Is It Possible To End The Reincarnation Cycle?


Live, die, live again, then die again.

The reincarnation cycle seems to be an eternal recurring process that takes you from one life to the next, with no end in sight. But are you really stuck forever in the reincarnation cycle?


The Soul’s Reincarnation Journey reincarnation

Your soul can reincarnate as many times as it takes for you to achieve your life mission that was set in place since the Universe began. Until you are unable to achieve this, you will be reborn over and over.

To understand the concept of reincarnation, it’s important to be familiar with the concept of a soul. The soul is the essence of who you are, the consciousness within you, that persists after your body expires.

It is your soul that perseveres through hundreds of different lifetimes, as you grow and develop in the pursuit of eventual fulfillment. Just like your human body, your soul matures, and there are five soul levels that you need to experience on Earth: the Infant Soul, the Baby Soul, the Young Soul, the Mature Soul, and the Old Soul.

It can take dozens, or even hundreds of lives to complete just a single level because you have to break free of negative patterns and balance your karma to truly evolve on a soul level.

The soul is not subjected to an endless dance of reincarnation for all of eternity because there is an end to the reincarnation cycle. It doesn’t just go on forever.

The final step of the soul’s evolution is the Awakened Soul, which is the point when you are finally awakened and aware of your destiny of becoming part of the Divine, once again.

Of course, attaining this end of the cycle is neither easy nor quick. As long as you keep dying feeling unfulfilled and attached to the superficial sense of “self”, rather than feeling connected as one with the Divine, you will continue to live and die, over and over and over again.

So, what is keeping you in the reincarnation cycle?

There are three major issues that can keep you stuck in a seemingly never-ending loop of reincarnation. Once you are more conscious of the issues that may be holding you back, you can begin exploring ways to move past these problems.


Blockage In Your Chakras, Particularly The Heart Chakra


The chakras refer to the seven main energy centers within the human body, all of which correspond to specific physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspect of your body and your well-being. If all of your chakras are open and balanced, energy flows effortlessly and you will feel happy, healthy, and energetic.

A blockage in any of your chakras will manifest as an issue in your life, and a blockage in your heart chakra is particularly problematic, especially when you are trying to connect with your soul’s purpose.

Remember, your heart chakra is the fourth chakra that’s located at the center of your chest and it represents the meeting of the physical and spiritual bodies.

When your heart chakra is blocked, you fail to unite your physical self with your spiritual self, and you fail to get to know your soul identity and purpose. If you are not connected with your soul, you are not connected with the Divine, and you are not moving towards the ascension of your soul.

Furthermore, an imbalance or blockage in your heart chakra often prevents you from giving and receiving unconditional love. Problems with your heart chakra are the root of a lot of the anger, resentment, and violence, in the world.

You’ll sense that your heart chakra is blocked if negative feelings, such as anger, jealousy, and fear, are preventing you from making meaningful connections with other people. This chakra is the center of love, compassion, and forgiveness, so unblocking it will require nurturing these positive feelings in your life.


Unresolved Karma


Karma is closely connected with the reincarnation cycle, so it’s important to keep stock of your karmic debt. The effects of your past life words, actions, relationships, and contracts, continue from one life to the next.

If there is still an imbalance in your karmic scale, or if there are things that have not yet been resolved, you can get trapped into a negative pattern of reincarnating with the same soul group and into the same negative conditions.

Since you are placed into the same situation again, you end up doing the same actions repeatedly, creating more bad karma for yourself.

To break out of this negative karmic pattern, try and transmute your karma into a more positive experience. The thing is, many of your negative experiences are the results of your past life events, along with the karma that you are repaying.

So, if you are in a particularly difficult situation in your life, you will want to explore opportunities to transform your negative experience into a positive one. A good way to do this is by asking yourself what lessons you’ve gained from the experience and how you can use these lessons to help yourself and other people.

It’s also essential to clear out as much negative karma as possible in your present lifetime. Ultimately, you create your karma through your thoughts, words, and actions, so dedicate yourself to simply being a positive force in the world to clear your karmic slate from any negative karmic debt. Seek and give forgiveness with sincerity, and act with love, compassion, and good intentions daily.


You Have Not Fulfilled Your Soul Purpose Yet


Finally, the last issue that is holding you back from becoming an Awakened Soul is that you have not yet accomplished your soul’s true purpose for being here. The truth is, most people do not even remember that they have a Soul Purpose, let alone what it is and how to fulfill it.

Souls often choose to reincarnate and be reborn on Earth, in order to try once again, to fulfill their Soul Purpose. But once you are reborn as a human, you may forget all about your purpose once more.

To rediscover your Soul Purpose, you want to connect with your soul, because while your conscious mind may not be aware of your true purpose on Earth, your soul never forgets. So, listen to your voice within and your Higher Self will guide you towards the mission you are meant to accomplish.

The more connected you are with your spiritual self, the clearer it will become and you will intuitively know which life path is in harmony with your Soul’s purpose.

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