Here are my Latest Psychic Predictions For 2020 (July Release)

Psychic Predictions For 2020 – July

Hey there,

Long, green fingers…

…that was the first thing I saw!

At first, I thought I was in the middle of a weird dream. But then I remembered I wasn’t dreaming…

…I was astral traveling.

And once I finally realized I wasn’t dreaming, I was startled into reality when my astral body landed on some odd-looking planet!

The Green Being Who Greeted Me

Once I landed, I heard something moving and when I looked down, I could see these long, green, fingers coming out from the ground below. Then after just a few moments, a green being emerged out the ground and stood right in front of me.

He was about 5 feet tall and his entire body was green. He had a pear-shaped face, with beautiful, big round brown eyes, a long nose, with a huge friendly smile on his face!

He reached out his hand to shake mine and he introduced himself to me as Jippert. Then he welcomed me to the planet Waycon.

He said Waycon is 500,000 light-years away from earth and the people who live there are called Pilloporps (pill-low-porps).

I found out Pilloporps live in massive cities built underground, using access tunnels to enter their city.

I Was Cosmically Summoned By Jippert

Jippert said he had cosmically summoned me to their planet, due to my reputation around the universe as “a friendly human on a spiritual mission to help the advancement of mankind on earth”.

When I heard those words, I was very flattered…

…but at the same time, I couldn’t help thinking to myself “Whoa! That’s a big reputation for anyone to have to live up to!”

We sat and talked for a while, and then Jippert began talking about something that captivated me over the next three hours!

What did he talk about?

He talked about Psychic Curses… 

What Is A Psychic Curse?

He said there are many different types of curses, such as black magic curses, Voodoo curses, Santeria curses, and Satanic curse, just to name a few.

But he said the most common type of curse plaguing the earth is called a Psychic Curse.

And he explained why a Psychic Curse is even more destructive than any other type of curse!

What really shocked me was when he said “People on earth are constantly having Psychic Curses placed on them… 

…and they don’t even know it!”

How A Psychic Curse Gets Placed On You

Jippert explained that a person gets psychically cursed whenever another person directs an angry, negative, or hateful thought towards them.

So whenever another person feels jealous, angry, resentful, upset, hateful, or any other negative emotion towards you, they actually curse you with their thoughts!

He also said people who are racist, sexist, or homophobic, end up cursing people all the time! 

How Psychic Curses Affect People

Jippert explained how Psychic Curses, or curses of any kind for that matter, cause people to feel, act, and behave, in certain ways…

…ways that are not normally how the person would act!

For example, have you ever noticed how you have changed over time, or how the people around you have changed – and not always for the best?

Here are 15 signs you’ve been cursed.

Well, here are some of the reasons Psychic Curses cause people to think, act, and feel differently:

– Have you ever been driving and unintentionally made some other driver angry! (The other driver’s anger placed a Psychic Curse on you).

– Have you ever had a disagreement, argument, or heated words with a friend, loved one, co-worker, neighbor, or a total stranger? (Their angry thoughts placed a Psychic Curse on you!).

– Have you ever been standing in line at the grocery store, where you moved too slow for the other customers or accidentally held up the line in?  (The impatient energy of the people behind you placed a Psychic Curse on you!)

– Have you ever felt judged by a total stranger, or felt like they were jealous of how you looked? (Their negative energy placed a Psychic Curse on you!)

– Have you ever felt looked down upon by an acquaintance or total stranger? (Their negative thoughts placed a Psychic Curse on you)

– Have you ever felt shame about things you shouldn’t feel ashamed of? (We often get these Psychic Curses placed on us by our parents, without them even realizing they are cursing us!)

–  And there are numerous other situations that can place a Psychic Curse on you without you even knowing it!

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How Psychic Curses Affect People’s Lives, Behaviors, Actions, And Personalities

After talking with Jippert, I realized that every person on earth has been cursed many if not several times.

He said the average human over the age of 30, has already been cursed over 1,000 times!

And what he told me next was fascinating to me…

…he said “Tana, Many humans have what is referred to as “undesirable human characteristics”. And since many of these undesirable traits are often the result of being cursed, they often go away almost immediately, once a person has had their Psychic Curses removed.

So below is only a small sampling of the problems Psychic Curses cause:

You have trouble finding “The Right” Person – Your dating life has been unfulfilling, and you seem to keep meeting the same kind of person, again and again.

Your Marriage Or Committed Relationship Has Not Been Easy – It’s seen some very rocky times. More than seems normal.

You Never Seem To Connect With The One You Love On The Same Level – You have trouble connecting with the person you love on the same level. Sometimes they just don’t seem to get you!

