6 Signs To Know Should I Quit My Job Or Stay?

should i quit my job

One warning sign that you should quit your job is that your work environment has become so toxic that you have become unproductive and unhappy.

We’ve all been victimized by a job that sucked the living life out of us. You know the feeling – that constant pit in your stomach, frequent headaches, and never-ending anxiety!

If waking up in the morning feels like an absolute dread, making you feel sick to your stomach imagining walking into work, you should probably consider quitting. But how? How do you know for sure when to quit?

As a career psychic, I often get asked by my clients Should I quit my job?”. And to answer that question here is my best career psychic advice to help you escape your toxic workplace and achieve the career of your dreams!


6 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job


Here are 6 signs to look out for when it’s time to quit your job.


1. It’s becoming toxic

You’re surrounded by toxic people, such as your boss or coworkers. They’re giving you unreasonable amounts of responsibility that it’s becoming quite impossible to escape them. Their negative energy passes onto you even outside of work, and you simply can’t focus on doing your job because the people are just unbearable to work with. Even the job itself is also becoming repetitive, and you’re having a hard time succeeding because you’re never comfortable or happy. You’ve just become an overall target of negative energy.


2. It wasn’t what you expected

Perhaps you entered your job with a certain expectation, and when it didn’t turn out how you want, it shifted your work behavior dramatically. Maybe you were assigned a certain task at first, then things outside of your job description started piling on. The work culture was nice, but then you realized it’s just for show and the people are nothing like you expected. In the beginning, maybe it seemed like a calm and fun environment, only turning out to be the opposite. Maybe you were promised a promotion or a higher salary, but it was taking longer than they mentioned.


3. You’re not satisfied anymore

You were very happy with your position within the first few months or years, but then it started becoming repetitive and you no longer found satisfaction in your work. Perhaps you thought you wanted the job in the first place, but then your mind and heart went somewhere else. Now you go to work every day for the paycheck but the passion for the job has slowly disappeared.


4. It’s affecting your personal health and life

Your job has started to affect your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Personal relationships have also taken a toll, your social life became nonexistent, and your daily routine has become unbearable for you to keep up with. Maybe constant stress has given you body pains, migraines, insomnia, and other health problems and your anxiety and depression spiked like never before. Your spiritual life has been devastated because this job has wrecked your body and soul.


5. It’s not serving your life purpose

Deep inside, you know your heart belongs somewhere else, yet you only took your current job for the paycheck. Everything you’re doing feels misaligned with your true purpose and it feels like you don’t know what you’re doing anymore. You’re just finessing your tasks, but at the end of the day when you get home, you feel like you didn’t do anything productive and life doesn’t make much sense.


6. You’re not advancing

You feel like there’s no opportunity for you to advance with your job. It’s a dead-end career with nowhere for you to go. You’re not learning anything new, but most importantly, it’s not helping you become a better person either. You’ve done all you could with your job, but you’re still not given the promotion or bigger salary you’ve been desiring. You just feel like a working robot with no control of what’s going on.


What Should I Do?


So if you’re experiencing any of these signs. What now?

When your job is dragging you down and you feel like hope is lost, you need to lighten your load as much as possible, breathe, and take a step back. Once you’ve taken your much-needed break, evaluate whether or not it’s worth it to return to your job. Quitting your job is scary but losing yourself is far worse! There are a million jobs out there, but you only have one body and soul. Which one would you like to take care of first?

To really give yourself the clarity you deserve, consider having your Akashic Records read by a career psychic. They contain complete information about your life, including your full career journey and which job aligns the best with your life purpose, along with your heart’s desires. Before you quit and hop onto another job that you are likely to dislike again, it’s best to figure out what your true career is instead of beating around the bush and trying one job after another. Save your time and money!

If you ever decide to quit your job to follow your true career desire, it’s best to have a plan on hand. Do you have enough finances to keep you on your feet for at least 3 to 6 months? Consider applying for a new job while you’re still at your current job, so you have a smooth and easy transition. And when you do leave, continue to respect everybody and don’t end bitterly. You might still bump into them in the future!

You don’t have to stay around a career that is slowly killing you! If you’re asking, “Should I quit my job?” after everything you were put under, then likely you should! Put your own happiness and satisfaction above everything. There are still plenty of ways to earn money and you don’t have to harm your health or well-being just to achieve success!

If you need more guidance on finding the right career path for you, a career psychic is within your reach! Through Tana’s career psychic readings, you will find the clarity you need to pursue the career of your dreams. Schedule a career psyching reading and get your answers today!


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