Here’s your answer: It’s your karma (read on)

Hi there,

Did you know that your past life actions are the reasons why things happen to you in this life? Anything that happens to you – good or bad – is a result of something you did either in this lifetime, or in a past life!

So if you ever ask yourself “Why is this happening to me?”, the answer is – it’s your karma because you created it…

…the problem with past life karma is, you cannot remember it! Therefore, without knowing what you did in your past life that is causing your bad karma, you cannot change it!

But, there is a way to resolve your karma. By looking into your Akashic Records, you can learn what you did in your past lives. Your Akashic Records record all deeds you have done, in ALL of your lifetimes – this one, and your past ones!

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So the way to change your karma is to access your Akashic Records. I have looked at hundreds of clients Akashic Records, and let me tell you – the things I have seen!

Their records explained why they could never have a fulfilling relationship, why they were always cheated on, why they met the wrong types of people, and why they always ended up feeling hurt and betrayed in love!

Their records revealed why they had so many money problems, and why they could never get ahead in life! They even revealed health problems, and why they had been faced with them!

The good news is – the answers for how to resolve your karma is also contained in your Akashic Records! Your Akashic Records are the only way to change your karma – so if you discover what is in your Akashic Records you can eliminate any and all of your problems in this life!

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy


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