Preparing Your Spirit For Death death

A lot of people don’t know what happens after their death and how to prepare their spirit for death which causes them to fear dying.

Have you ever thought about the final day that will eventually come? That one day, when you will take your our personal journey into the Great Beyond?

Just as you pack and plan out an itinerary for a long trip, it’s also necessary to prepare for the end of your physical life on Earth. After all, in a way, death is the most important and “permanent” journey you will ever take.

Many prepare in the practical sense, arranging everything from their estate, inheritances, and even a number of last reminders for their children, along with their love. However, preparing for your death is more than just making sure life on Earth goes on smoothly after your passing; it’s also about knowing your spirit is ready and willing to move on to the afterlife.

Your spirit is what remains after death, so a spiritual preparation is crucial before you near the end of your life. What will you take with you from this life to the next? How has your soul grown during your time here on Earth? Do you have unfinished business or unresolved karma?

The challenge with preparing for death is that you don’t know when the end is coming, so you have to make sure that you are always working towards spiritual growth.

After all, preparing for death isn’t something you can cram in during the last few moments before your passing. If you think about it, you spent your entire life laying down the groundwork for what happens in your afterlife.

So, start with these four essential steps to prepare your spirit for death.


Release The Fear


Few people on Earth are totally unafraid of death, because of the great unknown that comes with its arrival. While having this fear is normal for human beings, it’s extremely important that you move on from it.

If you have a fear of passing on, you will  tend to hold on to life on Earth and your physical body, even when it’s time to let go. You might grow too attached to earthly possessions, people, and experiences, becoming unwilling to move on from these things that make you so happy. This attachment prevents you from preparing for the afterlife properly, since you won’t actually want to leave your physical self.

Remember, you are a soul in possession of a body. Your body is only a vessel and, although it is a fundamental part of yourself on Earth, it is not you. When you die, you leave your body behind but continue to exist as a soul.

It may sound cliché, but the saying is true: death is not the end, but a beautiful beginning. This life on Earth is only one step in your soul’s journey back to the Divine, so don’t dread the end of it and simply enjoy the ride.


Nurture A Spiritual Life


Embracing your spirituality is one of the most important things you can do to make sure you are prepared for, and unfearful of death. Part of it is changing your perspective about death is by accepting the eternal nature of the soul, and the temporary vessel that your body provides. But it’s also important to connect with your spiritual self.

Your spiritual self or Higher Self is the part of you that’s also part of the Divine, the part of you that is connected to the universe and all its wisdom. It is the inner voice you hear on those quiet moments, the source of all the light, love, and infinite potential within you.

If you want to connect with your Higher Self, then you will want to engage in spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer, so you can open up your mind to divine energy, inspiration, and love in the universe.

Reading spiritual material and communicating with other people who are on their own spiritual journeys can also help you on your path towards enlightenment.


Forgive And Ask For Forgiveness


Whenever you say or do anything negative towards another person, you create bad karma that needs to be settled or balanced. If you leave all of your bad karma unresolved, you will carry it on to your next lifetime and continue in a cycle of negativity, until you finally resolve it.

So, if you know you’ve hurt someone, ask for forgiveness or make amends in whatever way possible. This may involve reaching out to the person you’ve hurt and saying sorry, but if this isn’t possible, you may also confide your thoughts and feelings to a trusted friend, or even a therapist.

You could also pen a genuine letter asking for forgiveness, whether you are able to send it or not, and make sure you treat other people with more compassion and love in the future.

On the other hand, if you are the one who was hurt by another person, it’s just as important to grant him or her your forgiveness, even if the other person never apologized to you. Resentment and anger are double-edged swords and they trap you in the same negative karmic cycle with the person at fault, so you want to break free of these negative feelings.


Be Grateful For Your Life


Good and bad things happen to everyone and the way you look at the events, people, and things in your life is what makes the difference. As you prepare for death, you don’t want to look back to your life with anger, ill-will, and regret.

If you’re constantly bitter over all the misfortune in your life, if you are resentful of the people who have more than you, and angry at those who hurt you, then you only attract more negativity in your life, as per the Law of Attraction.

Furthermore, if your mind is clouded with negative thoughts and beliefs, you will find it more difficult to achieve the stillness and silence necessary to connect with your spiritual self.

So, let go of the negativity and train your attention on the positive instead. Every time you notice your mind wandering into negative territory, try to redirect your thoughts to somewhere positive. For example, if you find yourself getting angry at your mother for criticizing you, you want to list all the things you love about her, such as her generosity, wit, and drive, to help you become the best you can be.

A gratitude journal, where you write down all the things you are thankful for daily, is also a popular way to cultivate more gratitude into your life.

By deliberately acknowledging all the things that went right with your day, you train yourself to focus on all the wonderful things in the world, no matter how simple they are: freshly blooming flowers, a catchy song on the radio, or even a cool gust of wind on a particularly humid day. Soon, you’ll find that appreciating the small and big things will come more naturally to you!

Death is a door that everyone must pass through eventually, and when your time comes, you want to step through that door with a peaceful mind and spirit.

With these four practices, you are able to create a life that paves the way for a positive and fulfilling continuation of your spirit’s journey after death.

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