You Have Experienced Financial Setbacks – Money problems have either been a recurring problem, or you have a deeply held fear of having financial problems!. And no matter how big or small the setbacks have been, they seem to keep recurring!

You Seem To Accumulate Unwanted Debt – You seem to have acquired more debt than you ever intended but the debt keeps piling up. So, you never seem to be able to get ahead!

You Have Career Challenges Or Setbacks – You haven’t able to accomplish what you wanted to accomplish by now, and you feel discouraged, or have just been settling for less!

You Don’t Know Your True Life Purpose – You feel lost or unsure about what you are supposed to do with your life. You haven’t been able to find your true passion!

You Get Recurring Headaches (Stress of otherwise) – Sometimes they happen more than other times, but you know they are not normal!

You Have Trouble Sleeping (Or Restless Nights) – Sometimes you just can’t seem to turn off your brain, causing you to lose sleep and feel restless at night! This happens more than you’d like it to.

You Experience Different Levels Of Anxiety – Sometimes for no identifiable reason at all, your stress levels just flare-up. Many times you’re not even sure what exactly you are stressed out about!

You Have Trouble Expressing Your True Feelings – You have things you really want to say, but you just can’t seem to be able to get the words out. They feel locked up inside of you, even though you know the words are there!

You Have Difficulty Expressing Your Needs – There are times you want to say “no” but instead you say “yes”. Speaking up and expressing your needs is a real challenge for you at times! It’s like your tongue can’t say what’s really on your mind!

You Have Trouble Trusting People – Trusting others does not come easy for you. You know you have a harder time than most people when it comes to trusting others, but still, it is hard for you to trust!

It’s Difficult Letting Others Get Close To You – Sometimes you might feel like there is an invisible wall between you and other people, preventing them from getting too close to you!!

You Walk Around With A Feeling Something Bad Is Going To Happen – There will be times you have a feeling that something bad is going to happen, even though you have no idea what it could be! But still, the feeling persists.

You Experience Feelings Of Shame – Sometimes you feel shame or embarrassment over things you shouldn’t feel shame or embarrassment about. You wish you could stop feeling this way inside!

– These are just a few of the common problems caused by Psychic Curses! And there are many other problems Psychic Curses also cause, too!

So, I asked Jippert what can be done to remove these curses from people AND protect them from ever being cursed again?

And that’s when he told me about the powerful Gangoling Dance!!

The Powerful Gangoling Dance

Jippert begin by telling me I landed on his planet to be educated more about curses, and also to show me the Gangoling Dance, which will remove destructive curses, and give a person a curse free life – forever!

Then, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Tana, the Gangoilng Dance is the only thing powerful enough in the entire universe to remove these curses, AND to guarantee afterward, a person will be protected forever from ever being cursed again!”

As I wondered to myself “What is the Gangoling Dance?” Jippert said, “I am going to show you!”

And then he stood up…

He Turned Into A Sparkling Golden Whirlwind

Next, he made a special move that caused him to begin spinning around so fast, that all I could see was a blurry image of green!

And as he kept spinning faster, I saw what looked like a whirlwind of gold sparkles surrounding him, as the tip of this whirlwind shot up into the sky!

Then about 5 minutes later, he came to a sudden stop!

And then the golden whirlwind that surrounded him, spun off into the distance!

Then all of a sudden, tears came to my eyes, and something inside of me felt so different.

It’s really hard to describe how this feeling I felt, but I can say that I felt lighter. Freer. Happy and released!

I felt like I just wanted to jump for joy!

I could definitely tell something very deep and very big had been lifted from me!

I felt freer than I’ve ever felt in my entire life!

I knew this golden whirlwind carried off with it, whatever it removed from me!

I Had To Tell My Best Friend Chuck!

If you’ve been reading my emails for a while, then you already know my best friend Chuck is the first person I always share these things with when I discover them!

So, I called Chuck, asked him if he’d like to be “de-cursed”? Then he asked me, “What the heck are you talking about? 

So, I told him all about Jippert, what I learned about Psychic Curses and the negative effects they have on people, and how he’s probably been cursed over a 1000 times!

Once I told him all the signs and symptoms of Psychic Curses, he immediately asked me to please come over right away so he could experience the Gangoling Dance!

So, I went right over to his house, had him sit in the proper position, and then I called on Jippert to help perform the Gangoling Dance on him.

After it was over, I had never seen a look like that on Chuck’s face before! He looked so…at peace!

And when I asked him how he felt, he told me it was really hard to put into words, but something inside of him felt like it had been lifted and carried away!

