Relationship Communication Mistakes to Avoid

relationship communication

One of the relationship communication mistakes that you should avoid is giving your partner a silent treatment You will only make the problems between you worse.

Expressing feelings can be really difficult for some people. It’s not always easy to open up about your thoughts and feelings, especially when sharing sensitive information about yourself, like your own insecurities and fears.

Voicing your truth can put you in a vulnerable position. You may have fears of being misunderstood, rejected, or challenged, and trust me, I understand it can be very scary to say what you really mean!

But when you open up and allow honest communication to take place, you get to enjoy a much more fulfilling relationship with others and your bond with your loved ones will grow stronger.

If you want to cultivate a healthier relationship with your partner, friend, or family member, honest communication is key! Here is a list of relationship communication mistakes you need to avoid and how you can improve them.


1. The Silent Treatment

When someone wrongs you, it’s easier to sulk than acknowledge the problem. Sometimes you just stay silent, hoping it will all go away. You think you don’t have to say anything, and your partner will just come to their senses automatically. You may think the problem will dissolve on its own, but in reality, you’re making it worse!

When you give your partner the silent treatment, you’re not solving the problem, but you’re holding in thoughts and feelings that can explode at any time! When you hold them in for too long, you hold a grudge, eventually expressing your anger or frustration in a not-so-positive way. When you could just acknowledge the problem on the spot and talk it out.

Instead of sulking or ghosting, it’s best to express yourself clearly and maturely. Invest your time and energy into a solution, rather than clamming up and keeping it all inside. Acknowledge it asap, instead of ignoring it and hoping it will go away.


2. Being Indirect

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving mixed messages and being indirect. People can’t read your mind and communication is not a one-way street! Instead of beating around the bush and making other people feel confused, be direct, clear, and stick to the point.

For example, your partner cooks you a meal but you found it very unappealing. So, instead of saying this directly to avoid hurting their feelings, you smile, say you’re not hungry and walk away.

Instead of dancing around the problem, it’s best to be genuine and truthful.


3. Making Assumptions

Another detrimental thing you can do is make assumptions. Our brains sometimes make up scenarios about what others are thinking or feeling, then we get too much into our own heads and start overanalyzing what they mean.

What did my boss mean by that? Why didn’t my partner reply to my text? Why didn’t he say hi to me when he saw me?” Instead of overanalyzing these thoughts, calm down and breathe. Chances are, what you’re thinking is not the truth!

Instead of assuming, ask them directly. You’re only torturing yourself over your own interpretations, when in fact, they’re often very far from what the other person is really thinking.


4. Pointing Fingers

Playing the blame game make matters worse. In fact, nobody wins! Sometimes it’s difficult to own up to your mistakes and you feel the need to put all blame on the other party. We all have a bad habit of lashing out sometimes, where we tend to magnify what the other person did wrong, but instead of blaming them, consider focusing on yourself.

Ask yourself what your role was for this miscommunication to happen. No matter who did this or who did that, you both played a part, so it’s best to just apologize and admit your mistakes. When you’re upset, focus on how you’re feeling and try to avoid focusing on what you think the other person did wrong.


5. Focusing Too Much on Your Side of the Story

Sometimes when you get angry, you’re thinking of a rebuttal in your head, or how you can counter-argue, or how your side of the story is much more valid than the other person’s. Then instead of listening to their side of the story, you can get wrapped up in your own thoughts – and this is never a good idea.

Not listening and interrupting go hand-in-hand with poor communication. Slow down and avoid trying to get the last word in or thinking of something clever to say. The other person’s side of the story is just as valid as yours.

Be in the moment with them and listen to what they have to say, encouraging them to do the same with you. Create more meaningful conversations rather than going back and forth, and this will ultimately strengthen your bond.


Speak Your Truth


If you want to improve your relationship communication, it’s best to express your truth clearly and calmly. Always pay attention to your tone – are you starting to get loud or demeaning? The type of response you will get depends on how you express yourself. If you’re calm, they’re calm. Remember that yelling or being loud will get you nowhere.

Choose the appropriate time and place because if you approach the person as they’re walking out the door, then expect to be ignored. Try and bring up the situation at an appropriate time, like dinner or when everyone is calm. The other person will be more likely to discuss things with you when they are in a relaxed state.


Watch Out for Mercury Retrograde!


Did you know that Mercury retrograde can affect how you communicate with other people? If you’ve been feeling irritable and it caused a misunderstanding between you and your partner, chances are Mercury is in backward motion!

The Mercury cycle plays a crucial role when trying to have a clear understanding of your partner and others. When Mercury is in a backward motion, miscommunication and misunderstandings are more likely to happen.

In 2021, Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion during the following dates:

January 30 to February 21, May 29 to June 22, and September 27 to October 23.

If you need to make serious decisions, make sure that contracts and agreements are clear and in writing. Avoid making critical decisions during these times and be prepared ahead of time for incoming negativity. This is a time to meditate regularly and keep your positive affirmations and mantras within reach!

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