How to Summon Angels When You Need Help

In today’s fast-paced and stressful climate, it is quite normal to ask for help. You may have been caught in a tough situation and wondered how to summon angels for help. Whether it be for assistance or protection, you can always count on your guardian angels to save the day.

You have unlimited guardian angels surrounding you and they can help you in multiple aspects of your life and lead you closer to your life’s purpose. They not only provide you with safety and assistance, but they can help you with your spiritual life, finances, health, mental state, and even transform your relationships…

…all you need to do is ask.

In this article, I am going to teach you how to summon angels for help and show you which are the best archangels you can call on according to your needs. But first, let me explain the difference between angels, guardian angels, and archangels.


The difference between angels, guardian angels, and archangels


There have been misconceptions about angels, archangels, and guardian angels. In the simplest terms, angels are messengers and intermediaries between the spiritual realm and humanity.

Guardian angels are a type of angels whose purpose is to be committed to you for the rest of your life. Certain Guardian angels have been assigned to you at birth to serve and protect you, and no one else.

Archangels on the other hand are much stronger and more powerful than guardian angels. They are the overseers of other angels on earth. They can be in many places at once, so they can assist multiple people at the same time.

Unlike guardian angels who will not mediate your life choices or push their will on you, archangels can intervene whenever necessary.


The best angels to summon when you need help


The most popular angels are Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Jophiel, and Metatron. So, which one do you need to call for help? Depending on your circumstances, each one of these archangels best serve a specific situation.


Archangel Michael

Michael is the Angel of Strength and Protection. He is the most powerful angel and the leader of the army against forces of evil. He has the power to abolish fear and negative emotions. He refers to humans who work with him as “lightworkers”, purifying them and calling on them to heal the world. So, if you are in need of mental, spiritual, and emotional purification, call on Michael.


Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is known as the Messenger Angel who delivered the good news of the birth of Jesus. If you are struggling with pregnancy, conception, or adoption, call on Gabriel. Since he is also the Angel of Communication and Truth, he can help strengthen your communication skills and deliver messages to other people.

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Archangel Raphael

Raphael is the Angel of Healing. He heals all illnesses and afflictions. By summoning him, you allow him to enter your astral body and heal you. He dissolves negative blockages in your energy field and turns them into the power of love. If you need divine treatment for yourself or someone else, call on Raphael.


Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel is the Angel of Arts and Beauty. If you need to be inspired for creativity or skill improvement, call on Jophiel. He beautifies thoughts and emotions, encouraging us to find the beauty in our current situations rather than striving for unrealistic success. He is an angel of positivity and is very pleasing to work with.


Archangel Metatron

Metatron bridges the gap between the spiritual and physical realm. If you want better success with your endeavors and want to manifest higher realities, call on Metatron. He helps you accomplish your goals and understand your spiritual potential.  He can help people enhance their spiritual gifts and abilities for the betterment of humanity.


How to Summon an Angel for Help


Now you know which archangel is best for your situation, let’s discuss how to summon or call on them for help.


Angelic prayer

Angelic prayers can easily connect you with the divine spirit. It is one of the greatest spiritual tools you can use. Your prayers must come from the heart and you must be sincere in asking for help. Angels cannot manifest themselves if you truly don’t need help.

Pray that the angel helps you with your request and then direct your prayer to the name of your angel who is equipped to handle your situation but sincerity is the essential ingredient.



If you want to embody the spiritual energy of your angel, repeat his name over and over like a mantra while meditating. Relax, sit calmly in a peaceful environment, and silently start repeating the name of your angel. You can also chant out loud if you prefer. Their names have a powerful vibrational frequency, so if you call their name out loud, this keeps them near you, making it easier for you to communicate with them.

Deep contemplation can summon angels as well. Make sure you know the significance of your angel and why he is the right one to help you. Once you have sufficient knowledge about the nature of your angel, concentrate and focus to form a visual image in your head. Sit in a calm and relaxed position and dwell on the angel you wish to summon. You may receive a vision while in this deep state of relaxation.


Sigil Ritual

This is a more advanced method of summoning angels, but using this technique is proven to be effective.

Each archangel has a symbol of magical power, which is called a sigil. A sigil is a symbol you will learn to draw. Once you learn how to draw it, it will radiate the energy of the archangel you who the sigil is connected to.

You can draw an angel sigil by using a spiritual template called a Rose Wheel. A Rose Wheel is a sacred circle, which has all the letters of the alphabet printed on it.  

To create your own archangel sigil, follow the steps below.

archangel sigil

 © Tom DeLiso / Hermes


1. The first step in creating your archangel sigil is to either search for the term “rose cross sigil template” on Google and print the image, or you can also print out the image above.

2. Think of the Archangel you want to work with, and then circle the letters of the angel’s name you want to summon. For example, if you want to summon Archangel Michael, start circling the first letter of his name, which is M, then the second, which is I, and so on, until the last letter.

3. If the letter does not exist on the template, circle the sound of how the letter is pronounced. For example, the letter C is not on the template for Michael. But, KH sounds like the C sound in the name Michael.

4. After you have circled all the letters in the name, starting with the first letter of the name, draw a line and connect the first letter of the name to the second letter, then draw a line from the second letter and connect it to the third letter, and so on, until you have drawn a line from each letter to the next, connecting all the letters of the name together.

5. Once you have connected all the letters your sigil is done.

6. Your Archangel Michael sigil should look something like this below:

Archangel Michael sigil

© Guardian Angel Guide


How To Use Your Angel Sigil


If you wish to call on an angel, you can visualize the sigil during meditation.

Here is another way you can use a sigil to give you greater mental clarity and focus:

1. Draw the sigil on a piece of paper.

2. Next, in a darkened room, place a circle of white candles around your sigil, so that only the sigil is illuminated.

3. Then, meditate on its significance and imagine the sigil becoming brighter and brighter, overpowering the darkness that surrounds it.

4. This ritual gives you greater mental clarity and focus.

Another thing you can do is draw your angel sigil on a round piece of wood, attach a piece of yarn or string to it, and you can wear it as a pendant. This will keep the archangel near you and offer you his or her protection!

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It’s perfectly normal to wonder how to summon angels for help. Whether you’re upset, going through emotional trauma, or going through a horrible experience, you can always count on your guardian angels to come to your rescue. Angels are beautiful, benevolent spirits who can bridge the gap between the higher spiritual realm and humanity, bringing us to something greater than ourselves.


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