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Your Higher Self is capable of healing you because it knows all the causes of your pains and sickness as well as the cure for them.

Your spirit is eternal, but your body is not and it is often in need of healing. Whether you are suffering from injury, illness, or aging, your physical vessel seeks recovery so that you can live in relative ease, comfort, and happiness.

In order to heal, most people usually turn to medicine and doctors, sometimes even to drugs to help them deal with intense pain. Of course these are all essential to cure the body from sickness and pain, but what if there is another way to support or encourage the body’s healing process?

Spiritual healing is just as effective as medicine in mending the body and you can do it by tapping into the powers of your Higher Self.


What Is The Higher Self?


A lot of people are confused with the difference between their Higher Self and their soul, but while the two are closely related, they have distinct definitions and functions.

In a nutshell, your soul is YOU. It is your essence that is reborn into one body to the next through different lifetimes. The “you” that was created from the Oversoul back in the beginning of time. While you may have a body right now, your soul is the raw and unfiltered version of who you truly are.

On the other hand, your Higher Self is a part of your soul, the purest part that of you that is linked to the Divine. This is why your Higher Self is the key to spiritual growth and enlightenment because it is the part of you that’s tied to the universal consciousness and your inner cache of infinite wisdom, knowledge, and power.

While your body and mind can absorb toxicity and get lost in negativity, your Higher Self is always in a state of harmony and love. This part of you is linked to the spiritual plane where spiritual beings such as angels and spirit guides are.

Everything you need or want to know is already within you, you only need to take the step to connect with your Higher Self. Once you open yourself up to the powers of the Divine, anything is possible!


Healing Your Body With Your Higher Self


Since your Higher Self possesses infinite knowledge, you already intrinsically know all about your body’s aches and pains, its causes and effects, and the steps necessary to cure yourself from them. You only have to discover this knowledge inside of you.

Meditation is a tried-and-tested method you can use to connect to your Higher Self and learn everything you need to know about your condition.

With the intention of connecting with your Higher Self and accessing universal consciousness, sit down daily for your meditation practice and build a strong relationship with your inner spiritual link.

Focus on the exact body part you want to heal, asking your Higher Self why it is sick or hurt, and how you can begin healing it. Reach out and ask for help with the healing process.

Many physical ailments are caused by negative mental and emotional problems, which are known to put great stress on the chakras and affect the physical health of the corresponding body part.

Figuring out the root cause of your health problems by consulting your Higher Self is an important step of getting better, so you can address the issues and ease the burden on your physical body.

Root causes can be caused by a variety of things, from negative feelings about a recent occurrence, to negative patterns you’re stuck doing over and over again. It could be something that you carried from a past life or maybe even karmic stress you’ve inherited from your ancestors. Without learning about the true cause of your disease or condition, you will not be able to cure it completely.

Depending on your preferences and the strengths of your senses, this information may come to you in words, images, or even feelings. Sometimes, wisdom will even come to you from a very distinct voice that comes from inside of you.

Perhaps you found that you are sick because your career took a huge blow, resulting in a drop in your confidence and optimism. Or your recent heartbreak is manifesting in constant physical pain in your body.

When you know what is causing your condition, you can start addressing it with your thoughts, words, and actions, whether it’s building on your self-esteem through affirmations, or moving on from the past by embracing new activities and people.

A change in perspective is usually an important part of healing, especially when it comes to major diseases and stress that has already taken root in your body.

It’s important to remember that medicine is still important in the healing process. However, by combining medical healing with spiritual healing, you make sure that you’re not just fixing the surface of your condition, but you’re also mending the root.


Seeking A Deeper Connection With Your Higher Self


Aside from meditation, there are a number of ways you can begin to connect with your Higher Self. It’s not only helpful when your body needs healing but embracing the wisdom and power of your Higher Self allows you to become more sensitive to the messages from the spiritual world and know your goals and purpose in this lifetime.

Journaling is as helpful as meditation in connecting to your Higher Self, since it encourages your mind to be clear, honest, and open about your true thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Reciting positive affirmations and mantras is also a good way to reconnect with your soul.

You’ll also want to engage in relaxing activities, whether it’s painting, yoga, or something as simple as an indulgent bath. When you do something that you enjoy, you raise your vibrations and relax, which makes it easier for you to open your mind to your intuition, spiritual messages, and positive healing energy.

If you think you need a little bit of help, you can always seek the help of a proven psychic professional to assist and advise you in connecting to and accessing the healing powers of your Higher Self. Since most psychics are deeply intuitive and strongly connected to their own Higher Selves.

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