5 Spiritual Benefits Of Journaling

benefits of jounaling

To start reaping the benefits of journaling, all you’ll need are the necessary tools: a journal, a diary, or a notepad.

With everything going on in the world, how do you stay in tune with yourself? How do you find balance and peace during these stressful times? Here’s a great simple method that can reduce all your daily stress, give you better rest, and overall improve your way of living!

As a life path psychic, one of the best things I recommend to my clients is journaling. It truly is a life-changing activity that can bring countless benefits to your daily life!


5 Reasons Why should Journal


1. It balances your life

Alongside meditation, journaling is another powerful tool you can use to get you back on track for a well-balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life. During your most difficult times, journaling is a ritual you can rely on to reduce your tensions, amp up your motivation, bring back happiness, and improve your health and well-being.

It allows you to find answers within yourself about life, relationships, your hopes, and other concerns. You get to learn more about the hidden parts of yourself, grieve, celebrate, or reflect however you want to. It overall helps you make better life choices and elevate your spirit to another level.


2. It improves your mood greatly

Instead of bottling up emotions that can eventually build up and explode, journaling takes away all the pressure of your stressful thoughts and emotions. It is a safe space where you are able to fully express yourself without any restraints and nobody can contradict or judge you. If you’re hurt or have gone through trauma, journaling is a great way to heal yourself and give you a more positive outlook on life.

Sometimes it’s difficult to put your thoughts into words, but through journaling, you are able to practice your communication skills and say whatever you want freely.


3. It allows you to navigate and control your thoughts and emotions

Journaling gives you the opportunity to understand your inner core values as a person. It helps you navigate through your feelings and pinpoint problem areas you need to improve and work on. It relieves stress, anxiety, depression, frustrations, and effectively eliminates all your fears and phobias.

It even gives you the clarity you need to improve your relationships, career, and even your finances. It helps you handle your priorities better and gives you the willpower to get things done. Instead of lashing out at other people, you are able to release whatever you want to say on paper. You are sorting your own thoughts and improving your bond with people who matter the most to you.


4. It encourages self-love, acceptance, and gratitude

Everyone wants a good relationship with their own body and mind. Journaling allows you to understand yourself on a deeper level, encouraging you to be more accepting, kind, and loving towards yourself. The more you appreciate and love your life, the more you are able to love and serve other people.

Journaling also opens your eyes and allows you to be grateful for the things that are more important. Sometimes you forget to be grateful for the small things and tend to magnify the unnecessary, but journaling allows you to remind yourself about the beauty of simple things and urges you to focus on what needs the most attention.


5. It helps improve better memory

Through journaling, you are capturing important details, recording memories, events, goals, and significant dreams. You are strengthening your comprehension skills, improving your attention, and preventing cognitive decline.

You are able to better comprehend and analyze what is going on around you, giving you clarity and guidance during your difficult situations. Once you record them and talk about how they made you feel, you are better equipped to handle stress differently in the future.


How to Start Journaling


If you haven’t tried journaling or have been on and off of it, now is a good time to get started again!


All you need are the right tools: a journal, a diary, or a notebook of your choice. If you’re not a writer, you can also do it using a voice or video recorder. Keep it by your side at all times, so whenever a thought pops up, you can record it easily.

Start exactly with what you’re thinking or feeling. Let the spirit guide you towards what you really want to say and what your heart desires, minding no fear or judgment. Remember that only you can access your journal unless you decide to share it with somebody else.

To better maximize the benefits of journaling, consider doing it as your regular ritual alongside meditation so you’re better in tune with your thoughts and feelings. It shouldn’t feel like a task on your to-do list or an assignment you need to get done asap. There is no right or wrong way to do it! If it feels like a burden to do it every day, consider doing it once a week, so it never gets old. Approach it as a tool that can bring you joy and peace!

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