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The Changes Chuck Experienced Shortly After His Gangoling Dance

So, I told Chuck to please let me know any changes he notices. And just one week later, this is what he told me: 

“I usually have trouble sleeping sometimes at nights, but over the last week, I have slept like a baby – every single night! 

My wife has been opening up more to me, sharing feelings with me she never shared with me before. She has been talking to me in ways I always hoped she would. This has moved over our relationship to a deeper level than ever before! We feel closer than ever! 

Then my dad and my older brother each called me and began sharing things with me they never told me before! My father has never talked to me so openly in my entire life! And my brother and I bonded during this call in a way we never bonded before! 

My anxiety levels over the past week have dropped from a 9 to a 2 (2 being the lowest) and I am suddenly finding the words to express how I really feel inside. I feel so free! 

And I have been able to say “no” without feeling guilty. And people don’t seem to mind when I do! 

And the weirdest thing of all is, people are treating me so much differently. People are even asking me what I am doing, saying they have never seen this side of me before! They say I’m like a new me (in a very good way!). 

Then my boss actually called me into his office and asked ME for some advice! He has NEVER done this before in my 5 years of working there. And at the end of our conversation, he patted me on the shoulder and said “Chuck, you have a bright future with this company!” (The meeting with my boss still leaves me speechless) 

I’ve never had a lot of debt, but the debt I had just got cleared away by an unexpected tax return, which was far more than I thought I would get. I even had an extra $1,500 left over after my debts were paid. 

And then, to top it all off, I had a dream that showed me what I was put here on earth to do! And now I know my true life purpose! 

Tana, this is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced in my entire life! 

Thank you so much, my friend!” 

I have known Chuck over 36 years, and even I was left speechless by what he told me!

The Gangoling Dance – Powerful Psychic Curse Removal and Protection 

By now, you have probably realized you’ve been psychically cursed many times in your life. And hopefully, like Chuck, you can see all the benefits the Gangoling Dance can bring to your life.

…if you would like to experience:

– People you care about opening up to you more and sharing their true feelings! 

– People you’ve wanted to feel closer to actually becoming closer to you! 

– Be understood by others on a deeper level! 

– Have your dating world open up to you like magic and begin having a more fulfilling love life! 

– See your marriage or committed relationship to become smoother than you ever imagined! 

– Start connecting on a deeper level with the people you love and have them finally start to get you! 

– Watch financial problems clear up and money fears go away! 

– See your financial debts resolve in ways you never dreamed of! 

– Begin accomplishing what you want to accomplish in your career or professional life! 

– Discover your true passion in life! 

– Watch your stress levels drop like the Dali Lamas! 

– Sleep better at night and wake up with a smile on your face! 

– Start expressing yourself (with kindness) while still saying the things you really want to say 

– Be able to say “no” and actually having people feel happy that you did! And be able to say “yes” when you really want to! 

– Safely and easily begin trusting others, and have others also trusting you! 

– Know how to safely let the people you want to get close to you and become a part of your world! 

– Have any dark clouds instantly disappear! 

– No longer feeling embarrassed or ashamed about the things you used to feel ashamed or embarrassed about! 

– And many of the other positive changes that happen once these Psychic Curses have been removed! 

You Will Be Protected From Curses Forever!

Once the Gangoling Dance has been performed on you, not only will any and all curses be removed from you, BUT you will NEVER have to worry about being cursed – ever again!

Not even the most powerful Black Witch, or the strongest Voodoo Priest, will ever be able to curse you!

AND You will never again have to worry about being affected by Psychic Curses, or any kind of curses, for that matter!

People can be jealous of you, envy you, look down on you, and even not like you for who you are…

…it doesn’t even matter because you will not be affected!

After the Gangoling Dance is performed on you, Psychic Curses will roll off of you, like water on a duck’s back!

This is the most powerful Psychic Curse Removal and Protection you could ever get that is guaranteed to work!

How To Get Your Psychic Curse Removal and Protection 

As you can see, the Gangoling Dance is very powerful when it comes to removing Psychic Curses (or any types of curses), and also ridding your life of the negative affects curses have on you!

Anyone who has the Gangoling Dance performed on them is going to experience the amazing results that happen when their Psychic Curses have been removed!

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After talking with Jippert, the Gangoling Dance will only be able to be offered to a certain amount of people. And once this number of people has been reached, the doors to this opportunity will be permanently closed.

Sadly, the Gangoling Dance will only be a “one-time-only opportunity”…

…it will only be offered one time – and one time only!

If you miss this, the chance to experience the most powerful Psychic Curse Removal and Protection there is will be gone forever!

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I hope this email has served you and I look forward to helping you live a life that will be forever curse free!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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