Empaths: Discover What their Psychic Abilities are


With proper guidance and by maintaining healthy boundaries as an empath, this gift can positively impact your life and others.

Have you ever been told that you are too sensitive? Or have you ever known what a friend or loved one was feeling without them saying anything? Do you ever feel nauseous and stressed when you are in a crowded place?

If you just answered yes to any of these questions, then you are an empath.

In this article, I’ll tackle what are empaths and what are their special psychic abilities.


What Is An Empath?


Empaths can be described as people who feel deeply. They can feel the emotions of the people around them whether they like it or not.

The reason for this is empathic people have their energetic receptors, also known as chakras, more open than others. When they interact with people, they easily pick up on their thoughts, feelings, and physical concerns of people.

Most empaths feel that having this ability is a curse. But in fact, empathy is a gift to embrace and integrate. Being aware of this ability will allow you to use your empathy to serve you instead of hinder you.


The Psychic Abilities of An Empath


Here are the different psychic abilities of an empath:

Physical Healing

This ability makes empaths able to feel the physical symptoms of another person. They also have the ability to heal and transform others’ health.

For example, if your friend has a migraine, you’ll be able to feel their tension in your temples as well. Or if your child has a stomachache, you may suddenly also feel something in your tummy.

People who are endowed with this kind of ability make good doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapist,s or other similar occupations dealing with physical healing.

Emotional Healing

Do you easily pick up the emotions of others? Then you are an emotional empath which means you can feel and understand other people’s emotions.

This has both a positive and a negative side. On the positive side, if your friend had an exciting event happen to them, such as an engagement or perhaps a job promotion, you can feel their happiness, as if you are the one who just got engaged or promoted.

However, since you can easily pick up other’s feelings, you can also feel exhausted by people who are pessimists and complainers. You are also the first one who will get drained by these emotional vampires.

Because of this ability, empaths will thrive as counselors, therapists, and mentors. If you are gifted with this ability, it is good to practice identifying which of these emotions belong to you, and which belong to others. If they do not belong to you, make the intention of sending it back to where it belongs.

Do you find yourself feeling like an emotional sponge, absorbing all the energies around you? Contact me here to schedule a reading with me and I can show you how to turn it off when you don’t need it, so you can have more peace in your life!


Psychometry is the ability to receive impressions, information, as well as energy from physical objects and places. It can include pictures, jewelry, locations, etc.

Someone with psychometric ability can feel the energy of a wedding ring by holding it, sensing many things about its owner, such as what the owner of the ring is feeling.

There are mediums that have strong psychometric ability and by holding the object of a loved one, they can connect deeply with that person and know things about them.

The ideal career for psychometric empaths would be an investigator, antique dealer, historian, and also a product designer because they can easily visualize into the future the possible use of an object.

However, with this kind of ability, empaths should be careful when they pick up an object that has a traumatic history. This can cause them to feel overwhelmed due to the history of the object.

Thus if they sense that a certain object has a dark history, they must cleanse it with sage or meditation prior to touching it, in order to protect their own energy.

Animal empathy

Animal empaths can pick up the needs and feelings of animals. They can sense what the animal wants and can positively influence the behavior of animals. They are the true animal whisperers.

Due to their deep connection to animals, they are often vegans or vegetarians. They are naturally inclined to work with animals and they make good veterinarians, animal trainers, and zoologists.

Plant empathy

They are the ones who are attuned to the needs of plants and connect with their essence. People with this ability make excellent gardeners or landscapers because they instinctively know exactly what a plant needs.

Plant empaths love to be around plants and most of them will have a backyard full of plants or even just a small home garden.

Earth empathy

Earth empaths have a very deep connection to the Earth.  They can sense the Earth’s changes, such as weather, astrological changes, or even the changes in the ocean tide. They are energetically affected by natural disasters, weather, and the environment being harmed.

The ideal career empaths would be a meteorologist or an astronomer.


How to Manage Your Empathy Without Getting Drained


1. Set Healthy Boundaries

Once you are able to identify people who are energy vampires, control the amount of time you spend with them.  This way you’ll know when to walk away for good, so you can protect your precious energy.

2. Meditate

Empaths have a tendency to get caught up in all the things going around them. You need to set time to recharge and tune in, so you can reconnect to yourself.

A few minutes of meditation each day quiets your mind and centers you. Imagine yourself in a protective bubble where negative energies cannot reach you.

3. Spend Time in Nature

Nature has healing effects on everyone, but particularly on empaths. It will be good for you to take a hike through the woods, walk on the beach, or simply sit in a park. This will help you rejuvenate especially during those times that you feel overwhelmed or emotionally drained.

4. Love yourself.

This is the most important thing you need to do as an empath. Take care of yourself. Take time to honor your feelings and embrace them. Listen to your own thoughts and emotions.

Being an empath is not an easy road to travel. You will need guidance from someone who can show you how to hone it in, so you can live a “normal” life. Let me use my years of experience and teach you how to balance this gift in your life. You can visit this page to schedule a session with me!

At the end of the day, it is important to recognize that being an empath is both a blessing and a challenge. Empathy can seem like a superpower. So if you are gifted with such ability, embrace it!

Once you fully embrace your psychic ability as an empath, you will surely experience great joy and see life from a beautiful angle.


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