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Free will is what sets human apart from plants and animals, allowing them to make decisions on their own.

“You can create your own destiny” is a very popular statement you can hear or see in many movies, TV shows, books, and even social media posts.

That statement is true, because you can indeed make choices that may change the course of your life.

After all, it is you who chooses what major you want to take in college, what profession you will pursue, what you want to believe in, and much more.

You are able to make decisions in life because of your free will, and deeply understanding your free will is important because free will affects all aspects of your life.


What Is Free Will?


Free will is simply your capacity to choose whatever you want to do without any other factors affecting your choice. This means what you are free to eat whatever you want, go wherever you want, or choose anything else you want.

In fact, you always have the free will to think, act, feel, or believe in whatever you want to.


Your Actions Have Consequences


It is important for you to know that along with your free will comes consequences.

For example, if a man sees a homeless person who has nothing to eat and that man gives the homeless person food, the positive consequences are that homeless person gets to eat and satisfy his or her hunger.

If a woman talks behind her co-worker’s back and the co-worker learns about the backstabbing, the negative consequences are the co-worker will get hurt and try to hurt the woman, too.

Both actions are done based on the man and the woman’s free will. No one forced the man to give food to the homeless person, or the woman to talk behind her co-worker’s back. The man and the woman chose to do the actions themselves.

Since you have the free will to do anything you want, you are also held responsible for your actions. Whatever decisions you make or whatever actions you take, you either reap the rewards or deal with the negative consequences of your doings.


Free Will And Karma


Karma is the cycle of the actions you took in your past lifetimes and the consequences that come with those actions in this lifetime.

Good actions and intentions produce good karma, while bad actions and intentions produce bad karma. 

And since your ability to follow your own will, without the influence of any factor outside of yourself, shows that you have total freedom to do anything, whether what you want to do is good or bad. So, it means that you get to choose whether you produce good karma or bad karma.

By exercising your free will in this lifetime, you also get to decide what actions and intentions will make your current life worth living.

If you choose to do what is good while having good intentions in mind, you are enabling yourself to change your future.


Free Will And Your Soul Contract


Before you were born into this world, your soul came into an agreement with your spirit guides and master teachers, as to what lessons you are supposed to learn in this lifetime to help transform your soul.

Then, you are given free will because you are born as a human, and unlike animals or plants, humans shall have the capacity to make decisions on their own.

However, throughout the course of your current lifetime, you will seek to learn all the lessons agreed upon in your soul contract, and it is up to your free will how you will learn those life lessons.


Changing Your Own Future


Since free will can affect your life, you can also use your free will to change your future. Here are some tips for you to change your future for the better.

The first tip in creating the future you want is truly believing that you can indeed change your future.

You can think of having a great future, but if you do not believe in your capability of creating that future, then your goal will not come to reality.

A strong belief is very helpful, as it can also lead you to becoming who you want to be because what you believe in can eventually manifest in your life.

The next tip in creating the future you want for yourself is taking responsibility for all of your actions and intentions, which means accepting all of the consequences that come with them.

Taking responsibility is important because it allows you to develop a deeper sense of self-respect, and when you have self-respect, you will be able to make better choices in life, which will then lead to a brighter future.

Another tip for you to change your future is to ignore the naysayers in your life. It is a fact that there will always be people who will try to bring you down by making baseless criticisms about you, but it is best if you ignore them.

Instead, you can focus on the people you love and those who have a positive effect on you. If you want to be a musician, you can hang out with people having the same interest.

The last tip you can follow to change your own future is taking concrete steps that will lead you to the future you want.

You can exercise your free will all you want, but without concrete actions, coupled with hard work, having a great future will be difficult.

For example, if you want to operate a successful restaurant someday, concrete actions like taking a cooking or management class are really helpful.

Please take note that free will can change your future, but it is up to you to choose whether you want to use your free will for your own good. So, consider using the tips above for a more prosperous future!

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