a way whichis beyond physical seeing.

Psychics with advanced levels of clairvoyance, such as Astral Clairvoyants, can even actually see the Spirit World by aligning their energies to it, which was discussed in detail in my article titled What Is Clairvoyance?:

A lot of Astral Clairvoyants are able to feel what has, is, and what will eventually happen at any given place and time.

 They are also able to see the details in spirits’ appearance. For example, an Astral Clairvoyant will see the minute details of an angel’s robe, since he or she is completely aligned to the angel’s energies.

 Astral Clairvoyants use their Solar Plexus chakra as their dominant chakra when using their abilities. This makes their vision extremely potent and accurate. These are the clairvoyants who are portrayed in media as those who go to a location and see what exactly has happened there before.

 Fascinating as this may be however, the accuracy of Astral clairvoyants comes at a price, since most of them feel their energy getting used up every time they use their ability.

Some psychics, on the other hand, also have the gift of Mediumship, or the ability to communicate with spiritual beings.

Contrary to long-held public opinion, Mediumship is not limited to the ability of a psychic to communicate with a client’s dearly departed.

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A medium is able to penetrate the barriers between this world and the Spirit World.

Mediumship can also involve communication with Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and nature spirits such as dwarves and fairies, among others.

Through the gift of Mediumship, a psychic can act as a bridge between you and beings from the Spirit World, relaying your questions to them, then relaying their answers to you.

Often times, a psychic medium can also give you a message from the Spirit World, without you even asking your question.

However, the most common reason a client consults a psychic medium is to be able to communicate with a loved one who has passed away.

Psychics can have many other kinds of spiritual gifts, but for the most part, those mentioned above are the most commonly used when giving psychic readings.


 The Importance Of Being Aware Of Different Psychic Gifts


Being aware of the different psychic gifts, you may now be wondering how they can be of use to you when having a psychic reading.

Here are some of the most typical ways a psychic’s abilities can help you:

  • For helping you understand what your future holds, and what options and outcomes are available to you, should you decide to exercise your free will.
  • For helping you know the reason behind certain repetitive incidents in your life, especially when such incidents are unpleasant or troublesome, as they often have to do with unresolved karmic debt.
  • For passing on messages to you from the Spirit World, particularly at times when you are in crisis mode, and need wisdom and guidance.
  • For helping you find a harmonious relationship, romantic partnership, and even your soulmate.
  • For helping you get rid of fear and worry over “odd” occurrences in your life, such as seeing repeating numbers or angel numbers, by having their significance explained to you regarding your current situation in life.
  • For guiding you to find the answers you seek, when you are worried about love, your relationship, your career, finances, or about where your life is going.
  • For helping you heal grief and find closure, such as dealing with the passing of your loved one/s.
  • For providing counseling over heavy burdens you are carrying, with such counseling being channeled from the Spirit World.

Knowing all of these benefits, the next question is how can you be sure you are getting the best psychic readings?


The 4 Essential Elements For Getting The Most From Your Psychic Reading


Here are the 4 essential elements that will help you get the most from your psychic reading:


  1. OPENNESS. Be open and real with your psychic. Your psychic reading session is dependent on your openness to share your concerns. Even though your psychic has the ability to receive information using their gift, when you are the one who states what is needed, your psychic can focus more energy on your specific concerns.


  1. TRUST. Trust your psychic. A psychic reading requires the element of trust. Do not attempt to give your psychic false or misleading information, as this could muddle the psychic energy needed to address your concerns.


  1. PATIENCE. Be patient as information comes thru. Do not rush the reading. Remember that the human concept of time does not exist in the Spirit World.


  1. READINESS TO PUT IN ACTION WHAT YOU RECEIVE. Some people get a psychic reading and leave it at that. They become content with what the information they received, and then take no action.This is not advisable, because the best proof of a powerful and accurate psychic reading can be seen in what happens when you apply the advice.


Remember, you will not see results if you don’t take action on the guidance you receive.

These elements seem simple in their explanations, but when what you want to get is the most accurate psychic reading, they carry a lot of weight and meaning.

I hope you found this article helpful for you.

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